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Judicial Watch • Bill’s Aide Keeps Hillary Traitor List

Bill’s Aide Keeps Hillary Traitor List

Bill’s Aide Keeps Hillary Traitor List

Judicial Watch

Now that Hillary Clinton is out of the presidential race she can focus on a rather lengthy list of former allies who betrayed her by endorsing rival Barack Obama in this year’s historic Democratic primary.

Keeping the detailed list of Clinton traitors is none other than Bill’s longtime loyal aide and “counselor,” Douglas Band. The one-time Clinton White House intern became the former president’s personal aide in 1998, running interference and covering for his many mishaps. He even escorted Clinton’s infamous intern mistress, Monica Lewinsky, to a White House ball.

During Hillary’s presidential campaign Band was like a permanent fixture on Bill, interceding on the numerous occasions the media challenged the former commander-in-chief. With the campaign trail behind them, the Clintons evidently have a new job for their trusted guy.

According to a national newspaper that once had a lovefest with the Clintons, Band is keeping close track of those who betrayed the former First Lady and his detailed list features some political heavy hitters. Among them is New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, a former energy secretary and United Nations ambassador under Bill Clinton, who publicly endorsed Obama early on.

The list also includes South Carolina Congressman and House Democratic Whip James Clyburn, Attorney Gregory Craig, who represented Bill in his impeachment trial, Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill and several members of the infamous Kennedy family. There are also numerous lesser known government officials and ambassadors.

The chairman of Hillary’s failed presidential campaign, Terry McAuliffe, points out that the Clintons have to keep track of the betrayals for practical reasons. “The Clintons get hundreds of requests for favors every week,” he was quoted as saying. “Clearly, the people you’re going to do stuff for in the future are the people who have been there for you.”

Could that be the Clinton code phrase for revenge?

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