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Judicial Watch • Nation Of Islam Gets Tax Dollars To Patrol City

Nation Of Islam Gets Tax Dollars To Patrol City

Nation Of Islam Gets Tax Dollars To Patrol City

Judicial Watch

A south Florida city is spending thousands of tax dollars to hire an offspring of a renowned anti-Christian and anti-Semitic black cult to patrol crime-infested neighborhoods.

The city of Miami will give $150,000 to a civilian patrol group known as the Peacemakers which has close ties to the Nation of Islam, the black cult led by Louis Farrakhan. The Peacemakers’ corporate offices are located at the Nation of Islam’s Miami mosque and the group’s leader, Rasul Muhammad, is a prominent Nation of Islam member and the son of former leader Elijah Muhammad.

The Nation of Islam doctrine actually states that black people created white people in a genetic experiment 6,000 years ago and that “Judgment Day” means that the Gods will destroy the entire white race (devils) and establish a paradise nation ruled forever by blacks. Farrakhan is a notorious anti-Semite and anti-Christian race-baiter who has compared Barack Obama to his cult’s founder and has referred to the Illinois senator as the hope of the entire world.

The taxpayer-funded Muslim Peacemakers will deploy in Miami’s rundown and crime-infested Overtown section clad in the Nation of Islam’s trademark suit and bow-tie. The idea, according to a city commissioner, is to fight crime in the community of about 40,000 mostly black residents without them feeling “invaded.”

The Florida chapter of a national group that strives to stop the defamation of Jewish people (Anti Defamation League) finds it outrageous that public dollars are being used to hire a Muslim group with a “well-documented, irrefutable public record of racism, bigotry and anti-Semitism.” The group’s Florida director points out that the city chose an unlikely bunch to teach tolerance and civil behavior.

A few years ago police in New Orleans were forced to drop a $15,000 officer sensitivity training contract with the Nation of Islam following public outcry about the cult’s well-documented anti-Semitic reputation. Perhaps that is why the Miami Police Department, which patrols Overtown, is distancing itself from the Peacemakers. A high-ranking department official said Miami Police has nothing to do with the program and assures Peacemakers don’t have police radios.

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