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Judicial Watch • Another Protected Illegal Immigrant Commits Violent Crime

Another Protected Illegal Immigrant Commits Violent Crime

Another Protected Illegal Immigrant Commits Violent Crime

Judicial Watch

A second illegal immigrant protected from deportation after being convicted of felonies as a youth has been arrested for committing what authorities call an “especially vicious” crime as an adult.

San Francisco’s renowned illegal immigrant sanctuary policy has once again enabled a repeat offender to continue a violent crime spree in the U.S. A local newspaper is reporting that an illegal alien from Mexico, convicted of several felonies as a teenager, is in custody for brutally stabbing a man in a gang-related incident.

Authorities said the heinous crime was especially vicious because the victim had been “gutted” like a “pig.” Incredibly, the man survived the violent attack and identified the illegal immigrant from (Eric Antonio Uc-Cahun) as the aggressor. Currently 19 years old, Uc-Cahun had been convicted of felony assault as a minor and sent to juvenile hall before a San Francisco Juvenile Court freed him and placed him on probation.

Shortly after his release, the illegal immigrant was arrested again for assaulting and robbing another man. He was convicted of felony assault and spent four months in juvenile hall. When he turned 18, he was freed and put on one year’s probation. In fact, Uc-Cahun was still on probation when he stabbed his latest victim in nearby San Mateo County. He has been charged with attempted murder, robbery and witness intimidation.

Instead of deporting this thug years ago, San Francisco authorities protected him from immigration officials as they have done in hundreds of other similar cases in the last few decades. The city has spent millions of taxpayer dollars to either escort juvenile criminals back to their home country or house them in unsecured group homes that they easily escape from.

A product of this outrageous policy is the notorious gang banger from El Salvador (Edwin Ramos) who brutally murdered a father and his two sons last month. As a youth he had been convicted of two felonies (a gang-related assault on a bus passenger and the attempted robbery of a pregnant woman) yet was allowed to remain in the country. He gunned down the man and his sons simply because their car briefly blocked his from completing a left turn down a narrow street. The family was driving home from a picnic.

Judicial Watch is investigating this atrocious crime and has obtained crucial records on Ramos from the San Francisco Police Department. They reveal that local law enforcement authorities knew Ramos was an illegal alien and that he was an active member of a notoriously violent street gang known as MS-13 or Mara Salvatrucha. Yet he was allowed to roam the Bay Area streets armed and on the prowl for his next victims.

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