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Judicial Watch • Christian Persecutors Host U.N. Religious Summit

Christian Persecutors Host U.N. Religious Summit

Christian Persecutors Host U.N. Religious Summit

Judicial Watch

A Muslim nation that persecutes Christians and has a special police force to ensure that only a narrow Islamic sect predominates in its kingdom is sponsoring a United Nations summit on religious tolerance this week.

Further diminishing the credibility of the notoriously corrupt world body, Saudi Arabia is hosting the U.N. summit (“Culture of Peace”) in New York this week. The conference was the brilliant idea of Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz, a renowned violator of religious and human rights.

Dozens of world leaders, including President George W. Bush, will attend the event even though the State Department agency that combats religious persecution abroad (U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom) considers religious freedom to be non existent in the Arab kingdom. The practice of religions other than Islam is strictly forbidden in Saudi Arabia and religious leaders of other faiths are not permitted in the country.

Regardless of these well-documented facts, the U.N. is touting King Abdullah as the organizer of the summit which is supposed to deepen understanding and appreciation of religions, faiths and cultures. In fact, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-noon praised the oppressive Saudi ruler’s initiative to promote dialogue between the followers of different religious faiths and cultures even though the king personally forbids it in his own country. 

This marks the latest of numerous examples indicating that the United Nations has become quite a joke over the years. Besides rampant fraud within in its massive procurement division and famously corrupt (several convicted in U.S. courts) high-ranking officials, the world body has done absurd things like name renowned human rights violators (Cuba, North Korea and Iran to name a few) to its coveted human rights commission.  

None of this has stopped the United States from annually giving the U.N. hundreds of millions of dollars with virtually no oversight to assure that the American tax money is appropriately spent.  

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