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Judicial Watch • N.J. Panel Wants Privileges For Illegal Immigrants

N.J. Panel Wants Privileges For Illegal Immigrants

N.J. Panel Wants Privileges For Illegal Immigrants

Judicial Watch

A highly touted advisory panel created by a governor seeking to integrate his state’s 400,000 illegal immigrants will recommend issuing “driver privilege cards” and discounted college tuition to illegal aliens.

Claiming that New Jersey is a gateway to America, Governor Jon Corzine created the blue-ribbon panel by executive order in mid 2007 to develop a comprehensive statewide strategy for weaving immigrants into the state’s economic, social and civic fabric.

The coveted 27-member committee spent more than a year thoroughly examining immigrant access to services such as education, health care, employment training, social services and English classes. It also studied actions that state legislators can take to get illegal aliens on a path toward legalization. 

This week, the panel is ready to make its highly anticipated recommendations to the governor or at least discuss them publicly for the first time. Among them is offering illegal immigrants “driver privilege cards” and discounted in-state tuition at public colleges. 

One local newspaper editorial says it would be unconscionable to send out the welcome wagon for those who are here illegally, putting further strain on schools, hospitals and social services. It points out that extending privileges to those who broke the law to get here—and continue breaking the law by staying—tacitly endorses illegal residency and violating federal laws.  

Furthermore, the majority of New Jersey residents don’t share the governor’s desire to help illegal immigrants integrate. As the editorial states, most residents want government to enforce immigration laws and to implement policies that will discourage illegal immigration not encourage it. 

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