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Judicial Watch • Obama Energy Czar Leads World Socialist Group

Obama Energy Czar Leads World Socialist Group

Obama Energy Czar Leads World Socialist Group

Judicial Watch

Barack Obama has picked a high-ranking leader of an international socialist group that harshly criticizes the United States to be the nation’s energy czar.

The newly created Obama Administration position, officially called Energy Coordinator, will be the White House guru of energy and climate policy. Carol Browner, who headed the Environmental Protection Agency under Bill Clinton for nearly eight years, will fill the post. 

Also a former Secretary of Florida’s Department of Environmental Regulation, Browner is an established socialist and leader in the Socialist International, an umbrella group for the world’s socialist parties. A Canadian news organization reported over the weekend that Browner’s picture and profile were immediately yanked from the group’s web site after Obama officially nominated her to the energy post. 

However, the news site posts Browner’s profile as a leader of Socialist International’s Commission for a Sustainable World Society before Team Obama ordered its removal last week. It features a color picture and brief biography of Browner as well as the commission’s 13 other top officials.  

The socialist world commission calls for “global governance” and says rich nations must shrink their economies to address climate change. They must also reduce consumption, according to the commission, and commit to limits on greenhouse gas emissions.

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