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Judicial Watch • Marion Barry Corrupt As Ever

Marion Barry Corrupt As Ever

Marion Barry Corrupt As Ever

Judicial Watch

The notorious crack head mayor who resumed his political career after prison has continued his crime spree without consequences and federal prosecutors want him imprisoned. 

For the eighth time in nine years, one of the District of Columbia’s most corrupt politicians, Marion Barry, has failed to file tax returns even though it violates his probation for committing the same crime multiple times in past years. In fact, in 2007 Barry pleaded guilty in federal court for failing to pay city and federal taxes estimated to be around half a million dollars.  

Barry, who was recently elected to another four-year term on the D.C. City Council, has actually violated the terms of his probation several times with no consequences. Government attorneys have tried to revoke probation and send Barry to jail, but a magistrate judge has refused, ruling that prosecutors did not prove Barry “willfully failed to file his returns.”

This week frustrated prosecutors filed a motion seeking to jail Barry for his ongoing crime streak, calling his conduct “indefensible” and pointing out that it’s not acceptable for any citizen to shirk a basic civil duty, let alone a former mayor and current city councilman.  

Barry seems immune from punishment for his recent crimes and constituents aren’t bothered by his corrupt history. During his third term as D.C. mayor in 1990 Barry appeared in an FBI surveillance video smoking crack and subsequently got convicted on drug charges. After serving a prison sentence, he was actually elected mayor again before successfully running for a city council spot. 

One D.C. newspaper columnist appropriately points out that “politically, Barry is invincible.” Judges and legislators in D.C. just laugh along with Barry’s admitted “dissing” of the system, the column continues. 

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