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Judicial Watch • U.S. Pulls Out of U.N. Race Conference

U.S. Pulls Out of U.N. Race Conference

U.S. Pulls Out of U.N. Race Conference

Judicial Watch

The Obama Administration has finally pulled its “distinguished delegation” out of a United Nations racism conference chaired by a terrorist nation and known for attacking Israel and the U.S. 

Why the president even bothered participating in the notoriously corrupt world body’s sham conference is anyone’s guess. After all, U.S. diplomats walked out of the first so-called U.N. World Conference on Racism in 2001 when it turned viciously anti Semitic. 

Held in the South African city of Durban, the 2001 conference trashed Israel and “white viciousness,” likening Zionism—the movement to establish a Jewish state—to Nazism and apartheid. A number of delegates were physically threatened and there were calls of "death to Jews".  

The upcoming summit, scheduled for Geneva next month and informally known as Durban II, will undoubtedly feature similar antics. After all, the terrorist nation of Libya is chairing the preparatory meetings and like nations such as Iran, Pakistan and Cuba serve on its coveted bureau. So far, draft resolutions assert that Israel leads racist policies and implicitly question Israel’s right to exist

Yet in its commitment to diplomacy, the Obama Administration fully intended to participate in Durban II until mounting pressure forced a reversal a few days ago. U.S. diplomats have been in Switzerland preparing for the big event, meeting with dozens of delegations and the U.N. High Commissioner on Human Rights before the State Department announced that it’s gone from bad to worse.

Obama still plans to join the U.N. Human Rights Council which the U.S. has shunned since its inception in 2006. Most of the 47 members are notorious human rights violators—like China, Russia and Cuba—and 16 are oppressive Islamic countries. 

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