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Judicial Watch • Obama Inflates Stimulus Job Stats

Obama Inflates Stimulus Job Stats

Obama Inflates Stimulus Job Stats

Judicial Watch

The White House is blasting a national print media outlet for reporting that the president’s fraud-infested economic recovery plan has inflated by thousands the number of jobs created or saved nationwide.

First Camp Obama admonished a conservative leaning television network (Fox) and now the notoriously liberal Associated Press. The most “transparent” administration in history responds to negative media coverage like a schoolyard bully. The latest offender reveals that the White House has skewed figures to positively reflect the number of jobs saved or produced by the highly touted $787 billion stimulus.

The Obama Administration heavily distorts the number of recovery-funded jobs by claiming more than 30,000 in a desperate effort to prove it’s on track to meet its goal of creating 3.5 million new ones by the end of next year. The figure overstates the actual number by at least 5,000, according to the report, which reveals that some government counts were more than 10 times as high as the real figures.  

In some cases, the administration credited the stimulus for creating bogus jobs that still don’t exist. The story includes examples taken from a series of contracts and documents analyzed by reporters. They include; a company working with a federal agency credited with creating 4,231 jobs when only about 1,000 were produced, a Georgia college credited with nearly 300 jobs when none was actually developed and a Florida child care center that saved 129 jobs but not with stimulus money.

In the original story, the Obama advisor who oversees the stimulus program blamed the companies for the errors and claimed the mistakes would be corrected. The same official subsequently issued a statement after the piece was published, accusing the Associated Press of drawing “misleading conclusions” by using only a “small portion” of data. 

Pervasive corruption in Obama’s monstrous stimulus program has been repeatedly exposed in various media and congressional reports over the last few months. Millions have been lost to waste, fraud and abuse as well as highly questionable projects that are unlikely to fulfill any of the plan’s goals. In fact, a scathing U.S. Senate report (A Second Opinion on the Stimulus) documents tens of millions of dollars in wasteful stimulus projects and predicts that at least $55 billion will be lost to fraud and abuse by the time all the money is spent. 

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