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Judicial Watch • U.S. Prof. Maps Out Safe Routes For Mexicans Heading North

U.S. Prof. Maps Out Safe Routes For Mexicans Heading North

U.S. Prof. Maps Out Safe Routes For Mexicans Heading North

Judicial Watch

An activist Chicano professor at a taxpayer-funded university has created special technology to help Mexicans enter the United States illegally by mapping the safest routes through the notoriously rigorous southern border desert.

The innovative Transborder Immigrant Tool is a simple mobile application—inserted into the cheapest available cell phone on the market—which guides illegal aliens through the least dangerous routes, areas with shelter, food, water and so-called Quaker help centers that provide medical attention and directions to the nearest major U.S. highway. 

The Transborder Immigrant Tool is simply the latest of several devices created by members of a technologically sophisticated, pro illegal immigration group (Mexico/U.S. Border Disturbance Art Project) that aims to help Mexican migrants evade the U.S. Border Patrol. The new mobile program is touted as an “intelligent agent algorithm” that parses out the best routes and trails on a particular day and hour so that Mexicans can cross the “vertiginous landscape” as safely as possible.

It was created because hundreds of would-be illegal immigrants have died crossing the U.S./Mexico border because they got lost in the treacherous terrain. The virtual geography application will mark new trails and secure routes that will facilitate illegal aliens in reaching their U.S. destination unscathed, according to Mexico/U.S. Border Disturbance Art Project officials. 

The rebel group is headed by a visual arts professor (Ricardo Dominguez) at the University of California San Diego, a major public institution not far from the Mexican border. His university biography boasts that he earned scrutiny from the National Security Agency for creating a program that allows activists to slow any web site to a halt by flooding it with requests (known as a virtual sit-in). 

In the past Mexico’s government has provided its nationals with valuable tools to help them cross the border safely but this marks the first time an American resident, whose salary is provided by U.S. taxpayers, openly promotes such a gadget. A few years ago Mexican officials published a 32-page booklet (Guia Del Migrante Mexicano) with safety tips for border crossers and distributed hand-held satellite devices to ensure the violators complete their journey safely.

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