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Health Comm. Used Staff As Personal Assistants

New York’s high-profile health commissioner, a former U.S. Surgeon General, faces criminal prosecution for using her staff throughout seven years at the state’s Health Department as personal chauffeurs, shopping assistants and movers. A New York Inspector General’s report says that Dr. Antonia Novello billed the state’s taxpayers nearly $50,000 in…

Billions In Recovery Bill For Fraud-Infested ACORN

A radical leftist “community group” known for its fraudulent voter registration drives will get billions of taxpayer dollars under the Democrats’ massive spending bill, approved last week by the House Appropriations Committee. Scheduled for a full U.S. House of Representatives vote this week, President Barack Obama’s controversial trillion-dollar economic

Longtime N.Y. Senate Leader Indicted

One of the most powerful Republicans in New York state politics has been federally indicted with a variety of corruption charges that could send him to jail for decades. The veteran lawmaker, majority leader of the New York Senate for nearly a decade and a half, has been charged with…

Minn. Senate Recount Goes To Court

A three-judge panel rejected Democrat Al Franken’s request to block a lawsuit challenging Minnesota’s heated U.S. Senate election recount, which determined that Franken won by 225 votes. Arguing that that the recount process was flawed, Republican Norm Coleman contested the result and filed a lawsuit. Coleman says Democrat votes were…

Released Gitmo Terrorist Is Al Qaeda Leader

One day after President Barack Obama basked in the international media coverage of his Executive Order to close Guantanamo Bay prison, a major newspaper reports that a one-time detainee became an Al Qaeda leader who masterminded a U.S. Embassy bombing after being released. The alarming report comes days after the…

Govt. Skirts Law, Inflates Obama Crowd

The government agency prohibited by Congress from conducting crowd estimates at major events officially adopted a local newspaper’s inflated figure for this week’s presidential inauguration. The National Park Service proudly evaded the law to report that 1.8 million people attended Barack Obama’s inauguration, a figure questioned by several reputable

Mayor Covered Teen Affair

The recently elected mayor of Oregon’s most populous city is under investigation for having a romantic affair with a teenage boy and repeatedly lying about it to cover it up.  Oregon’s attorney general has launched a probe into the scandal surrounding Portland’s openly gay mayor, Democrat Sam Adams, and the…

Illegal Immigrants Line Up For ID Cards

A major city in a state currently experiencing its worst financial crisis is spending nearly $1 million to give illegal immigrants official photo identification cards so they can access taxpayer-financed government services. San Francisco started issuing municipal ID cards to illegal immigrants last week and each day hundreds line up…

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