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Judicial Watch • U.S. Pays For Muslims’ Special Islamic Meals

U.S. Pays For Muslims’ Special Islamic Meals

U.S. Pays For Muslims’ Special Islamic Meals

Judicial Watch

In the Obama Administration’s latest effort to appease Muslims, the U.S. government will begin delivering special meals, prepared according to Islamic law, to home-bound seniors in a city known for its thriving Muslim population.

The government-funded Meals on Wheels program, designed to feed disabled seniors who are confined to their homes and unable to make their own food, will begin offering halal cuisine this month in Detroit’s Wayne County, which is home to the nation’s most concentrated Muslim population.

American tax dollars will pay a special company to make the so-called halal meals, which are prepared according to Islamic teachings. Halal is an Arabic term for lawful under Islamic code. This means that pork is prohibited and all meat must come from animals that are ritually slaughtered. Allah must be pronounced during the kill and animals must be properly nourished, well rested and not stressed or excited prior to slaughter. 

The costly Detroit program will soon expand into other areas with large Muslim populations, according to officials, who predict New York, Texas, California and Illinois are next. The company that makes the special Islamic meals is also working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to develop an accredited halal food program

Convicted felons in California will also get their religiously prepared halal meals in jail after Muslim inmates cried discrimination because Jewish prisoners get kosher meals. Taxpayers in the nation’s most populous state, which is on the verge of bankruptcy, will dish out an additional half a million dollars a year to purchase the halal meals for its 5,000 Muslim prisoners. 

This keeps with President Obama’s mission to befriend Muslims. The administration has met with Arab, Muslim and Sikh extremists to discuss national security matters, ordered the nation’s space agency (NASA) to focus on Muslim outreach and diplomacy and has allowed the reentry of two radical Islamic academics whose terrorist ties have for years banned them from the U.S.

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