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Judicial Watch • Prosecutor Kept Cash From Hillary’s Jailed Chinese Swindler

Prosecutor Kept Cash From Hillary’s Jailed Chinese Swindler

Prosecutor Kept Cash From Hillary’s Jailed Chinese Swindler

Judicial Watch

Known for operating a program that protects illegal immigrant drug offenders, the county prosecutor who’s running for California attorney general kept campaign money from a jailed swindler whose tainted cash has been returned by several high-profile politicians.

Even Hillary Clinton parted with dirty donations—nearly $1 million—from Chinese con man and onetime fugitive Norman Hsu, who’s serving a 24-year sentence for fraud after running from justice for a decade and a half. That makes this particular story worse since it involves an official elected to put bad guys away and who wants to be the top law enforcer in the nation’s most populous state.

San Francisco’s county prosecutor, Democrat Kamala Harris, was quick to chastise her Republican opponent for keeping money from a donor convicted of campaign finance fraud when in fact she did the same thing. Harris never intended to return a $1,250 Hsu donation until a newspaper pointed it out this week. Hsu made two contributions to Harris in 2006, just a year before it was revealed that he had been a fugitive on grand theft charges in nearby San Mateo County.

Harris has another big skeleton in her closet. She operates a county program (Back on Track) that helps illegal immigrant drug offenders avoid prison by completing work training that prepares them for jobs they cannot legally hold. The program lets deportable illegal alien felons clear their criminal records simply by participating in the taxpayer-funded job training.

Here is one example of the type of character Harris has helped through the years; an illegal immigrant who violently assaulted a woman months after pleading guilty to a drug felony. The illegal alien avoided prison thanks to Back on Track, which is billed as an innovative education and employment reentry initiative to keep narcotics offenders from cycling in and out of jail.

Here’s another interesting tidbit. Harris actually paid $25,000 for Maxine Waters’ endorsement. Under a House ethics probe for steering federal funds to her husband’s failing bank, the veteran Los Angeles congresswoman skirts federal elections rules by selling her endorsement to other politicians and political causes for as much as $45,000 a pop.


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