Judicial Watch • ICE’s Own Data Fails To Back Enforcement Claims

ICE’s Own Data Fails To Back Enforcement Claims

ICE’s Own Data Fails To Back Enforcement Claims

JANUARY 06, 2012

The Homeland Security agency charged with immigration enforcement has repeatedly lied to Congress, the American people and the media by drastically increasing the number of individuals that have been apprehended, deported or detained.

The shameful revelation was made this week by a nonprofit university group dedicated to researching the U.S. government. The nonpartisan New York-based data research center, Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC), provides detailed information about the operation of hundreds of government agencies. Immigration is one of many areas it researches.

For the better part of the last two years TRAC has been engaged in a fierce legal battle with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) over records involving the agency’s enforcement activities. After repeatedly getting stonewalled, TRAC was recently provided with some of the documents involving statistics of individuals who had been arrested, detained, charged, returned or removed from the country during a specific period.

Although ICE is still withholding much of the information, the files that have been furnished so far reveal “vast discrepancies” in many areas, according to a case-by-case analysis conducted by TRAC. The initial probe reveals that official ICE statements claimed 34 times more detentions, 24 times more deportations and almost five times more apprehensions than its own data. This certainly indicates that ICE knowingly lied to lawmakers and the press to embellish its enforcement activities.  

For instance, during a one-year period that ICE claimed it detained 233,417 individuals it really only detained 6,778, according to agency’s own records. That same year, ICE said it deported 166,075 people when it really only deported 6,906 and it only apprehended 21,339 compared to claims that it had apprehended 102,034.

TRAC is still working to get the rest of the records and points out in an appeal filed this week that “ICE has been making highly exaggerated and inaccurate claims about the level of its enforcement activities,” or it is “withholding on a massive scale.” TRAC further states that the agency’s apparent inability to substantiate the level of its claimed enforcement activities is a very significant matter that’s central to the public debate on federal enforcement policy and the presidential election campaign.

In early December TRAC also uncovered records that show the Obama Administration inflated statistics to show that it had deported a record-high number of illegal immigrants with criminal records. The documents reveal that the figure is actually at an all-time low and rapidly decreasing as the administration brags about removing an unprecedented number of criminal aliens.



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  • Barbara Griffith

    Like I have said many times Obama has members of LaRaza employed in numerous jobs in his administration. This was all planned out before hand. I believe they also attend all of the meetings including the ones that have to deal with the security matters of the this country. They were hanging on his coattails from day one. What he is doing now is trying to blindside the public about all of the deportations to make him look as if he is really doing something about the illegal alien population. When in fact he thinks that if he can fool the voters into thinking he is deporting hundreds of thousands of them that will help him pass a amnesty. When in fact these so called deportees are still here in all of the sanctuary cities and towns and living in your town as well with jobs.

  • gladysupnorth

    All of this has been happening since Obama and all his cohorts have been in. Obama needs to be out of office and everyone that he has put in office needs to go.

  • ratatatat1

    As many conservatives are apparently citing this page as some kind of supposed example of the Obama Administration covering up their own immigration figures. It should be noted that the meat of the article and numbers cited are in reference to requested ICE data from the 2004-2005 period, which the article conveniently omits. Here is a link to the original letter where the cited data came from: http://trac.syr.edu/foia/ice/20120104/2012-01-04_TRAC_appeal.pdf

  • Mike Brasher

    Their figures are kinda lke the military’s body counts in Vietnam, aren’t they? Sort of gives you that warm fuzzy feeling of “we’re being lied to again!”

  • James G Conley

    I Have been suspect of the Actions of I,C,E.For many years,But no Proof,But this Includes Janet Napolitano,Director of D.H.S.,Attorney General Eric Holder,And Last but not least THE PARTY LEADER HIMSELF,OBAMA……..

  • Thomas Kuhn

    Nothing has changed since the INS day when they loaded detainees on buses and drove them around all day to hide how bad the over crowding in Miami detention center. The congressional committee saw a nice neat prison not the overcrowded hell hole it was. No manager who ordered the deception was ever fired. Congress would never have known if not for whistle blower employee. Nothing has changed

  • Debbie Davis

    Why would that surprise anyone.

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