Judicial Watch • Fla. Accused Of Demonizing Islam By Banning Sharia Law

Fla. Accused Of Demonizing Islam By Banning Sharia Law

Fla. Accused Of Demonizing Islam By Banning Sharia Law

FEBRUARY 23, 2012

Florida legislators are under attack from a terrorist front group for considering a bill aimed at banning the application of Sharia law—the authoritarian doctrine that inspires Islamists and their jihadism—from courtrooms throughout the state.

Though it really targets Sharia, the measure seeks to prohibit the application of any foreign law, code or system in legal cases, especially in family court. It was introduced after a state appeals court allowed a county judge in central Florida to consider “ecclesiastical Islamic law” to decide a civil case involving a mosque.  

As a Florida state House committee considers the bill this week, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a national organization that serves as the U.S. front for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, is blasting it as an attempt to “demonize Islam and marginalize Muslims.” If the measure passes it will also restrict religious freedom, according to CAIR.

A few years ago CAIR pressured a south Florida county’s transit agency to drop bus advertisements considered by the group to be “misleading and bigoted” against Muslims. CAIR asserted that the ads created a campaign of hatred and intolerance because they gave the false impression that Muslims are “trapped” in their religion with no means of “escape,” thus facing certain death.

CAIR bills itself as a Muslim civil rights organization but top FBI counter terrorism chiefs describe it as an entity that promotes and finances terrorism. One group has dedicated itself to documenting CAIR’s extensive terrorist ties which include a top official sentenced to 20 years in prison for participating in a network of militant jihadists, another convicted of bank fraud for financing a major terrorist group, a board member who was a co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and a fundraiser identified by the U.S. Treasury Department for financing Al Qaida.

Getting back to Sharia law, accomplished military, terrorism and national security experts have long asserted that terrorists are covertly using it as a non-violent way to destroy the United States. Some, including former CIA Director Jim Woolsey, appeared in a Washington D.C. seminar (The Sharia Challenge in the West) last year at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

A foreign policy specialist who has worked for both Democratic and Republican administrations, Woolsey defines Sharia as a “theocratic dictatorship extremely opposed to democracy” and a movement to “eliminate and destroy western civilization.” He warns that the biggest challenge in fighting it is America’s long tradition of tolerance towards all religions.


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  • Phil Lafontaine

    Have you ever noticed that the most intolerent people are the ones who scream the loudest about tolerence. The Democrates, Athiest, Muslims. We have law in the Unites States ,abide by it or leave the country. We don’t go to the middle east an say they have to abide by our laws.I’m tired of people, this administration in particular apploigizing for this country. We have nothing to appoligize for. Obama and his minions have been appoligizing for the koran buring this week and asks for nothing regarding the killing of two soldiers in the riots by the ignorant towel heads in Afganistan. The President should (but won’t) state that everyone in this country abide by US law, with no exceptions, and put this to rest once and for all. Personally I think we ought to fast track a energy policy that allows us to do everything possible to extract oil and gas right here in the US; then tell the middle east to go to hell. When we are energy independant we can ingnore the middle east and let them kill each other off if that is what they want and we should keep out of it ,which will kill the argument that it’s the US’s fault for everything Muslim. The muslim faith has been highjacked by extreamist for many years now and I don’t see the muslims up in arms about it, it’s always the US thats wrong. Let the Muslims rise up and show some balls to take these crazies on, then maybe they will have a right to offer their relgion as a peaceful one they are always touting. I’m sick of the Middle East and the Muslims, if need be, turn Iran into a parking lot and start over. If we no longer buy oil form them they will implode within 5 years, if we don’t need their oil, we can sit back and watch as they destroy themselves.

  • sprout1944

    They come over here and expect us to bow down to their ways. This is America and if you don’t like our ways, go back to
    where you came from. But don’t try to force your Muslin Laws on us. Live by American laws and regulations. Also quit
    sneaking in to this wonderful country.

  • kjs420

    “The US constitution shall be the supreme law of the land”. “Anything to the contrary notwithstanding”. So, they can take their sharia and shove it. The constitution doesn’t say we have to like Muslims, or even tolerate them, they are the enemy, as is the US government becoming the enemy of liberty and freedom, and thus of the American people. When religion acts in a criminal way, it’s a criminal organization. If you call a dogs tail a leg, how many legs does it have? 4, you can call a tail whatever you want to, that doesn’t make it a leg.

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