Judicial Watch • Millions Of Voter Records Flawed, Nearly 2 Mil Dead Registered

Millions Of Voter Records Flawed, Nearly 2 Mil Dead Registered

Millions Of Voter Records Flawed, Nearly 2 Mil Dead Registered

FEBRUARY 14, 2012

As the presidential election approaches, the potential for voter fraud is dangerously high nationwide with nearly 2 million dead people still registered to cast ballots, about 3 million eligible to vote in two or more states and millions more that are inaccurate, duplicate or out of date.

The alarming figures were published this week in a report issued by the non-partisan Pew Center on States. It reveals that approximately 24 million active voter registrations in the United States are no longer valid or have significant inaccuracies. The problem, apparently, is an outdated registration system that can’t properly maintain records.

While this madness goes on, the Obama Administration is spending resources to legally challenging state voter identification laws—similar to one already upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court—that could help fix the crisis. More than a dozen states have passed measures requiring voters to show government-issued photo identification at the polls and the Obama Department of Justice (DOJ) has launched a campaign to challenge them all, asserting that they’re discriminatory because many minorities are too poor or too ignorant to get a valid ID.

Last month Texas struck back, suing the DOJ in federal court for blocking the implementation of a state voter ID law passed by the legislature in 2011 to deter and detect election fraud. Under the Federal Voting Rights Act, the DOJ must approve changes to election laws in certain states and Texas is among them. The Texas Secretary of State’s Office has been waiting for the DOJ preclearance since last July, but the feds continue stalling, essentially blocking the law’s implementation.

Preserving the integrity of the election process has been a huge issue for Judicial Watch over the years. Just last week JW launched the 2012 Election Integrity Project to pressure states and localities to clean up voter registration polls in order to comply with Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA). A lengthy JW investigation of public records indicates that voter rolls in numerous states have more registered voters than voting-age population.

Among the states that appear to contain names of individuals who are ineligible to vote are Florida, California, Texas, Colorado, Ohio, Mississippi, Iowa, Indiana and West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Missouri. This month JW sent warning letters to election officials in Indiana and Ohio as well as letters of inquiry to Florida and California officials as part of the probe into their problematic voting lists.


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  • Douglas Kelly

    Indeed. That was a strange thing, but no one said much of anything about it. Mainly, I suppose, because of the high percentage of disengaged, uninformed citizens who have no clue about government and what is actually happening in what we laughingly call our governance.

  • Douglas Kelly

    I’d ask the same thing, except that I know the answer. You’ve nailed it. Yes, they are all cowards. They are all for the status quo, don’t rock the boat, and don’t make anyone angry. Why? Because it hurts their chances of re-election. They are all their only for the power, and the power grows with the length of time one is in office. Without some very hard-nosed citizen action creating new rules, laws, and whatever else it takes, this will continue to get worse. Soon, we’ll have a country we don’t recognize (almost there now) and then it will be all about the rulers and what they can extract from their subjects (us).

  • mrsrabk

    Oh come on, you don’t know, some of these dead people might be conservatives. At least some of them who died 100 years ago might be.

  • tpc4545

    We’re is the so call republicans ,why are they letting this bullshit happen,.Why.because there’re involved, or because thier just a bunch of cowards.The governors of the states are allowing these scumbags to make our voting laws like 3 world country,and there’re nothing but a bunch of coward also.

  • boblusby

    To reduce the number of deceased voters, slip a few greenbacks to the nearby voodoo priest,[ There’ll usually be one handy] sprinkle salt on the cadavers’ feet and Bob’s yer uncle.

  • cheryl.jones.j

    There is also concern about SCTYL counting some of the votes in Spain this election.

  • boblusby

    This farce of an administration is a mob criminals, if they attempted the outrageous acts as private company they would all be in prison. JFK was assassinated for far less of a reason.

  • c.jenkins513

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    i got a letter for the selective services. including the USA channel.
    first i signed up for the navy seals, and recieved an athashet. i then went home under supervision, as i ate a cpac in the office and took a DDT, EPT test with my dad and friend victoria. i was seen as a chief. and was joined into the NCIS, CSI. and i recieved TRICARE benifits in my head.Its sorta like law and order special victims unit.
    my sister was suicidal and was killed by a train, and my father was in charge and said i had to go get her and there were the train tracks. so i did. GOD LOVE HIM. after finding out my girlfriend was raped i got the bad news her grand father died , i called the headquarters at 911, and the operator asked what the hell was she suposed to do and said i should kick the terrorist asses. so i did.
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    Keep in mind i went and did a hot wire, where iwas told by central command to release a neuro toxin into the terrorist den.
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  • pclee714

    Besides the ID, all voters should be given an (IQ) voter qualification test; then maybe there would not be ‘voters’ asking for their part of the ‘stash’ as happened after the 2008 debacle… :)

  • sue_mullins

    To get a bank account, a drivers license, buy beer, get a credit card or a bank loan….you need a picture ID of some sort. So anyone that doesn’t have one of the above is living under the legal wire of our nation…why would they vote? They wouldn’t unless paid to do so.

  • Spankthejoe

    @eddyjames1952 well said and I agree if buying beer you card me is that now an illegal act. The Obama administration if it was up to them there would be no beer, cigarettes, no fast food and no one would weigh over 98 pounds Oh wait hitler tried this too blond hair, blue eyes, male anybody remember this ? I do what devistation it was People need to wake up Obama out in 2012 or I fear there will be Anarchy spread nation wide.

  • eddyjames1952

    If they are too ignorant to get an ID then the are certainly too ignorant too vote. By making it so the party affiliation couldn’t be shown would eliminate a lot of the problems (Duh where’s the D, I can’t remember who they paid me to vote for with out the D”. But until then An ID is by far the best solution. If your not committing voter fraud you shouldn’t mind showing ID.You have to to buy beer or just about anything else here in America.

  • dalehogue

    Andrew Jackson was elected as our president in 1828. He played an important part in founding the present Democratic Party. Research this information. Research the activities of the Democratic Party since 1828. Research the information about all the illegal actions committed by members of the Barack Hussein Obama Administration!

  • sbbrgy

    And guess who is using the identity of such people?..ILLEGALS…To scam and fraud every aspect of the American system..

  • rawrocks51

    Is there a procedure for removing deceased voters? I live in Georgia and in 2004 after my father passed away I called the voter registration office to have his name removed from the lists and was told that there was not a procedure for that.

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