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Judicial Watch • Congress Blasts Napolitano Over Major Security Breaches

Congress Blasts Napolitano Over Major Security Breaches

Congress Blasts Napolitano Over Major Security Breaches

Judicial Watch

Here is a juicy exchange— ignored by the mainstream media—featuring Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano getting hammered at a congressional oversight hearing for being clueless about two critical national security breaches.

For those who thought Napolitano’s delusional Mexican border assessment (“as secure as it has ever been”) was scary, consider these latest lapses from the presidential cabinet official charged with protecting the nation from terrorism. She had no idea that an Egyptian Islamic terrorist recently obtained a visa and met with top White House and State Department officials or that a Muslim member of her staff (Mohamed Elibiary) leaked classified information to a reporter.

At least that’s what she claimed during a recent Homeland Security Oversight hearing held by the House Judiciary Committee. Warning; the video of Napolitano’s testimony, posted on the official House website of the Texas congressman doing the grilling, is painful to watch. Not only does she get clobbered, Madam Secretary looks a bit like a deer in headlights, eyes beaming as she struggles to answer hard-hitting questions that shed a very disturbing light on her job performance.

Once you get over the anger of Napolitano’s incompetence, fear may set it since the country’s security essentially rides on her shoulders. Testifying before the committee, the former Arizona governor claimed to know nothing about the U.S. granting visas to Hani Nour Eldin, a member of Gamaa Islamiya, an Egyptian Islamic group that’s been officially designated a terrorist organization by her own government. One mainstream newspaper called it a “political fiasco” that should have raised a red flag and banned Eldin from entering the United States, let alone White House and State Department meetings.

Napolitano also dodged questions about another shameful incident involving Elibiary, a one-time member of the Texas Department of Public Safety Advisory Board that serves on her Homeland Security Advisory Council. Last year Elibiary leaked highly sensitive intelligence documents marked “For Official Use Only” to a media outlet, according to an investigative news report. The media outlet reportedly declined to do the story which was supposed to expose the department’s promotion of “Islamophobia.”

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