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Liberal Dem Blasts Obama Amnesty: “Illegal Immigration Is Not a Victimless Crime”


Ft. Bliss Hangar Covertly Used as Illegal Alien Processing Center

Update with Pentagon comment 6/16/14 The Obama administration has not identified Ft. Bliss in Texas as an illegal immigrant processing/holding location yet busloads have arrived at the El Paso military base in the last few days, a high-level inside source tells Judicial Watch. A hangar on the Biggs Army Airfield…


Tom Fitton: Obama’s ‘Lawlessness’ to Blame for Border Crisis


Border Patrol Agents to Babysit, Feed, Interact With Illegal Alien Youths at Shelters

U.S. Border Patrol agents are being recruited to serve as babysitters for the influx of illegal immigrant minors that have entered the country recently through the Rio Grande region of Texas, according to an internal document obtained by Judicial Watch. This is the front-line federal agency responsible for preventing terrorists…


Influx of Illegal Alien Minors a Disaster; Overcrowded Shelters, Diseases, Sexually Active Teens

The barrage of illegal immigrant minors entering the U.S. through Mexico in recent weeks has created an out-of-control disaster with jam-packed holding centers, rampant diseases and sexually active teenagers at a Nogales facility, according to information obtained by Judicial Watch from a Homeland Security source. The Obama administration blames the…


Feds Dump Illegal Aliens Caught in Texas at Ariz. Bus Stations

As if it weren’t bad enough that even convicts qualify for Obama amnesty, check out what’s going on in Arizona; the federal government is dumping an unknown number of illegal immigrants caught in Texas at bus stations in Phoenix and Tucson. The feds didn’t even have the courtesy to give…


Drunk Illegal Alien Who Killed Cop Qualified for Obama Amnesty

The drunk driver who killed a veteran Arizona police officer in a head-on freeway collision this month is an illegal immigrant with a criminal history that nevertheless qualified for amnesty under President Obama’s broad plan. Why else would he be free to drive U.S. highways and work off the books…


U.S. Frees 36,007 Illegal Aliens With Serious Criminal Convictions

Besides implementing a flagrant amnesty plan that defies Congress and the rule of law, the Obama administration freed tens of thousands of illegal immigrants convicted of violent and serious crimes last year, according to the government’s own records. The crimes committed by illegal aliens released from federal custody include homicide,…


DHS Illegal Alien Advocate Office Still Open, Featured at ICE Employee Event

Nearly a year after Congress defunded President Obama’s special advocate for illegal immigrants at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), a source inside the agency tells Judicial Watch the official is still in charge of the office which was quietly rebranded to protect it from the chopping block. In fact,…


ACLU “Retaliation and Harassment” against Conservatives in Arizona Immigration Battle

Judicial Watch announced today that it is preparing a strong defense against a sweeping subpoena “witch hunt” filed by the American Civil Liberties Union against dozens of conservative organizations and individuals.


ACLU’s slurs and lies target foes of illegal immigration


Fed Court: Immigration Holds Are Requests Not Orders, Police Not Obligated to Comply

In a ruling that could have serious consequences nationwide, a federal appellate court has decided that local police departments aren’t obligated to comply with federal immigration detainers because they are simply “requests” not orders. Under a partnership between state, county, city and federal authorities local law enforcement agencies around the…


Obama Judge: Mexican Border Fence May Have “Disparate Impact” on Minorities

A Homeland Security initiative to put fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border could discriminate against minorities, according to an Obama-appointed federal judge who’s ruled that the congressionally-approved project may have a “disparate impact on lower-income minority communities.” This of course means that protecting the porous—and increasingly violent—southern


Cartel connection? Senator presses agency on ‘Mexican military’ incursion into US


DHS Lets Employers That Hire Illegal Workers Off The Hook

Besides blowing off congress to give illegal immigrants backdoor amnesty, the Obama administration is also letting businesses that hire undocumented workers off the hook by drastically reducing fines and enforcement, a new federal audit reveals. It was only a year ago that the president vowed to come down hard those…


Turk Gave Terrorists Material Support Under “Duress,” May Get U.S. Asylum

A Turkish man denied U.S. asylum after repeatedly furnishing terrorists with “material support” may be eligible to stay in the country after all under a “duress exception,” a federal appellate court has ruled. The incredible case comes out of New York where the United States Court of Appeals for the…


Legal Immigrants Go to the Back of the Line


DHS Obeys ACLU’s Order to Stop Arresting Illegal Aliens

Caving into the demands of a leftist civil rights group, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has terminated an enforcement program that apprehends illegal immigrants in California’s central valley. The unbelievable story comes out of Kern County in Bakersfield, which is considered the heart of the nation’s most populous state.…


U.S. to Grant Immigrants Who Give Terrorists “Limited” Support Asylum

As if President Obama’s backdoor amnesty weren’t bad enough, the administration just issued an official order allowing the U.S. to take in once-banned refugees and asylum seekers who have provided “limited material support” to terrorists. With the stroke of a few pens—those belonging to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and…


GOP Amnesty Plan Ignores Will of Republican Voters

With the midterm elections looming, House Republicans are discounting their constituents’ wishes by crafting a measure to give illegal immigrants legal status, a chance at permanent U.S. residency and even American citizenship. The unbelievable plan was confirmed by GOP leadership on national television this week and reiterated in a mainstream…


ICE Data Shows Mexicans Get Special Treatment

The Obama administration is selectively enforcing immigration laws depending on the gender of the illegal alien and which country he or she is from, according to new government data that shows Mexicans are getting special treatment. Obtained by a nonprofit university group dedicated to researching the U.S. government, the records…

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