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Obama Devotes $2 Bil to Make Federal Buildings Energy Efficient


Czar Klain: No Way To Run a Republic

On Friday, addressing mounting concerns about a medical crisis in the U.S., President Obama named the noted epidemiologist Dr. Ronald Klain as the country’s “Ebola czar.” Dr. Klain…. Oh, sorry, that didn’t happen. The new Ebola czar is not an expert in infectious diseases, or in public health, or even…


Obama Devotes $2 Bil to Make Federal Buildings Energy Efficient

It’s bad enough that American taxpayers have been repeatedly fleeced by President Obama’s many failed “green” projects, now the commander-in-chief is dedicating an extra $2 billion—on top of $2 billion already dispersed in 2011—to make federal buildings in the United States energy efficient. It’s a necessary expense to protect the…


Obama Revives Green Car Loans on Heels of Fisker Bankruptcy

A fly-by-night electric car company recently folded after getting nearly $200 million from the government yet the Obama administration plans to pour more money into the green auto loan program, according to a mainstream news report that acknowledges it’s “controversial.” That’s quite an understatement considering the shady experiment’s history. It’s…


Second Obama Green Venture in Weeks Folds after Getting Millions

Stop the presses! Another one of President Obama’s brilliant clean-energy ventures has collapsed after taking tens of millions of dollars from American taxpayers, in this case to develop a special wheelchair-accessible “green” van. The news comes just weeks after a separate company that got nearly $200 million from the government…


“No More Solyndras Act” Would Cost $1 Mil To Implement

Here’s an amusing example of how inefficient government can be; a proposed law to cut waste in a scandal-plagued green technology program at the Department of Energy (DOE) would cost about $1 million to implement. This may seem laughable, but it’s the reality of how the monstrous U.S. government functions.…


Investigator Who Cleared Obama In Solyndra Scandal A Top Donor

The banking executive who led the “independent” probe that absolved the Obama Administration for blowing billions of taxpayer dollars on failed green-energy ventures has donated big bucks to the president’s reelection campaign. This certainly raises doubts about the integrity of the investigation, which centered on nearly $3 billion in loans…


Fed Audit Confirms Govt. Corruption In Solyndra Deal

The “serious concerns” of U.S. Treasury officials involving a risky $535 million infusion for a fly by night solar panel firm were ignored as the deal was fast-tracked by the Obama Administration, according to a federal audit released this week. Bankrolled by Obama fundraiser George Kaiser, the now-defunct northern California…


Judicial Watch Sue Obama Administration for Records Detailing Bailout Loan to California Solar Manufacturer Heavily in Debt

$1.2 Billion in Loan Guarantees to SunPower from Department of Energy Followed Successful Lobbying Campaign by Firm Connected to California Congressman’s Son (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch, the organization that investigates and fights government corruption, announced today that it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit on February 1,…

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