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Free Govt. Cell Phones Will Create Jobs for Latinos


$4 Mil To Give Farmers Wireless Tech To Redeem Food Stamps

To further expand the government’s bulging food-stamp program, the Obama Administration is allocating $4 million to provide farmers’ markets not currently participating in the welfare plan with the wireless technology necessary to redeem the benefits. The investment will create a “win-win” situation by helping American farmers and, more importantly,


Welfare At All-Time High Under Obama

The latest government figures reveal that an astonishing number of people are collecting public benefits such as food stamps and disability checks, revealing an alarming trend of dependence on government rather than self-sufficiency associated with the American dream. A record 5.4 million workers have applied for federal disability checks since…


State Makes Condo’s Dog Ban Human Rights Issue

In a bizarre case that could set all sorts of dangerous legal precedents, a state is embroiled in a private dispute involving a depressed artist, a dog and a condominium association. It’s all in the name of human rights, according to the Illinois state agency that filed a lawsuit this…


DOD Blows $2.7 Bil On Faulty “Cost-Cutting” System

In a reprehensible example of how the government wastes taxpayer money, the Pentagon has blown several billion dollars on faulty software that was supposed to help cut costs by updating antiquated financial ledgers that create serious management weaknesses. Instead nearly $2.7 billion have essentially gone down the drain for a…


Jailed Fire Chief Keeps Six-Figure Public Pension

In the latest case involving a corrupt public official keeping a taxpayer-funded salary, an assistant fire chief in Florida will hang on to a six-figure annual pension despite a fraud conviction. This sort of thing is common at all levels of government throughout the United States, that public servants keep…


Law To “End Racial Profiling” Will Cost Millions

A bill pending in Congress to ban racial profiling by all of the nation’s law enforcement agencies allocates millions in federal funds for special officer training programs and makes it easier for those who claim discrimination to sue the government for damages. While the proposed law’s main selling point of…


Report Lists Over $6.5 Bil In Wasteful Govt. Spending

A U.S. Senator just released a report featuring enraging examples of how the government blew billions of dollars on wasteful things like a $10 million remake of a popular American kids show for Pakistan and $35 million for political party conventions in 2012. This type of frivolous spending is the…


Celebrating 1st Year Of Obama’s $4.5 Bil Child Hunger Law

The U.S. government is celebrating the first anniversary of Michelle Obama’s multi-billion-dollar law to end childhood hunger in low-income neighborhoods by bragging that the measure has made it easier to get public assistance. Promoted as a way to end childhood hunger among the poor, the First Lady got Congress to…

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