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Medicaid Fraud in New York

New York’s Medicaid system is the largest and most expensive in the nation, with an annual budget of $44.5 billion. Apparently, it is also the easiest to cheat. Corrupt doctors and dentists have cheated the system of billions of dollars over the years, but here is the best part; state…

Race Defense in Dallas

An FBI investigation into federally funded, low-income housing contracts targets several black Dallas politicians who say the investigation is racially motivated. Mayor Pro Tem Don Hill, council members Leo Chaney and Maxine Thronton-Reese and City Plan Commission members D’Angelo Lee, Melvin Traylor and Carol Brandon have been named in subpoenas…

Crooked Windy City

There really is nothing new about corruption in Chicago, a city where clout and patronage have for years flowed freely. But lately, things have really gotten out of control at City Hall. A federal investigation into the wrongdoing has so far led to 30 indictments and 23 convictions. Those charged…

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