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Mexico Bans U.S. Agents From Carrying Guns


Mexico Bans U.S. Agents From Carrying Guns

Now that a federal agent has been murdered by a drug gang in Mexico, the Obama Administration promises to “look into” the crime-infested nation’s policy banningU.S. law enforcement officers from carrying weapons during official missions.That, of course, means that the U.S. government deploys federal agents intoMexico’s most violent regions unarmed. This may seem


Record High Mexican Violence As U.S. Dollars Flow South

Although the U.S. government has showered Mexico with more than $1 billion in the last few years to combat drug violence, serious crime associated with illicit narcotics operations hit record levels in scale and brutality in 2010.More than 13,000 people were murdered across Mexico in disturbing and cruel ways not commonly seen in previous years, according…

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