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Blago Just Wanted To “Get The Rich To Help The Poor”


Blago Just Wanted To “Get The Rich To Help The Poor”

Chicago—Like Isaiah in the Old Testament, Rod Blagojevich wanted to “get the rich to help the poor” when he offered to send Barack Obama’s close friend (Valerie Jarrett) to the U.S. Senate in exchange for a nonprofit set up by wealthy Democratic donors close to the president.The multi million-dollar charity…


Bribes Are Part Of Politics, Blagojevich Tells Judge

Chicago—Trading a U.S. Senate appointment for a personal benefit is perfectly legal and politicians throughout history have committed similar acts, according to Rod Blagojevich, who took the stand for a fourth day Wednesday in his corruption retrial.As a recent example the impeached Illinois governor offered a deal brokered between Barack Obama…

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