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Judicial Watch • 12 12 20 transcript Oversight Gap

12 12 20 transcript Oversight Gap

12 12 20 transcript Oversight Gap

Page 1: 12 12 20 transcript Oversight Gap

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Date Created:April 8, 2014

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TOM FITTON:  Good afternoon everyone.  Thanks for joining us. the Internet age, weve got time for our friends the Internet who are viewing us. welcome those you joining online.   
The title this panel today Judicial Watch The Oversight Gap: Watchdogging the Obama Administration.   
Im Tom Fitton, president Judicial Watch.  Judicial Watch conservative non-partisan educational foundation dedicated transparency, integrity and accountability government politics and the law.   
Through our educational activities, advocate high standards ethics and morality our nations public life and seek ensure that the political class and the American people are sync terms the expectations ethics.  Judicial Watch does not endorse oppose candidates for public office.   
And are pleased present this panel today the continuing failure key D.C. institutions conduct meaningful oversight the operations the federal government, especially the Obama administration.  Despite increase controversial government actions under the Obama administration, there has been marked decline related independent investigative journalism and congressional oversight.  Independent watchdog groups and the new media have risen fill this oversight gap.   
And get more specific, the federal government  and you can pleased unhappy about this  but its increased its activities about trillion year. Its increased about third terms the activity its doing.  But congressional oversight has decreased even greater amount.  There used be, best could tell, about 5,000 congressional oversight hearings year.  Now, its about 3,000. the government has increased third, but the congressional oversight over that activity has decreased even greater amount.   
And, course, you know, major media institutions have not  the so-called legacy media has not risen  have not risen meet the challenge that increased need for oversight.   
And, you know, can spend lot time critiquing the mainstream media bias, but the liberal bias that buys into lot government thinking without question and the instincts lot the media class serve commentators rather than hardcore investigators the government activity, many ways the critique the media being more government media than ever before think very credible.   
And, course, Congress has its myriad problems conducting congressional oversight. course, those that want the work are hamstrung ineffective laws and oversight mechanisms get government activity.   
Darrel Issa can only many things.  You need 1,000 Darrel Issas run all the fires the horizon that Barrack Obama has set terms government controversial actions.   
And not only, course, the ineffective institution and mediating institutions Congress that the Congress terms tools, but you have the congressional politicization, the fights Congress over politics, the idea that when Republicans after Democrats and Democrats after Republicans, you cant believe whatever side  any side says because politics its just politics. some cases, thats right. many cases  many cases, thats right. some cases, thats wrong, but many cases thats right.   
And, course, Congress conflicted.  And that goes the politicization.  You have wonder when Congress going after the president, because theyre seriously concerned about oversight they just want score political point?  And the same goes when Congress doesnt after the president.  Does mean nothing there because the party that controls Congress, that controls the presidency, happened the Bush and now under Obama for time, and certainly partially true today  the lack inactivity seems validate government activity certainly the executive branch. theres controversy, theres oversight.   
And Congress generally uninterested doing the hard work oversight.  Theyre busy trying stay office.  Theyre busy trying raise money stay office.  And theyre busy trying get press with their activity.  Sometimes that coincides with effective oversight.  Many times doesnt, obviously.   
You know, think good example the lack  why cant rely Congress for oversight the recent scandal over those meetings run the General Services Administration, where theyre having these high-priced conferences Las Vegas and other places.   
And, course, Congress holds its hearing screaming about this money and the expense after the fact, but thats not oversight.  That not oversight.  Congress responsible for making sure that doesnt happen from the get the GSA administrators who were actually responsible for those expenses.  Congressional oversight means making sure the money being spent wisely begin with, and running and yelling these agencies years after you appropriated funds and figuring out, well, maybe those funds werent being spent wisely, just makes joke the effective stewardship taxpayer funds that Congress supposed serve as. these are the problems that were facing: ideological and uninterested media, Congress thats ineffective for variety reasons.  But the good news folks are stepping into the oversight gap. like think Judicial Watch stepping into the oversight gap.   
And were also joined representatives the new media. think that may overstating because the folks have been around for whole now, these institutions were talking about, talk about where that can doing better jobs terms investigating the Obama administration, maybe government activity general, certainly the congressional side things, and doing the work that Congress not able do.   
And know Judicial Watch able this. have nearly 1,000 FOIA requests under the Freedom Information Act and nearly 100 lawsuits seeking access government information  excuse  from the Obama administration.  And know result our lawsuits that Congress gets information that theyve been fighting about that theyve been unable get.   
And the difference between Congress getting information and Judicial Watch getting information that the congressional process political process.  Even theres subpoena outstanding, even theres government letter from chairman that requires under law response, the negotiations about that response political.  Those negotiations are political.  The documents that Congress gets isnt necessarily  theyre not necessarily all public folks who want information too. Congress may get information from the executive branch that never sees the light day.   
But, again, the process inherently political, but when Judicial Watch and other outside independent entities sue for information, theres more regular legal process that guarantees certainly disclosure not only public but accountable court law opposed accountable panel politicians.  So, result, can very effective getting access that information. good example the controversy recently over the film Zero Dark Thirty, where the Obama administration looks like gave inappropriate access the filmmakers Zero Dark Thirty  which the film about the bin Laden raid and killing  and kept that access secret.  And that access looks like was given because the Obama administration thought the filmmakers were going make film about Obama, big Obama victory, obviously the killing bin Laden, just shortly before the election. weve got documents that showed  provided details about this inappropriate access and showed that they may have actually been giving them classified information initial reports suggested.   
Now, the media didnt get this information.  Congress didnt get this information.  Judicial Watch got this information.  And Congress erupted  some Congress erupted, like Peter King, but based the information that Judicial Watch was able obtain, Department Defense Inspector Generals investigation was begun.  And now, just 
recently learned that based information Judicial Watch disclosed the American people, criminal referral has been made the Department Justice about this activity.   
And, you know, Judicial Watch happy the work, but ought very disconcerting our audience that, frankly, but for Judicial Watch and maybe three four watchdog organizations and interested media, none this would have seen the light day.  This the sort thing our institutional media ought doing and this the sort thing our Congress ought doing.  But were happy stand the gap were discussing. 
Now, fair the big media, there are some folks out there individually who good work.  The Washington Post did great work exposing some the details the Solyndra scandal.  CBS News, one reporter over there, Ms. Attkisson, did great work Matthew knows, exposing some the Fast and Furious details.   
But, me, those exceptions kind prove the rule that lot the other media falling down the job effective oversight government that is, frankly, off the rails terms its willingness whatever wants without being held account the law Congress the media. were pleased aided our examination this issue some three great reporters who are doing the hard work that much Washington isnt doing. the far end our panel Matthew Boyle, whos investigative journalist now with Breitbart News. previously worked for the Daily Caller and specializes complex government corruption stories.  Hes uncovered waste, fraud, and abuse, and illegal activity government.  Hes turned scandals where the mainstream media wouldnt look.  Hes been the forefront the investigation operation Fast and Furious, writing hundreds stories. 
MATTHEW BOYLE: think its probably like close 300 400 stories that Ive written Fast and Furious. 
MR. FITTON:  Prompting Eric Holder crazy and accuse him being behind the congressional calls for his resignation.  And Boyles led the coverage many other Obama scandals, including the Obamacare waivers, the Delphi pension debacle, LightSquared and the Solyndra scandals well.   
And Vince   
MR. FITTON:  Coglianese.  Excuse me.  Vince Coglianese senior online editor for the Daily Caller and host the Daily Caller podcast.  His reporting has received wide coverage including the pages the New York Times, the Journal, the Washington Post, and Drudge Report among others.  And Vince has, you know, been all over the 
media talking about his investigative reporting, including Fox and CNN.  And not only that, but does the radio side the ledger.  Hes been talk show host down North Carolina.  And the Daily Caller, addition Breitbart News, some the more recent entrants the kind the aggressive, you know, forget about the old way looking government operations attitude that the rest the media has.   
And, you know, someone think who can help bridge the kind the connection between the way the old media operates and the way this new and innovative media operating Richard Pollock whos reporter with the special investigative reporting unit the Washington Examiner.  Hes here for Mark Tapscott, who unfortunately was unable attend, but were  but will well with Richard here today for us. can tell you that.  Hes the former Washington bureau chief for Media and spent nearly decade with ABC News Washington producer for Good Morning, America.  And also served senior producer for Fox News Sunday with Tony Snow.  
And the way our panel going work  thank you for all joining  that our participants will make some presentations and remarks.  Well talk little bit amongst ourselves here and then invite you join the conversation well. you have cell phones other noise making devices, you know, put them silent vibrate whatever you can the panel not disrupted unnecessarily.   
But with that, will start with Richard and then perhaps just work our way down the panel.  Richard Pollock.   
RICHARD POLLOCK:  Thank you very much.  And thank you Judicial Watch for, again, putting together really innovative programming with respect investigative reporting, and also just how dig into this city, this really opaque series bureaucracies, agencies, and departments. 
Im honored part the new Washington Examiner watchdog group, which special group that Mark Tapscott, who unfortunately couldnt here, but Mark has established. aggressive, enterprising investigative journalism unit four people.  And were just getting started. were established earlier this year.  And Im very happy part it, and part team, growing team think very aggressive, and very creative, and dogged reporters that are emerging Washington.  
When  not date myself too much, but there was the 1970s this idea what was called new journalism.  New journalism was where you werent just looking where problems were, whatever they are.  You really brought the table partisanship, your own values, they would say.  And think that that distorted and destroyed the legacy media, you want call that. think that rather than look government look wrongdoing, whatever might be, they began have agenda.  And result, see the kind distorted reporting that have today. think the congressional issue, the issue congressional oversight, think that with the exception Chairman Issa, think that there very little going terms genuine investigation.   
Energy and Commerce looked Solyndra for while, but they have not been very assertive proactive opinion.  And its very interesting, because when Issa was assuming the chairmanship, the New York Times and the Washington Post were wringing their hands about what kind devil this man was, what kind evil would actually undertake.  And they really attributed all sorts terrible agendas, tsunami investigations.  And, fact, think that Issa has been very, very modest what has done. think that could have been very, very assertive.  And hes been one the few think shinning lights the Hill, but even has been somewhat restrained opinion. think were entering what would call the third phase the Obama administration.   
The first phase was one which there was victorious, euphoric Democratic Party and White House staff that saw there were bounds. mean, they owned both basically the House and the Senate.  They were hungry for power after being the wilderness for long time.  And they were very over the top terms the kind cronyism, the kinds favoritism, the kinds backroom deals that they were putting together.  And there was tremendous amount arrogance that accompanied this first phase.  And certain extent, little bit was moderated after the loss the House the 2010 election.   
And think that the second phase though started earnest little about months before the election, because for the first time think that the Obama people were under the gun and they were defensive.  They saw the different scandals that were evolving.  And think that Democrats who were vulnerable were sending signal the Obama White House cool because they thought that they would risk they continued with this aggressiveness.   
And think the second phase leading the election was one which there was lot restraint.  Some people may not think its lot restraint, but there was relative the first phase. think that they were restrained.  And now have unelected  president who will not facing reelection.   
And think that were seeing the third phase, which think reoccurrence the arrogance that saw the beginning.  And think that its going great challenge for those who are really trying keep with the kind favoritism, the backroom deals, and the illegal activities think that will undertaken. 
Just couple other thoughts. think that when you look different major events and lots money going toward it, thats signal that you should take look whats going on.   
So, for example, are investigating FEMA after Hurricane Sandy, and are uncovering quite bit corruption within the agency, both terms the Sandy response but also terms institutional corruption.  And youre going seeing more that unfold the Examiner pages. think that the upcoming inauguration one which want undertake lot scrutiny.  Whos paying for the inauguration?  What kind favors are they expecting return?  What kinds bundlers and other campaign donors are putting money, but how about new money?  And what kind quid pro quo might seeing there? think that this going very tough time. think that they are really quite aggressive. think that the issue the EPA Administrator Lisa Jacksons alias EPA account probably only one many alias accounts that the Obama administration officials have had throughout the administration.  And think that   
MR. COGLIANESE:  That was just mistake.  She chose mans name for reason whatsoever. 
MR. POLLOCK:  Thats right.  Richard, right? 
MR. COGLIANESE:  Richard. 
MR. POLLOCK: name.  Right. 
MR. POLLOCK: felt  felt, you know, put upon   
MR. COGLIANESE:  Its criminal. 
MR. POLLOCK:  Exactly.  Exactly.  But think that theyre going  just think that there are lot insidious things and lot plans that are being hatched today with newfound arrogance. mean, certain extent, see little bit term the presidents approach toward the fiscal cliff negotiations, thats what they are. mean, theres real arrogance that showing toward this.  And one calling him it. one.  Very few are calling him it.  And think that beneath the surface, this arrogance manifesting itself new Solyndras and new programs that will  will take years able uncover. want thank you again for putting this together and doing the great work that you guys have done.  And Ill leave two colleagues add some good thoughts. 
MR. FITTON:  OK.  Vince, dont want you solve the problem now. 
MR. COGLIANESE:  Ill try not to. 
MR. FITTON:  Richard, thank you. 
MR. COGLIANESE:  Thank you, Tom, for having all here.  And its always pleasure.  Ive been speaking some people beforehand that its always pleasure talk about investigative journalism because its very stimulating have this discussion, sometimes sit back and discuss how about our business, and its nice sit next people like Richard and have conversation with somebody whos done for long able kind reinvigorate that passion.   
Because investigative journalism actually can kind hard and, you know, its one  journalism, kind divide you cover the day-to-day which goes the world, you usually sleep pretty well night because youre done with your story.  Its out.  You bed and youre like, hey, big deal.  Whatever happens tomorrow, Im going cover it.   
But with investigative journalism, theres sometimes lot restless nights.  And know lot people this room have experienced this where youre wondering that document going not come back.  Youre wondering the rabbit youve been chasing headed the right direction not.  You wonder, especially for journalists, you wonder source will come through, youll able finally get touch with that person that you for long have been trying pursue. investigative journalism can hard and trying work, but its totally worth it.   
And believe its where journalism outlets will distinguish themselves terms going forward into being  like, what are the most successful new media ventures?  Those who original reporting, because the end the day, theres going million websites who all aggregate each others work, who try and, you know, talk about what everybody else doing.  And, obviously, engage some that. rely Judicial Watch one those fixtures that looking into the Obama administration.  But, ultimately, you have doing your own.  Thats what will make you  just business model, thats how youll succeed. give you little background me, Im the senior online editor for the Daily Caller spend inordinate amount time writing the wittiest headline can possibly think for many the stories that have.  But also, when get   
MR. POLLOCK:  Youre the one. 
MR. COGLIANESE:  Im the guy. 
MR. POLLOCK:  Okay. 
MR. COGLIANESE:  Blame me. email the website.  You can send hate mail there.   
But also, Ive had the luxury spending some time doing some investigations this year.  Two favorite have been  the beginning the year, joined boss, Tucker Carlson, doing investigation into Media Matters for America, which liberal organization that principally running cover for the president and trying hit media outlets wherever  whenever they direction that doesnt assist the platform the Democratic Party. their effort try and get them tap the left matter how theyre covering it.  and theyve had some success.  Our research yielded some very intriguing things, including that they have relationship with the White House.  They carry weekly conference calls with the White House.  Their principal leadership has met the White House with Valerie Jarrett all people.  And many you she largely considered the person who pulls the strings the White House. there was lot involved that piece that certainly took while. believe the investigation  Matthew has already  saw  have newsroom. ducked out into like separate office for couple months just put head down and figure out the story.  And think took two months reporting.   
But finally came out. were very pleased with how came out. was widely panned the institutional press.  They didnt like it, especially because many members the press were named it.  Media Matters said that many the  that there were reporters around this town and New York who were amenable their  their hits, would take what they wrote, what they sent them, and produce this journalism themselves. there was lot defensiveness the media.  Youll find anytime you after the media itself, theres lot circling the wagons.   
But were with that. have instinct think thats unique, and think that speak for everyone this table, that that dont instinctively suck power.  And its  its sort think what Tom was getting begin with, which that when youre covering the government, ultimately, lot these reporters get very close.  Theyre working  theyre working source development.  They want these people give them things.  And that often means that the people that are closest these guys are the ones who are probably not going cover them the most critically.  And its  its  its difficult balancing act but its one that needs undergone, undertaken.  And try and that. can say just using the Media Matters experience kind  because know lot you are here talk about like how that you about investigative reporting. can say that you should spend lot time reading the documents that one else does.  Its easy read news stories about whats going the world, but thats because somebody else already did the work and got you. what next?  Look through  especially the case like organization like Media Matters, this tax exempt organization they have file form 990 every year the IRS explaining what their activities were that year, how they spent their money, how much they receive, how much their leadership getting paid.  Look into those things.  Those things can give some interesting results.  Find out who  what groups they spend lot time giving contracts to.  And you can begin see the web that formed Washington between various organizations. that case particular, went and sent request the IRS, which has done separate way, because you can  can walk into any 501(c)(3) and ask for their form 990, and they have provide demand.  Thats true anybody this room, the way. citizen, you can this.   
But theres also ways pursue how they applied for their tax exempt status the IRS.  You have  theres separate form that you have send the IRS and eventually theyll get you response.   
And what found was intriguing was that Media Matters declared that they needed turn back Christian thinking the United States and the media  and the media their IRS application.  Now, they never said anything about this anywhere else their website.  You cant see this their mission statement, were going after Christians.  But the IRS tax application for whatever reason, the seed the idea was like, theres Christian dominated media and have turn this back.  Interesting and thought worth reporting.   
And that relationship actually  and Matthew Boyle will  maybe can speak this little bit can give assist here  Matt, think has been mentioned, was recently with the Daily Caller.  And weve sent Freedom Information Act request the Justice Department 2011, near the end 2011.  And didnt receive our timely response this. were supposed get  what it, Tom?  Thirty days what their   
MR. FITTON:  More less. 
MR. COGLIANESE:  More less that theyre supposed get back with some response. 
MR. BOYLE: waited nine months answer the document request.  And, then finally, when came through, was hardcore evidence  forgot exactly how many pages. wasnt even full response either, but was somewhat like 50, pages worth emails between the Department Justices Communication director, Eric Holders flack, and Media Matters for America coordinating how   
MR. COGLIANESE:  How spin press.  Yeah. 
MR. BOYLE:  How not only spin press but how demonize whistleblowers, attack me.  Congressman Darryl Issa describes Barack Obamas enemies list.  And thats what is.  Its  its  you know, list people and targets that they want eliminate and destroy the reputations of, and that the Department Justice colluding with far left wing advocacy organization that has interest truth destroy our reputation. 
MR. COGLIANESE:  And that  and that  that based  when finally looked that that said, look, the Press Office the Department Justice, its responsibility talk the American people. mean, thats the whole point the press bring this information the American people.  And when you have this case left wing advocacy group working formulate some sort spin what should just basic information, thats problem and worthy our investigation.   
One other thing that worked this year  and can speak this little bit later because Ive already kind spoken depth about the Media Matters thing  the 2007 video Obama Hampton University that caused much ire the press prior the first debate when released this.  Some you may remember it.  And that took bit time well work on. 
MR. COGLIANESE:  Id like  one last   
MR. FITTON:  What was   
MR. COGLIANESE:  What was the substance that video? 
MR. FITTON:  Yeah.  What was the headline for that one? 
MR. COGLIANESE:  That was  this was video that received very little attention 2007. was actually much media story was one about the president.  And was  was speaking black ministers Hampton University Virginia, and was  was actually very different president than weve seen almost any situation, and certainly pandering the base that had present there.   
But also, spoke again very highly Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  This was six months after had already established distance from him and told him couldnt part the launch his campaign because the campaign was concerned with the appearance Wright being present.   
The other  which, the way, anytime you mention Wright, the media will outright dismiss the story because its old news and its actually not work talking about anymore.  Weve  weve been down this road. know hes crazy. dont have talk about anymore. 
The other that made case that the reason New Orleans wasnt receiving much federal assistance  which was completely untrue the time said this  was 
because New Orleans majority black. made the case that was racist issue.  And simply wasnt true.   
Theres money  theres  Stafford Act  the Stafford Act provides this emergency money.  And often, the local communities have give about percent  thats often the number thats settled  that money for the recovery.  And the government offers the other percent.  
Typically, major disasters, the federal government will waive the  like the cost sharing requirement for these local locations.  Just weeks before Obama gave that speech, voted against giving exemption New Orleans for the Stafford Act.  Well, thought that was interesting reported and certainly got lot flak for talking about old news.   
The only press coverage, the way, from 2007 involved reading from Obamas prepared remarks, which were distinctly different from the remarks delivered.  And diverted very substantive way one that would have earned the attention, hopefully, most the press had they been paying attention the time. 
Finally, just the issues that were continuing investigate now, weve placed lot focus the Daily Caller welfare spending.  Certainly would say youre not following Caroline May either Twitter her author page the Daily Caller, you should be. 
MR. FITTON:  Shes writer with the Caller? 
MR. COGLIANESE:  Thats correct.  Shes  shes writer for the Daily Caller.  Shes doing tremendous work investigating how welfare money  chiefly, one the biggest things she found recently that immigrants  often, the immigration program meant bring people that wont come and become wards the states.  Well, you should tell the welfare programs, because theyre not being told that, because theyre giving  theyre giving all advertising packets how get welfare soon you come into the country.  Well, thats  thats pretty amazing.  And certainly, its American citizens who want know that. 
The other that when you say that illegal immigrants are tapping welfare resources, oftentimes, the reflexive government defenders will tell you, well, no, no.  Thats not true.  Its illegal for them that.  But when they say that, theyre often referring only two programs: TANF and the Supplemental Security Income programs, where markedly illegal.   
But that doesnt mean that theres not, one, abuse; and two, theres welfare programs that  our count, that exist outside, besides just these two. mean, theres many opportunities where somebody can come contact with the system and get access government assistance millions ways. were going continue look that and just see what extent  how  basically waste, fraud, and abuse.  Thats the  (off mic.). 
MR. FITTON:  Just clarify.  TANF the temporary   
MR. COGLIANESE:  Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. 
MR. FITTON:  Which welfare used be. 
MR. COGLIANESE:  Right.  And the welfare that received the scrutiny welfare reform the early 90s.   
MR. FITTON:  Well, you know, one the sad things about what goes Washington  all the waste, fraud, and abuse.  And Tom Coburn or, you know, William Proxmire the old days talked about these wasteful programs.  And its like joke.  When its reported on, its  oh, isnt government funny the way wastes our money opposed the outrage that really ought have about peoples hard-earned money being wasted these  these  these forms.  Matthew, finish for us. 
MR. BOYLE: want say, thank you, Tom, for having this panel. think its very important that talk about this kind stuff because overlooked very often.   
You mentioned outrage.  Well, where the outrage?  This administration has gotten away with much illegal activity and much waste, fraud, abuse.  There are people who have violated the law, who are all throughout this administration, and nobody held accountable. perfect example that Kathleen Sebelius.  She violated the Hatch Act.  Thats normally fireable offense immediately.  Somebody supposed fired from their job, yet shes still there. dont know why.  And dont know why the people Capitol Hill arent outraged about this.   
MR. COGLIANESE:  Which campaign the governments dime. 
MR. BOYLE:  Right.  Thats what she was doing speech North Carolina, she was  she had  where she was acting the HHS secretary. her official government capacity endorsed two candidates for public office.  That was President Obamas reelection and Walter Dalton for governor gubernatorial race.  That illegal.   
The United States Office Special Counsel found her violation the Hatch Act.  People who violate the Hatch Act are normally terminated, yet she still has position the federal government.  She still the secretary Health and Human Services. doesnt make any sense.   
Where the outrage Capitol Hill?  Thats another thing: that there  you know, why are there not  you would figure that situation like that, that Republicans would screaming she should fired because thats what happens people who violate the Hatch Act.  Well, for whatever reason, theyre not.  Whatever political interest they had the time, obviously, when this all came light, there was ongoing presidential election, and must not have the political interest the powers that that were running against the president the time.   
But the same time, there  you know, there massive lack oversight. can talk all about how they  how there are all these problems, but think its better talk about how solve them.   
The  think  have you ever heard the phrase, you see something, say something? need whistleblowers come out the federal government.  There are lot good people who work all these different agencies the federal government who see whats going on, they know that its wrong, but they dont know what about it. perfect example this what happened operation Fast and Furious. Thats scandal that Ive gone after pretty hard personally.  But Fast and Furious never would have been broken out there all, ever, werent for courageous ATF agent who had the guts call Congress and talk them about it.   
And didnt know where when this came out.  This ATF agent, course, John Dodson. was one the people who was involved the operation. was trying raise, you know, peoples concerns and suspicions about this was going on. complained internally. told his bosses was wrong. told the Justice Department was wrong. told the OIG was wrong. tried get people inside the Justice Department learn about this.   
And, the way, Eric Holder says that launched his own internal investigation.  Thats false. was actually ATF agent John Dodson who notified the inspector general first and thats how they launched their investigation into after Congress got involved.   
But the point is, that tried notify people that this was wrong was ongoing before Brian Terry was murdered, before hundreds Mexicans were murdered.  And nobody did anything about it. what have have find way encourage these people come out and talk us.  Theres got way this. dont  you know, know were actively working building bridges these good people all throughout the federal government.   
Another example.  You need kind have idea where look for stuff thats going on. you start see  you notice something, theres such thing coincidence. you start seeing things hitting  the reason why went after and tried get those document between the Justice Department and Media Matters that were talking about earlier because started noticing that Media Matters was within instance sending press request into the Justice Department try figure out answer certain question  which, the way, Tracy Schmaler, the Department Justice spokeswoman spent eighth the amount time that she did colluding with far left wing organization smear the reputations whistleblowers and people the press actually answering questions, probably wouldnt have had get the point where Eric Holder was held criminal and civil contempt Congress and that there were hundreds members Congress demanding his immediate resignation.   
That said, did get that point.  And one the reasons why even filed that FOIA request the first place because started noticing that Media Matters was really fast with how they knew what was going after.  And would  figured that they were  that they were trying get  that they had have  didnt seem that they were that smart.  Theyre not that smart.  So, you know, they cant be. know that. can rule that out. somebody has telling them what do.  So, hmm, who that person thats telling them what do?  Eric Holders spokeswoman.  and figured would file for request for that. addition that, need get evidence. have get documents, testimony, and evidence actually something about this. know theres lot waste, fraud and abuse going there.  Theres lot illegal activity going on. need documents. need pictures. need videos. need photographs. need people come out and talk about it, because dont get that stuff, cant anything about and nobodys ever held accountable. have find ways build bridges into these government agencies and find ways get stuff out them. depend whistleblowers. depend the Freedom Information Act. depend  congressional oversight can good times. cannot good other times and  depending what theyre interested the time, but thats  thats what need. need evidence able prove what already know true.  And think Ill end. 
MR. FITTON:  Well, thank you, Matthew.  And, you know, occurs  could plug for our book and movie, the book, The Corruption Chronicles, and the movie, The District Corruption.  Matthew appears that and know Mark the movie well.   
You know, look the book  was done July.  The movie was finished shortly before the election, and were thinking whats here that  you know, there second life?  And thought, well, this  none these questions have yet  have answers related corruption the Obama administration. the category scandals, whether Fast and Furious, the green energy scandals, the collaboration between the Department Justice and these left wing groups attacking election integrity attacking you, those categories Obama scandals that are still hanging out there, what would you recommend terms focus where thered more  theres significantly more fruitful investigation done versus what kind know whats there already and need take steps just hold people account for what know? 
MR. BOYLE: would say that, once again  and this something that Ive been digging into pretty, pretty heavily over the past several months but still needs lot work done.  And think that there the end the  you know, the end this, there pot gold the end the rainbow that think that there evidence that Timothy Geithner violated the law with regard the bailout.  And specifically with regard the  how the Treasury Department took away the pensions 2,000 non-union workers and topped the pensions every union worker involved the bailout. know coming the way that  the way, there are three congressional committees investigating that.  Theyre all kind crossing over each other and not really getting anywhere, but  mean, can tell you that Ive been able get all these different documents that certainly suggest that lot these people involved the bailout did violate the law.  And that the bailout wasnt massive saving the auto industry. addition just that Delphi part the bailout, the bailout hasnt been fully explored. was crony capitalism nightmare.  And think have get more evidence about what happened there because dont think the American people have the truth about what happened during the auto bailout. 
MR. FITTON:  All that such perfect example.  Our governments running  has nationalized two car companies.  Any oversight that?  Running  taking over effectively the mortgage market through the nationalization Fannie and Freddie through FHA, any interest that?  You cant get mortgage unless its through the government eventually backed the government, any interest that?  Hundreds billions still continue out under TARP, and know that the Fed has been bailing out Europe the tune billions dollars day, any interest that?  The unbridled socialism, put bluntly, this administration and partly the last days the last administration, theres virtually oversight all that extra government activity.  Thats for sure.   
Vince, whats your thought what things that are out there that really need more thorough vetting? 
MR. COGLIANESE:  Well, mean, refer back Caroline Mays efforts investigate welfare and how  and how that system either being abused misused the government.   
And also, just got  all these programs come mind.  And you talked about the bailout. keep thinking back  you know, Republicans had some focus Solyndra for little bit, which was symptomatic larger problem, which was the Department Energy had all these loan guarantees for green energy firms.  And, certainly, weve seen failure after failure, after failure come out, and all this money that the United States will never recoup from organizations that have failed.   
And, what was this organization?  A123?  Like last week, this green energy firm that received government backing and, all sudden, China swoops and buys up? you think that the taxpayers like had that mind begin with?  Its  theres  cant  could for hours. mean, you know, you mentioned that some the institutional media has done some good work.  One the ones that really sticks out this year was think both 60 Minutes and the Atlantic gave special attention the amount insider trading that has been going Congress.  And that they were able with impunity, meaning, you know, these guys show Congress.  All sudden, they have access every decision thats forthcoming about what the government going do.  And theyre making stock purchases and sales based that knowledge.  And this not illegal?   
Now, you can make the case that maybe insider trading shouldnt illegal all.  Maybe  you know, and Ive seen some people that direction.  But should least know that, because youve had people, and Republicans and Democrats, who showed Congress, very poor people and left very wealthy.   
MR. FITTON:  Speaker included. 
MR. COGLIANESE:  Yeah.  The speaker included. think  dont want   
MR. BOYLE:  The chairman the House Financial Services Committee Spencer Bachus littered his pockets.  Its the only person that  you know, all the people that Andrew Breitbart ever went after.  Its the only person that ever called for his resignation.  And, course, Spencer Baucus still there. 
MR. FITTON: was our top corrupt politicians list year two. 
MR. COGLIANESE: when people say, well, shouldnt pay our politicians, should just  you know, dont take salary, that would very generous them because theyre still going make millions. mean, its like  anyway. 
MR. FITTON:  Well, you know, and funny thing about the insider trading scandal, was Peter Schweizer who independently came with that 60 Minutes and the other publications wrote that.  And, course, insider trading was already illegal what did Congress response the scandal?  Passed law make illegal again. dont worry.  Thats taken care of. 
Richard, want you answer question generally.  And talk little bit more about  know the focus Mark and you guys tracking the new innovations Internet transparency that the Obama administration guess has halfheartedly pursued but has provided interesting leads and opportunities for folks, not only for journalists do, but for citizens well terms tracking government spending. 
MR. POLLOCK:  Well, think that one the  answer your first question  one the most interesting areas that think only touched the surface the alliance between the Obama administration and venture capitalists purported venture capitalists Silicon Valley and whether youre talking about Tesla youre talking about Solyndra youre talking about SpaceX, these are all  one time, so-called self-made entrepreneurs who were interested getting good ideas and being able incubator for them.   
And then, even under the Bush administration, some money began become available, but really the Obama administration think had raised new art form.  And result, this money that taxpayer money underwriting tremendous number so-called public-private ventures which the federal government finances anywhere from percent and they only have put percent.  And many these, course, are bundlers supporters the president, but there was whole new tectonic shift speak between the folks Silicon Valley and those Washington.  There really alliance.  And the money, continues flow unabated, unexamined might add, either the Capitol Hill many the members the media.   
And think this very rich area that needs mined and  have couple stories development right now that will turn your stomachs and  Im afraid say.  But think that this  Tim Carney, one our columnists the Examiner said that one the ways really get people look government and government spending take look the crony capitalism, the private deals, the side deals, the favoritism that takes place, the political insider relationships.  And that kind thing will turn the public off the question government spending. the other hand, you know, officials are  the public, rather, interested genuine government programs that will help certain particular ways, whether its disadvantage  there are the poor  and think that there are probably large  theres probably large public support for that.   
However, when you take look how pervasive these billions and trillions dollars are being transferred over already rich class politically favored elites, think that that  turns the stomach the public and that  and this hallmark, opinion this administration.  Democrats and Republicans have been interested crony capitalism and political favorites forever. this bipartisan problem, but really believe the Obama people have raised art form. will just say one thing and that about the issue the internet. have staff, and Mark Tapscott, the executive editor the Examiner, has brought sort 
high level data cruncher into all the databases that are available and really trying sift out because, addition whether you see something thats coincidence and probably isnt coincidence  you know, following your nose and your instincts very important this business.  But theres also  numbers dont lie.  Numbers and paper trails are really quite effective and the databases there are really out there and would say that Darrell Issa one those people who has fought vigorously change and change many the other programs, and this administration has handed over large amounts data that just sits there and very few people really look into that, obviously say that very general, broad      
MR. COGLIANESE: would say  could add just one thing. mean, the Obama administration, weve mentioned, has had the capacity try and dissemble and delay getting information out there, but the other hand, there are some things that they have done that, reporters actually make our lives little easier ruling out some the corruption, mean, they are showing their hand sometimes.  Its the behemoth the government and oftentimes, information does get out that useful for able these investigations. mean, you spend any time looking White House visitors logs and eventually youre going start thinking yourself, well, this interesting.  And youll start looking names, granted itll months before youll actually begin see visitors logs are probably relevant the days passed, but  mean, start.  There are things out there.  And as, you know  there are databases out there, where you can start going through and certainly the press more involved going tit for tat usually than looking back things that have already happened even week prior.   
MR. FITTON: finally make point two before open questions from the audience. think would hard pressed find previous examples the American history president joking and bemoaning the fact that hes not dictator. cant fight that Congress even though Id like to.  Im not king, even though youd all like be.  Isnt that terrible? have Republican  have Republican form government joke about that just think very extraordinary, but top that, when you tie into his unilateral acts, his usurpation the legislative functions Congress, and his implementation this policy agenda, that the crisis constitutional government for media and that Congress, frankly, partially ignoring.  And you can point out his illegal recess appointments, his illicit recess appointments, where Congress says theyre not recess and says you are recess, Im going make appointment, his telling his supporters one point, well, can rewrite immigration law and legalize all these people who are here under the DREAM Act comes concept, where young people supposedly would legalized who are here illegally.  And then goes ahead and does that.  His refusal support the Defense Marriage Act court, and then, the response saying, after the election, the quote the Washington Post senior Obama advisor  why you should read the big media, because the big media reports things that would outrage everyone else, but they think its just standing government operating procedure and provides leads for the rest find out the truth behind.  Where says  the advisor says, well, what Obama did areas that Tom Fittons complaining about  didnt say like that  said, thats the new normal.  
Thats going the new normal the second Obama turn, that  where hes just taking things his own and rewriting the law sees fit implement.   
MR. COGLIANESE:  Tell that all the people whove been clamoring for some sort answer marijuana laws over the past few years  
MR. FITTON:  Well, you know, immigration and you know, think youre going see  think thats certainly going down the pike gun rights, where hes going restricting gun rights through fiat, opposed you cant get anything  
MR. COGLIANESE:  Also pay attention the language, the way.  Like every word that these guys say, especially the president, comes out yesterday and has his press conference gun rights, pay attention when hes talking about how need address culture this country.  And think lot people would agree with that just facto basis that, you know, sometimes culture  you know, whatever direction cultures going, can damaging, but when the president the United States starts talking about culture, its worthy say, OK, Im going pay attention this, because what does that mean?  What does mean terms governments role regulating culture?  Thats  think thats worth looking at.   
MR. FITTON: agree. agree.   
MR. BOYLE: add that, too, that this war.  You really have and fight these people.  They are trying fundamentally change this country direction that not supposed go.  And you have and stop them, and the way is, like said, need evidence. need documents. need videos. need photos and anything that can help.  This not just here, here, fighting everybody out there thats watching.  Everybody this room also fighting with and have  have stop them.   
MR. FITTON:  Richard.    
MR. POLLOCK:  And let  let just add about this issue of, wont say dictatorial rule, but find really amazing that the president has unabashedly said that would like Congress waive over the next four years the right approve the debt limit.  You know, raising the debt limit was created the founding fathers because was real fear about the nation getting into debt executive fiat.  And they said that Congress, only Congress could establish the debt limit and raise it.   
This historic part our country.  Its the fabric our country.  Here president standing and saying, want throw away 250 years history the way that paid for  you know, decided pay for our government.  And have heard any kind criticism from the mainstream?  And its just like oh, lets  its negotiating time.   
MR. COGLIANESE:  His argument little lazy, too, because when had the opportunity, voted against raising the debt ceiling, when was the Senate.  And secondly, just because Congress lazily ceremoniously  like ceremonially every year voted raise the debt ceiling without issue.  Isnt some sort like mandate that itll always lazy process? mean, the whole reason they because theyre supposed pay attention it.   
MR. BOYLE:  And part the reason why the mainstream media doesnt report this and isnt outraged about because the White House telling them not be. what need get  and this where  this where come and this where everybody else that can think about this comes that have and get those emails between the White House and the mainstream media, because they exist, again, you they are there, Eric Schultz from the White House and other spokes people that work there  Jay Carney even  guarantee you  Jen Psaki  theyre all telling the reporters, oh, this big deal.  This big deal. need get those emails and banner them across the top all our websites, because they wont because the White House telling them not.   
MR. POLLOCK:  And will they  are they being  are they communicating through the so-called alias emails get away  
MR. BOYLE:  Absolutely.  And thats another thing that theyre doing and they  but like said, these documents exist.  These people are pretty stupid the administration.  And they use email quite bit.   
MR. FITTON: just  need move the audience and want make just two final quick points that follow you all.  Youre talking about media matters.  But the idea theres huge opportunity for investigation and exposure the collaboration and collusion between the left and big government, specifically obviously the Obama administration, whether the Department Justice with these ACORN and the ACORN rump groups, voter integrity lack voter integrity, undermining the election integrity, the funding the EPA, the left point groups that ahead and then sue the EPA.  The right always says, well, why that these leftists are always affected and  its because theyre working with the government, either sitting the table, recommending hires, actually getting money that they again then use advance their agenda.   
And finally, you know, the end point seems for the violations law are criminal investigations.  And know conservatives have kind distrust these independent counsels special counsels that come up, but the left has used them effectively  when they thought the law was violated, they could have been disingenuous whether they thought was serious violation law actual violation law, but they put their money where the math was.  They said there needs criminal investigation.  The perfect example Solyndra.  Solyndra, seems me, case closed. know the White House was involved. know, based public reports, that Solyndra was told not announce the firing their employees prior election cycle, prior election day, and know they were told that they did it, the government funding was potentially risk.  You know, thats the sort stuff that gets people put jail.   
Eric Holder, criminal investigation into the Fast and Furious and  
MR. BOYLE: there anything that  that doesnt  werent criminal investigation? 
MR. FITTON:  Well, maybe not. mean, there are things that, you know  
MR. BOYLE: mean basic run  
MR. FITTON:  No, but theres run-of-the-mill corruption that you can get accountability through persons resignation.   
And finally, Republicans are blame for Obama corruption, too.  Eric Holder attorney general, not because Obama wants him attorney general.  Its because Republicans allowed him remain attorney general. the leadership the Senate and the House, said that Eric Holder cant attorney general anywhere, any more.  They dont have say publicly.  They can say otherwise. would longer attorney general.  Same goes instances like Kathleen Sebelius.  Theres not cabinet official who serves but for the sufferance the Republican minority the Senate and the Republican majority the House.  Think about that every time you hear Republican scream about official the administration doing something wrong right.   
And the perfect example the impact the Republican views administration personnel policy Susan Rice.  Theres perfect example someone, who, theory, could the next secretary state, because the  Senate  controls the House  the Senate controls  controlled Democrats, but there, there was committed Republican minority who decided that she was not going become secretary state.  And arguably, came vote, they would have lost that.  But thats not the way Washington operates.   
And need use politics conservatives and concerned about government corruption and demand those who complain about government corruption, they take more aggressive action that regard. blame Mitch McConnell and Speaker Boehner for Eric Holder being much attorney general much the others.  And believe me, Ive let leadership representatives know where think they should this issue, and theyve  Matthew, youve done all the reporting that.  Has the Speaker the House called his resignation?   
MR. BOYLE:  No, Speaker the House has not called Attorney General Eric Holder  
MR. FITTON:  Has Mitch McConnell called for his resignation?   
MR. BOYLE:  Nor has Mitch McConnell, nor have many other members the leadership.   
MR. FITTON:  Has the key leadership the Judiciary Committee the Republican side and Senate  
MR. BOYLE:  Not even Darrell Issa has called for Eric Holders resignation.   
MR. FITTON:  Has the Judiciary Committee and the Republican side the House called for his resignation?  Chuck Grassley, has called for his resignation?   
MR. BOYLE:  No, no.   
MR. FITTON:  And like Chuck Grassley. was here few months ago, talking about  did great work Fast and Furious.  But theyve yet pull the trigger that issue, use awkward term phrase. that  but that happy note, but there are  mean, were showing that theres vehicle for doing these things and were providing the information out there.  There opportunity for accountability.  And you dont need lot resources order get that accountability. showed that.  Peter Schweizer, Government Accountability, shows that.  The Government Accountability Institute shows that.  And the reporters sitting this table show that. doesnt need  you dont need Minutes, you dont need ABC News get this information out.  Citizen activist groups can and just hardworking reporters, young and old, can well. want open questions.  Im going take another minutes for questions, and then, well shut down.  But  front, you could identify yourself.  And think have microphone, that folks the internet can hear well.  And try keep  you have question comment   Yeah, Jim Snider from iSolon and Edmond Safra Center for Ethics Harvard University.  The question concerns how leverage Congresss scarce oversight resources maximum effect. Tom early talked about the difficulty, regardless party affiliation, motivate Congress effective oversight and Id say this general consensus the political science community, how difficult get Congress effective oversight.   
MR. BOYLE: perfect example that Congressman Frank Wolf right now has bill that would establish special select committee investigate the Benghazi 
scandal. perfect scandal for there special select committee investigate.  Therere many facets government that are involved.  The State Departments involved.  The Justice Departments involved.  The CIA involved.  Senior levels the administration, the White House involved, the secretary  the ambassador the United Nations involved.  This perfect example where you have all these different congressional committees, crossing over each other, running parallel overlapping investigations that are not efficient use resources. special select committee would take the chairmen and ranking members each those committees the House that are investigating  and potentially the Senate well, you could bicameral committee well  and pull their resources together and then obviously the speaker and/or Senate majority leader would able appoint  and Senate minority leader and House minority leader would able appoint representatives this committee well.   
Right now, the speaker the House blocking the effort implement special select committee investigate the Benghazi scandal.  Once again, this place where there would perfect example where this would happen.  There are several people who support this effort.  There are many members Congress who want it, but the speaker wont even let this bill the floor for vote. anyway, say  that illustrate motivation  (inaudible).  The specific question the sort two strategies, two approaches.  One direct oversight, the GSA scandal would vivid example.  The other type approach enable pass legislation, enable groups like Judicial Watch POGO what not more effectively oversight. Darrell Issas committee has done both. pursued the GSA scandal, but hes also done the Disclose Act.  Now, its quite interesting.  Hes devoted far more staff time the Disclose Act than the GSA, but terms popular coverage, there are hundreds pages, for example, column inches the GSA scandal, including multiple front page articles.  Theres only been few sentences, including the Dana Milbank op-ed the Disclose Act.   
What would have greater impact enhancing oversight and preventing another GSA scandal? would say the Disclose Act, which would allow your data journalists really understand federal budgets way that has been inconceivable ever the past.   
And the question there are many other types empowering legislation.  Why not focus  now, your book, for example, you talk about the FOIA Act that made Judicial Watch possible.  But theres whole other type  Mark Tapscott big fan this type legislation, but its just  you cant get your articles out there and visibility because people are interested the GSA scandals and not this fundamental  but thats think the way leverage resources. wanted get your  
MR. FITTON:  Yeah. think youre right. mean, FOIA can always reformed  the deliberative process privilege, which for those you who dont follow Freedom Information Act, not everything you ask for, the governments required give you.  And one the biggest areas exemption deliberative process privilege, which exactly the sort thing you want.  The back and forth before decision made, 
oftentimes that back and forth exempt from disclosure.  Now, Im greatly simplifying it.  But you know, thats area that, you know, frankly, think there ought more accountability about that back and forth. someone has criminal idea bad idea dishonest idea, well, have right know well how  were paying people that.  And it, you know, means that they are less likely have and share bad ideas, well, it.  Thats the price for republican accountability. mean, republican the rule law sense the word.   
And you know, addition, you know, talk about the committee structure Congress being  you know  often the committees are acting conflict, but better coordination among the committees terms that regard, and thats leadership issue.  But individual members are citizens too.  And individual members too often defer their chairmen their leadership terms what issues theyre going take up, what issues theyre going use, the power their office.   
You know, did not send members Congress there just sit specific committee and not anything else.  They can ask under the Freedom Information Act.  They can pressure  they can pressure government agencies independently.  And think need educate members Congress about their abilities individuals, outside the committee structure  dont mean individual citizens, but individual members Congress represent the sovereign people, hold the executive branch account.  And would help Congress would make themselves, terms FOIA reform, subject the Freedom Information Act well.   
MR. POLLOCK: think its excellent question about how you leverage scarce resources.  And one the things that was very interesting, have article thats today the Examiner about the Office Congressional Ethics, which incidentally was created Nancy Pelosi and drain the swamp corruption. turns out nobody has really looked what theyve done, but two out three  and this totally bipartisan entity,  completely open.  Within days, they have and come decision.  They have tell people about whos under investigation and what theyve accepted.  Its very transparent, opposed the House Ethics Committee, which completely secretive and closed.  And think that one area that  this  dont think just any initiative this area  but one area opening the transparency operations the whole  the whole little cottage industry called the Inspector Generals Offices.  These offices are shrouded secrecy.  You have idea really what theyre doing and what theyre working and what theyre looking at.  And they are very, very secretive about their  their conclusions until they are ready finally issue it.  And theres lot evidence that these offices, which have tremendously large staffs, that these offices are really captives the agency which theyre supposed oversee.  And you can see that many, many different ways. there was legislation that required transparency and certain kinds action within certain timeframe the offices, that would give some teeth them.  Now, some them, some the IGs are just not  they dont care about it. mean, theyre the hip pocket basically the secretary agency head.   
But think that that one area that are spending lot money and were getting very, very little return.   
MR. COGLIANESE:  And these reports are often taken like the gospel truth.  Once you see report, generally the media reaction simple thats the settled fact.   
MR. POLLOCK:  Exactly.   
MR. COGLIANESE:  And that  that should not  should probably not the instinct.   
MR. BOYLE:  Eric Holder  inspector general said that hes  that didnt know about gun walking.  There are several, several pieces past that have not been pursued down that road.  And just because the said that they  the way, they didnt say that didnt know.  They say that they couldnt find any evidence.  Theres big difference between those two statements.   
MR. FITTON:  Right, mean, even  even the crappiest report usually has some good stuff it, but Fast and Furious report confirmed, view, that the Holder Justice Department, from the attorney general down, knowingly lied Congress for nearly year about Fast and Furious. when talk about criminal investigations, therere criminal prosecutions for lying Congress.  And the attorney general and his people there need  
MR. COGLIANESE:  Right and seems like for the most part get these congressional committees actually execute their oversight functions, typically requires that some outside group has already lined all the facts the case, that they dont actually have undergo investigation.  This just simply show for political purposes. seems  most, you know, oftentimes, certainly Boyle, his experience the Daily Caller and now the Breitbart, and what our experience has been, when you reach out these committees and you ask theyre going investigate, they ask basically, well, you have the case closed, open-and-shut.  Well, theyre supposed investigating, right, thats unfortunately the reality that deal with that outside reflect Judicial Watch, like everyone here, have sort undergo all the staffs and show enough leg that these oversight committees go, OK, weve got something here.  Were not exactly sure all the details, but they definitely screwed and its enough for score political points off it.   
MR. POLLOCK:  And the mainstream media applauded Henry Waxman when had all those show trials, speak, these different hearings, these so-called oversight hearings.  And had very large and aggressive staff.  But Ill tell you, when call the House the Senate staffers about particular story were working investigate, find timidity. find really timidity the staffs both, both parties.  And Waxman was one the exceptions the rule. think that had Star Chamber 
atmosphere and was into witch hunts, but nevertheless, really put investment terms trying after people.   
MR. FITTON:  Well, think one the reasons Issa respected and effective because does have  hes certainly not  certainly his operation imperfect and subject criticism, but understands the systematic problems nonpartisan basis that affect government oversight and where the problems are government operations and the Disclose Act perfect example that.  And you know, the operations the government are boring lot Republicans. mean, thats the long short it.  They dont care  you know, they want make noise about and complain about it, but the hard work terms getting into the degree how works and where the problems are.  You know, there are three four congressmen and senators who that regular basis and everything else just  and the other folks look them providing talking points for them jokes for Jay Leno talking about how much toilet costs for the Pentagon something like that.  Yes, sir. name Bruce  (inaudible)  Im local citizen activist.  And you know, deal  deal with these same issues you guys deal with and can tell you, you know, youre getting stiffed the process, you can imagine how somebody whos down the very bottom, who has idea how works gets stiff.  Well, Ive been doing this for about years now and Im fairly sophisticated. failed how getting see the editors newspapers and forth, getting see some your people  (inaudible)  very successful.  Its very difficult process.  And have make one comment.  The work that you drives the  drives the big press that Tom  Tom talked about.  And think, you know, you can get out there and put your stories out, the big press driven cover well.  And guess were looking for ways get our information that need get for our research, for our granular issues, because Tip ONeills father said, our politics local.  Thats where are.  Were down the battles  
MR. COGLIANESE:  Well, theres marriage here somewhat, and hope this point isnt lost this meeting, that youre conducting investigative journalism yourself and you feel like the platform from which you have project not the size that you need, you need seek bigger fish, speak, that, look for other outlets that can project it.  All are willing have that conversation with you. youve already undergone the investigation and youve had your facts lined up, thats perfect.  Thats something that would like to, you know, really congressional committees will  (laughs)  will happy talk about it.  You know, bring and  
MR. BOYLE:  (Off mic.)   
MR. COGLIANESE:  Yeah and  (inaudible)  and youll get all the credit for having undergone the investigation, but certainly, you know, believe that its big enough that want project our audience well.   
MR. POLLOCK:  Ive got some calls from local investigators, citizens and activists, and Im happy always  you know, youre stuck, what are the other ways getting the information?  What are the other avenues the local level, well state level?  (Off mic.)  are also good.  They take and listen and believe.  Were not looking for any credit.  This  (off mic.).   
MR. FITTON:  Well and theres some value to, you know, using the powers the internet, individual blogging activities, especially the local level, you dont need huge audience have impact locally.  You know, talk about President Obama pretending hes king. mean, these local officials, mean, they  you know  theyre bad gets, some the corrupt ones, and criticizing and exposing them directly the internet, even its  all you need one person read it, and that the politician that youre concerned about.  And thats what  and thats what gets the strong response.  And the impact locally  you know, you can little and have significant impact, especially you work with the local reporters and get them reading what youre doing well.  Ill make one more comment  
MR. FITTON: ahead.  Make into the microphone now, please.  Yeah, one the things that very important having credible reference.  And can use  the newspaper articles that your paper does and the paper locals where are  and Ill start reading you guys papers  are very valuable archival source.  And Ive got 500 megabytes information the issues that Im working.  When  when collect that information from papers, put banner the article and say that the way Im getting when testify front local officials talk people the internet, send them copies these bannered articles. think theyre extremely important. you  believe me, your stuff youre doing really important.   
MR. FITTON:  Yeah, and cant tell you how many leads weve gotten from local folks and weve done lawsuits local corruption.  Its  talk about market that deserves lot more attention.   
MR. BOYLE: would add, too, email me, please. email out there.  Its  Tell what you guys have.  Like seriously, were not like  these are like people that are like here for panel and were gone. mean, were here and want investigate this stuff.  But oftentimes, like said when you see something, say something. need help. dont always know where look to, but you guys do, and tells where go.  And you contact us, will look into it.   
MR. POLLOCK:  Absolutely and fact, when many publish things, then get unsolicited phone calls from different sources who know additional stuff. depend upon people who  talk about whistleblowers, but even youre citizen 
whos observing something, its very, very important. depend upon people such people this room. are not lone rangers.  Let assure you.   
MR. FITTON:  And its important remember.  You may contact folks the media.  And the important purpose initially, frankly, put bug their ear.  You know, review. try respond everyone who contacts us.  And sometimes can, something about the issue theyre raising.  But oftentimes, cant tell you how many times, where its like, remember when that person contacted few years ago about that subject that area?  And back round again. all these issues have ever (commuting quality and Im telling you that you put something someones ear and may not acted upon immediately, but theres the potential for something the future, even years the future, come back round again, that kind says, oh, you know, remember that issue being raised. dont remember the email. dont remember the detail, but, boy, its come again here.  Im going look more carefully.  And you may never get any credit for how that erupted, but thats how things sometimes happen the investigator field.   
Yes, the back, along the window there, please.  Hi, Pat  (inaudible)  just myself. live Arlington, understand about the imperial local politicians. was wondering you could  you touched this earlier.  Maybe little crystal balling what you see coming down the next year two run the form executive  executive orders from the administration?   
MR. BOYLE:  Immigration going huge.  Theyre going anything they can try  essentially get amnesty all the illegals that are here.        
MR. FITTON: would look for  would look for every major public policy focused the administration  the administration going largely unable get its agenda through Congress certainly the next two years. gun rights, the environment, health care, immigration, and you know, anything else, you know, their industrial policy, they want more Solyndras.  The president has run doing more Solyndras.  Those policies are going have implemented.  They cant wait for Congress, the president says.  Its the new normal.  Anything that you think important, theyre probably going doing illicit policymaking on.   
MR. COGLIANESE:  Mitch McConnell told ahead the election  this was the Republican Convention down Tampa  that should the election the way did, that would position where Republicans would still control the Senate enough that they could stop the forward progress, least legislatively, the Obama agenda, which implies, based what weve seen, and think what Tom was saying, which that when faced with barrier, the administration prefers executive order.  Theyll move direction where they dont have have Congresss assistance.   
MR. BOYLE: was going say, addition that, would keep really close eye  because over the next two years, youre going see this happening with the administration, but also keep eye what  you know, conservatives  keep eye what the Republicans Congress are doing.  Are they actually doing what they can stop this?    
Over the past two years, the speaker has allowed Obamacare continued, funded through continuing resolutions.  Every one they vote  funds Obamacare, even though says doesnt want fund Obamacare, does.  But thats another thing, too. think that over the next two years its going almost rebuilding process the right. are Republicans actually doing everything they can stop the Obama agenda from going through?   
MR. POLLOCK:  You know, every executive branch, administration has always had bit authoritarian streak, certain kind hubris.  But this administration, think, has very deep authoritarian streak, and think that this the kind way that Obama interested actually sort showing has leadership, that going  damn that silly legislature there.  Were going and act with executive orders.   
MR. COGLIANESE:  And its euphemisms like prosecutorial discretion that  like its always  was interesting hear something like that, which basically means, look, were not enforcing the law.  Thats our options.  
MR. BOYLE: definition  
MR. COGLIANESE: mean, happens  you know  and again, referenced marijuana earlier because think, you know, that those  especially our libertarian friends, who have been  you know  clamoring for legalization  look something like that and they see the president come out and say that were not going prosecute illegal immigrants certain age this country.  Yet, when you have states that are now passing like legalization laws for marijuana, the federal governments actually still going and enforcing the law those cases. they have  Obamas basically saying, look, weve got the power decide which laws feel like enforcing, and were  some are.  Some arent.   
And another example that was referenced earlier was that they dont want defend DOMA court, which leads House Republicans now defend goes before the Supreme Court, because the Justice Department has decided, have interest defending federal law this case.   
MR. POLLOCK:  There nothing more useless generally interagency task force.  However, the presidents decision have interagency task force headed Vice President Biden gun control  (laughter)  think going come with some very  theyre going try federalize, think, you know, the gun control  
MR. COGLIANESE: find interesting that that press conference Biden was standing next him, but was excused when reporters began ask questions.  (Laughter.)  You can now.   
MR. FITTON:  Well, and the other big issue election integrity.  The left have decided that they dont like states running elections themselves. now, theres talk universal registration and essentially pushing have wholesale federal control our election process. federal control, that means the left going running the elections and those that support the left will benefit, and those that dont wont, and decides undermining our constitutional provisions that provide the states abilities run the time, place, and manner, and location elections. thats going significant area the attorney generals already provided support for it.  Theyve moved beyond voter and they just want everyone registered vote the federal government.  And they want cut out the states efforts protect the integrity the vote that comes with voter registration processes run the state. its significant threat local control elections the left  the left wing thats running the Obama administration right now. have time for maybe one more question.  Yes, sir, the center.  Youve been patient.  You know what? And you could just ask your question and then you had question well, and ask your question, and then well get our panel answer those questions  name Robert Hoffman (sp).  Im retired federal employee. actually started  worked the Office International Affairs and Treasury when Tim Geithner came through new graduate from college. feel partly responsible for him.  But nevertheless, Im really troubled  Im really happy see that all you folks the work you and fully support what  your programs and forth.  But just seems that there  where the outrage really going come from the electorate.  What youre publishing, you would think now the country would alarms, would marching and down Pennsylvania Avenue, but nothings happening.  And dont know what going take actually get  what will take actually get the whole electorate enraged enough actually force changes through Congress, through whatever.   
MR. FITTON:  And your other question, please, maam.  Thank you.  Jamie Morris from Cause Action.  And question kind actually piggybacks off yours  off the fact  thank you, again, for all being here.  Probably theres not enough you and theres not enough us.   
MR. FITTON:  Thats right.  Most will, you know, going back Fast and Furious, you talked about the most FOIA  FOIA requests that you had and the long process its taken for you get 
the information that you had.  And when you did get that information, wasnt fully there. that point, though, what you do?  Youre reporter.  Youre the one thats out there.  Youre the one thats pointing this out.  Youre the one thats waving your hands the air and yet still nothing being done, when theres organizations like ourselves, point this out. have done the investigation. have reason believe that someone should fired, and nothing has happened.  Organizations are speaking.  Reporters are speaking.  But clearly, something missing.  And know you referenced, Matthew, that theres bridge that youre trying gap between making easier for whistleblowers come forward both you and organizations, but that point, what  (inaudible)  what you  what are you hoping achieve the future solve this?   
MR. BOYLE: think what  answer, think, both questions the same  both questions the same time would that need political will Washington accomplish anything.  And what you have you have find people who are able rile crowd and people here that, you know.  The perfect example where there was actual push for accountability was the Tea Party movement.  And the thing  that one has wonder where are those leaders.  Theyre still there Capitol Hill.  Why arent they out there bringing the crowds right back here?  And would imagine that over the next couple years, you might start seeing some that stuff happen again and its going lot stronger.  But the same time, what need  and theres already effort underway afoot this, think, over the next few months kind build partnerships between different media organizations and  and investigative bodies such Cause Action, which think you guys amazing work over there.  And you know, and groups like Judicial Watch.  And think that, you know, when theyre  part the problem when get the end that FOIA and they, you know, they say  they even say the letter that didnt provide  provided only what thought was responsive and there are more documents there, the point how you fight that?  Like thats one the things that, you know  you know, Im not aware. one the things have deal with have decide worth going for those extra documents have enough here prove point.  And one the things that had partnership with  organizations like Judicial Watch and Cause Action, wed able accomplish things like that think much more streamlined manner.   
MR. FITTON: know were all happy see it.  Cause Action perfect example group that, you know, smallish group, right?  Youre operating, what, two years now?  Fourteen months. 
MR. FITTON:  Fourteen months, but theyve had impactful stories with just little leverage.  And the electorate prime for this issue. have quarter million supporters.  Theres reason Barack Obama talks about transparency all the time, because knows Americans want it.  Theres reason Democrats talked about the 
culture corruption and taking back Congress from Republicans, because they understand that corruption something that infuriates both sides the aisle.  Our poll this year with Breitbart, election night, had corruption federal government serious concern among voters with percent saying are concerned and percent saying they are very concerned and didnt believe either party was capable cleaning up.  But imagine the opportunity for leadership about smart politician whos honest and that whole, said, this going issue. wheres the leadership.   
MR. BOYLE:  Romney chose not make corruption issue his campaign. chose not run it. ignored Fast and Furious. ignored the  (inaudible)  scandal. could have scandalized the bailout. could have turned the bailout into Solyndra easy and chose not it.  Now, thats the thing that are people actually going stand these issues because you can make part your larger platform about trying fix the economy.  And think that the long run here, think you might start see, either people are going get its  
MR. FITTON:  Were going get accountability spite the politicians.   
MR. BOYLE:  Right.   
MR. FITTON:  The electorate would agree with this and the question how get  think ways get around the politicians and getting accountability, because the electorate with this, and Democrats and Republicans, they love during  you know, the Democrats like more during the Bush administration than they during the Obama administration, but they all agree that there needs oversight and accountability.  And you know, you ask the left about transparency the Obama administration, theyre either more complaining about than are.   
MR. COGLIANESE:  But Robert, your point, very quickly, what Matt mentioned was right, though, that obviously, have figure out ways  seems work, spite politicians.  But when our  when leadership  when our leadership this country, from either party, makes issue, then becomes national issue. mean, soon the president mentions name, that name becomes national flashpoint. doesnt even matter what context hes talking about them, Kanye West, but when you  when youve got like Speaker Boehner the president that begin have these conversations, then thatll happen. looks like oftentimes  and you hear from Boyle  people like Boehner arent having that conversation.   
Jamie, meanwhile, the FOIA question that you have, would refer  Ive sat several Judicial Watch events and believe you have resources your website that are  towards FOIA  how fall out FOIA.  Oftentimes  Im sure youve experienced this  but oftentimes, the biggest problem with FOIAs that citizens dont know how fill them out appropriately.  This simple  very simple issue.  Often  you know, Judicial Watch goes back and forth and they keep getting more and more information from behind the black bars that are like blocking out all the information that you really want.  But order get that first FOIA, when finally gets you, make sure that the 
form that you send has appropriate language.  You need figure out way back that FOIA official into corner, where they have choice but give you the information that they want.   
You cant ask general questions.  You have very specific about the information youre looking for, the ways that that information was disseminated, what mediums were used send around, and takes  its gong take some footwork your part, but once you establish template for how you send good FOIA in, you can constantly rely that continually that.   
MR. FITTON:  And thats especially true the local level, because its tremendous  the FOIA laws either are sometimes better state and local level.  The federal level, unfortunately, issues political consequence public policy consequence, lawsuit  you can write the best FOIA the world, and they know what theyre doing when they say they refuse comply.  And weve been most effective  know Cause Action, you know about this best  you know, suing usually the only way get response.  And thats  this from the most transparent administration the history.  But thats the advice give. you really want something, investigative reporters need have litigation budget that multiples what currently there and that not being done enough.   
MR. POLLOCK:  You know, you talk about the difference between the federal and local level FOIAs. Chicago, which all know very open city, right  (laughter)  theres corruption there.  But Chicago, the FOIA Act requires that they get response within five business days, which really pretty interesting.  And many states also have that requirement. will say Im bit more hopeful because there are different groups like Cause for Action, Washington Free Beacon now working, there are other kinds independent media outlets that are being formed that think are beginning try bring some honesty coverage. mean, Im hopeful that theres more investment, that  the Daily Callers great  mean, its really  there are new institutions that are being built and thats cause for hope for me.   
MR. FITTON:  You know, and want close out attacking Tim Geithner, because you reminded about Tim Geithner.  Hes one the worst Treasury secretaries, has become one the most important agencies the government. used FOIA backer.  Theyre doing much anything terms the government spending and its completely uncontrolled.  They have interest transparency. mean, just today, Im reading the Washington Examiner about USB Bank being fined $1.5 billion is, for supposedly manipulating Libor, which essentially international interest rate.  Well, guess who knew about that manipulation and was happy allow proceed and did nothing about and frankly validated not doing anything about it?  Timothy Geithner.  Why isnt being prosecuted and fined? was that conspiracy.  These are the torts your face, mega-scandal issues that  you know, dont know anything about anything when comes international finance, but 
can put two and two together and reading two different stories and see Tim Geithner was involved Libor, and theyre doing all these investigations.  Why isnt being investigated about it?    
This  this typical example mega-story, where theres much money being spent and much scandal there thats just ignored virtually every oversight institution the city.   
Well, with that happy thought, were there it.  And these folks are here it. Id like thank you for your participation this holiday week.  And Merry Christmas everyone. know its tough the days coming Christmas make time available.  You know, but the governments corrupt, matter whether holiday not, unfortunately, were always working. thank you for your participation.  Everyones available here the internet. have Judicial Watchs own website,,,, and  And you can Google every topic were talking about and you can see everything were saying true. thank you for your support and well see you next year.  Appreciate it.