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Judicial Watch • Top Secret 1996 bin Laden Warning

Top Secret 1996 bin Laden Warning

Top Secret 1996 bin Laden Warning

Page 1: Top Secret 1996 bin Laden Warning

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Date Created:August 19, 2008

Date Uploaded to the Library:August 01, 2014

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United States Department State 
Washington, D.C. 20520 2008

Case Control No.: 200104374 INROOlAOl 
Mr. Christopher Farrell Judicial Watch 501 School Street, Suite 500 
Washington, D.C. 20024 
Dear Mr. Farrell: Department State Appeals Review Panel, whose members are listed enclosure this letter, has considered your appeal October 13, 2005, for the release two documents withheld part the Department the course responding your request under the Freedom Information Act. 
The Panel has carefully considered the grounds which you based your appeal. The Panel has determined that additional portions two documents previously withheld part can now released. List Documents Withheld Prt enclosed, along with the released material. 
The information the deleted portions the two documents properly classified under Executive Order 12958 (National Security Information) despite the passage time. Its release reasonably could expected cause exceptionally grave damage the national security the United States. therefore exempt from disclosure under subsection 
(b)(1) the Freedom Information Act, USC Section 552(b)(l). non-exempt, meaningful information can segregated from the exempt material and released. 
The Panel's decision represents the final decision the Department State. you wish seek judicial review this determination, you may under USC Section 552(a)(4). 
Enclosures: List Panel Members Document List Two Documents 

Case Control No.: 200104374 
Ambassador Francis Terry McNamara, Co-Chairman 
Ambassador William Ryerson 
Ambassador Harry Thayer 

Exemption category 

Doc No. 

INR001A01 000001 Bl, l.4(C), 1.4(0) INR001A01 000002 Bl, l.4(C), 1.4(0) 
Total Number Documents
Since his alleged expulsion from Sudan May, terrorist financier Usama bin LJUiin has reportedly been traveling familiar rr:ute.s .to secure new haven. Bin La.din's willingness issue recent publu: anti-western thre.a"ts 
hardly ft-ts the image man  may have played role the June Khobar Towers bombing. 

Elvis's competition 	where hundreds "Arab mujahidin" receive ter
rorist training and key extremist leaders often con

Since mid-May denaturalized Saudi radical disgregate -could prove more dangerous inter
sident Usama bin has reportedly been sighted ests the long run than his three-year liaison with the UK. Yemen, Somalia. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Khartoum. 
and Sudan. Bin-Ladin's many passports -and pri
vate plane. -allow him considerable freedom 

Posturing planning? 
travel with little fear being intercepted 
tracked. His financial network includes anumber 

Recent press interviews with bin Laru.n. allegedsmall "front companies" and associates located have taken place London and tben Afghanise veral states; his interest supporting radical Isstan, reveal increasingly confident militant
lamists extends well beyond the Middle East. 
leader. Though binLadin's warnings the UK.and 
France leave Saudi Arabia lest they face the same fate the United States may mere bluster, they 
Though cannot confinn bin Ladin penna
could foreshadow fuwre suppon for terrorist atnent deparrure from Sudan. appeared inclined 
tacks against and French interestS.[_
seeK: more hospitable location even before Khar
ydicated bin Ladill planned toum became anxious prove had cut its ties sponsor suicide Ca.r bombings against irue

terrorists. Bin Ladin's National Islamic Front col the UK, 
part punish London for "submitleagues probabl would have wanted amicable ting" pressure bar his entry into the UK.
separation. pan because Khartoum did not want French officials who believe bin Ladin supponed alienate the radical terrorist :financier and his Algerian Armed Islamic Group members involv small army trained mujahidin. Any arrangement the 1995 bombings France may fear will
may have included allowing bin run his renew such efforts. 
Khartoum-based businesses through Sudanese intermediaries."' the run? 
Bin Ladin's homecoming 
Bin Ladin and his associates -panicularly Saudi Sunni "mujahidin" -remain suspectS both the
Bin Ladin would feel comfortable returning 
November 1995 OPM/SANG bombing and the

Afghanistan. where got his stan patron and 
Khobar Tuwers anack.. 

With pressure against him mounting from the United States and some Muslim states, esp:=cially Saudi Arabia and Egypt, bin Ladin seemingly should the run. But his willingness speak more openly the press about his militant opposition the Saudi regime and the West suggests more man emooldened recem evems, whether not was involved them. may believe tensions Saudi Arabia are ripe for exploiting through increased terrorism. Qi.,. 
Keeping bin Ladin the move reducing his haven options will inconvenience him, but his infoIIDal and transnational network businesses and associates will remain resilient. Even bin LI.din the move can retain the capability SUPJXJI1 individuals and groups who have the motive and wherewithal attack interests almost world-
Exemptions ) (_I 
-.,. .... "'-""'.;...'N! ......"""'..,...... .,..,,. 
July 18, 1996 

held IFOR's aggressive military inspections partly responsible for the standoff Han Pijesak. The Bosnian Serbs may take greater care their attempts hide unreponed weapons, but are unlikely deterred from such activity. 4l!f -L-- 

(For related information, see Analysis page 4.) I ,j,7:(,
,.,.-I ' 

Sudan: Bin Ladin's Deal 
National Islamic Front (NIF) leader Turabi early May agreed the expulsion terrorist financier sama bin Ladin the condition that the ; 
future allowed return, according to--Turabi 
and President Bashir hoped that when bin visited would use ralse 
documentation and provincial airports, such Port Sudan Kassala, avoid 
Comment: Turabi_ probably acceded bin Ladin's departure alleviate international pressure and avert further sanctions for Khartoum's support for terrorism, but did not want his hard-line Islarnist allies view him "caving in" the West Turabi and Bashir also were loath lose access bin Ladin's wealth, which has been heavily invested Sudan. 
Though bin Ladin reportedly has made numerous surreptitious return trips Sudan from his probable Afghanistan sanctuary, Khartoum probably would not risk lengthy visit while engages "charm offensive" normalize relations with the United States and still under the gun the UN. The Kassala region increasingly has become confrontation zone between Eritrean-backed Sudanese opposition elements and NIF forces and thus not ideal location for bin Ladin. i:'l'T';/Q)ia 

Belarus: Lukashenko Pressing (U) 
President Lukashenko continues raise the stakes his campaign subdue the increasingly independent parliament.  
Lukashenko August told audience local officials that would not allow parliamentary elections fill vacant seats, saying the legislature "already has enough deputies its job." The central electoral commission earlier had scheduled these by-elections for November 24. Lukashenko, who still 
enjoys considerable popularity, called the public support his initiatives the November referendum, which said should "vote confidence the presidency." r.jlJ 

August 19, 1996