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Judicial Watch • 2011 tedkennedy-docs-02242011

2011 tedkennedy-docs-02242011

2011 tedkennedy-docs-02242011

Page 1: 2011 tedkennedy-docs-02242011

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Date Created:February 24, 2011

Date Uploaded to the Library:July 30, 2013

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' ..... 
FEDERAL BUREAU INVESTIGATION Yorlc, New Yorlc Reply, Ple Refer July 24, 1970

File No. The captioned individual was mentioned the United States. Department State January, 1969 Re?earcher the Romanian Institute Atomic Physics. had made
plication for visa enter the United States. The United Sta.tes 'Immigration and Naturalization Service  (INS), advised sought entry under sponsorship the Soviet and Eastern European EJS:change Staff the USDS accept position
 research associate City University New York. 
't' .  
". INS furth!3r advised this .persqn arrival the :
DATE: December 28, 

Tele.Room you know, few weeks Ted 
Americn countries. (b)(3) per CIA 
who mc;iy

Kennedy tvas with John: Nathan
(bJ(3J per c1A ical 
.Associate Professor, Center of:;International Affairs, Harvard University. Bufiles contain no:.previousreferences Plank prior his trip with Kennedy. Plank arent served Kennedy's political counselor the trip. (b)(3) per CIA
 each country Kennedy inssted interviewing "the angry young men the country. wanted meet with communists and othrs who had. 
left-wing viws. Plank allegedly was the person who 'recommended that  
certain local politicians made available. Ambassador  eeman,

said the first person whom Kennedy wanted meet was Mexico Kennedy asl