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Judicial Watch • 2013 HQFO 00304 Combined Redacted Part1

2013 HQFO 00304 Combined Redacted Part1

2013 HQFO 00304 Combined Redacted Part1

Page 1: 2013 HQFO 00304 Combined Redacted Part1


Number of Pages:131

Date Created:May 28, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 20, 2014

Tags:Marco Rubio, applicant, uscis, field, operations, action, Deferred, immigration, process, Services, DHS, ATF, Secretary, State Department, FBI, robert, states, office, united, EPA, IRS, ICE, CIA

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From: Woo, EHen 
Sent: Monday, November 05, 2012 5:45PM 
To: Alby, Nancy Barrett, Robin Bawden, Kenneth Biggs, Michael Bilello, Michael; Brown, 
Keith Cass, William Castillo, Ramon; Charbonneau, Teny Chau, A1ma Chiang, James 
C01sano, Anne Arries; Coven, Phyllis Crawford, Jonathan Doody, Bemadette Dougherty, 
Linda Erfan, Anita Flores, Martha Galhnann, AlliJ; Garcia, Anita Green, Stephen 
Guadamuz, Carlos Jr; Guerra, Juan Gulick, David Harrell, Charles Holston, Leander 
Jordan, Mari Kahl'en, Elizabeth Keller, Carol Killian-Larios, Maureen Kramar, John; 
Langlais, Shelly Leigh, Lemme Lester, David; Looney, Robert Lu, Daphne Lyons, Roland Mmtin, Irene; Mateme, Rose Miramontes, Joel; Muzyka, Carolyn Piene, Paul Prater, 
Preston Ramirez, John Rasmusson, Peter Rhodie, Richard Rust, Mameen; Sahli, Evelyn 
Shennan, Kenneth Toro, Monica Uribe, Dolores Valeika, RichardT; Villasenor, Elizabeth; 
Walls, Joyce; Weirich, Dmvin Williams, Rachel; Wolder, Diana Wong, Jackie Wyrough, 
Cc: Muzyka, Carolyn Rust, Maureen; Sanders, Robert Duvall, James; Campos, Linda Cone, 
Richard Dickson, Bruce; Franklin, Shelia Gaggiano, Michael Grewal, Jasbir Kentfield, Lynn; 
Peeples, Shirley Soo, Cyndie Tang, Michael UM, Tae VanDenBergh, Rebecca; White, 
Carla; Young, Korie Zug, Renee 
Subject: DACA Cases from the NBC 

Importance: High 
Attachments: I-821 DACA Coversheet.docx.docx; 10-26-12 Final DACA Field (3).xlsx.xlsx Good Evening DDs and FODs, discussed during last Wednesday's Operations Conference call, the NBC began shipping the sample DACA cases the field t(w interview. These files should arriving your field offices this week they haven't already. 	ASC appointments were scheduled for these cases and the results should posted the time the les arrive the field. 
 	Each case will have covcrshect indicating DACA file (example attached). 
(b) (7)(E) 
The attached"! 0-26-2012 Final DACA Field" Excel spreadsheet contains the number DACA cases each field office should expect receive. 
Field Oftlces will expected stage l82l requests transferred them the NBC the tollowing NFTS Section Code ranges: 
 0000 -3999 Pre Decisional 

 4000 - 5999 3rd Agency 

 6000 -7999 Decisional 

 8000 -9999 Post Decisional 

Please hold these cases until you receive fUtther guidance how proceed with the interviews, /14/201 

adjudication and reporting these cases cPAS and the PRT. expect issue guidance the field early this week. 
Questions and concerns may directed and Robert Sanders via email (b) (6) 

(b) (6) respectively. Thank you> Ellen 
t:tfeJt. 1). (Wo.a 
Associate Regional Director> Operations DHS/USCJS, Western Region 24000 Avila Rond (b) (6) 92677




Adams, Kim 
From:  Garman. Gary  
Sent:  Friday, August 10, 2012 3:13  
To:  Adams, Kim; Adams, Raymond Bard, Jodi; Blakeway, Albert Coates, Timothy  
Connor, William; Conway, Michael Dedvukaj, Mick; Dooley, Sharon Douglas, David Enis, Jill Garman, Gary Hamilton, Ricky Hansen, Mark Heathman, Sandy  
Kehl, Lisa Kent, Jeanne iv1; Klinger, Michael Lambrecht, Andrew Lee, Kamsing  
Leopold, Kay Lopez, Antonio; Loutas, Aphrodite Mather, Robert McNeer, Laura  
Medina-Maltes, Martha Moyer, Chester Mueller-Cantu, Elaine Olivares, Jose  
Ortiz, Mario Perry, Michelle Pietropaoli, Lori Pratt, Caroline Reynolds, Patti  
Sheive, Kristy Stark, Laura; Tarango, Tracy; Tasch, Helaine Verderosa, Geoffrey  
Webb, Russell Zarybnicky, Kenneth  
Cc:  Cowan, Robert Langton, Lynn Brecht, Jeffery Gallagher, Kevin Habtu, Gebre  
Watkins, Jay Russell, Jacquelyn Hawthorne, Thomas  
Subject:  FBI Name Check and DACA  

(b) (7)(E) 
Gary GarmantAssoclate Regional Director, Operatlonsi DHSIUSCIS!Central Regional Office! it: maw ,~,: WIW .;1: 
(b) (6) WARNING: This message FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY (FOUO). contains information that may exempt from publiC release under the Freedom nformation Act U.S.C. 552) This document controlled, handled, transmitted, distributed, and disposed accordance with DHS policy relating Sensitive But Unclassified (SBU) information and not released the public other personnel who not have valid need-to-know" without prior approval from the originator. 

From: Harrison, Julia Sent: Friday, August 10, 2012 12:45 To: Woo, Ellen Campagnolo, Donna Robinson, Terri Renaud, Tracy Redman, Kathy Cowan, Robert Muzyka, Carolyn Cc: Tauchen, Robert Garman, Gary Goodwin, Shelley Dean, Kimberly Clum, Teresa; Blackwood, Robert Subject: RE: DACA G-56 Call-in letter 
(b) (7)(E) 
Julia Harrison Chief, Operations Division Field Operations Directorate III Massachusetts Ave. 
(b) (6) 

From: Woo, Ellen Sent: Friday, August 10, 2012 1:35 To: campagnolo, Donna Robinson, Terri Renaud, Tracy Redman, Kathy 'Cowan, Robert Muzyka, Carolyn Cc: Harrison, Julia Tauchen, Robert Garman, Gary Goodwin, Shelley Dean, Kimberly Clum, Teresa; Blackwood, Robert Subject: RE: DACA G-56 call-in letter have one question for the group. not sure ifthis has been discussed addressed any ofthe documents have seen date. 
(b) (5) 

fien ?J. Woo 
Associate Regional Director, Operations 

From:  Rucienski, Jason  
To:  Valeika, Richard  
Subject:  DACA Background Checks  
Date:  Wednesday, November 14, 2012 2:21:17  
Attachments:  DACA Background Checks.pdf  

 Attached the outline our training materials Background/Security checks.
Jason Rucienski Senior Immigration Services Officer USCIS San Francisco Field Office 

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals 
VII. Background Security Checks 
FOUO-law Enforcement Sensitive -29

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals 
99-BCU FlowChart Flow chart indicates overview the background check process once potentially derogatory information has been identified result ofthe security checks from other sources. 
FOUO-Law Enforcement Sensitive 

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals 

101, 102-Background Security Checks (Continued) Does the Information Belong the Requestor? 

FOUO -law Enforcement Sensitive -31

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals 
FOUO -Law Enforcement Sensitive -32

From:	 Yeager-Bowser, Keri 
To:	 Basurto, Malu; Campbell, Marcella Charles, Deborah Diaz, Marianela; Dlugoszewski, Carly Freitas, Gary Hinds, Mary Marmar, Bruce McCrary, Cassandra Melton, Miller, Bertha Modrell, Teresa Munroe, Alison Olson, Susan Reiff, William Sandino, Karina Velez, Leida 
Cc:	 Allain, Jeannie Ashley, Tina Bae, Connie Baranowski, Katherine Barnes, Judith Black, Stephanie Borjal, Ely Brinkworth, Gerry Bryan, Sherecia Buono, Paul Cassidy, Berta Castro, Anouchka; Cavanaugh, Daniel Cintron, Roberto; Coca, Maria Collins, Roxroy Conner, Lorelie Cordero, Angelica; Crockett, Stanley Dalziel, Karen Dang, Tuan; Jesus, Elba Dean, Kimberly DeBoe, Mayburn Dennis, Lynuel Diaz, Marta Diaz, Natalie; Espinosa-Garcia, Juliette; Fernandez, Lourdes Fernandez, Rosalinda; Finnerty, Meryl Fletcher, James Flint, Donna Garcia, Iris Gonzalez-Ferrer, Deliana; Guerrero, Geraldine Hackbarth, Joseph Harrison, Haydee Hesles, Monica Hill, Robert Iglesias, Margaret; Iniguez, Nancy Janssen, Warren; Johnson, Cheryl Jordan-Starks, Ann Marie; Karabiyik, Elva Kernan, Joseph Kerns, Kevin Killian, Scott Koch, Steven Krawczyk, Michael Lassen, Brett Lopez-Tome, Eileen Magana, Erma Mansfield, Roketa Marmar, Bruce Marzewski, Kim Maus, Maria Meeker, Leslie Mendez, Gladys Morrow, Meredith Muirhead, Suzanne Muttuswamy, Sivaloganathan Naranjo, Maria; Nunez, Rodolfo Olguin, Christina; Olson, Susan Onyango, Paul Ortiz, Joyce Ow, Alanna; Pecinovsky, Steven; Pimentel, Fausto; Ramos, Michelle Randall, Shelly Rinehart, Brett Robertson, Lisa Rodriguez, Ileana; Rodriguez, Luis Rodriguez, Marcia Ruggiero, Phyllis; Sandino, Karina Sankar, Gina Sapko, Jeffrey Sewall, Amanda Seymour-Carter, Elvira Smith, Kristen Soto, Maritza Stulz, Enid; Tavel, Maria; Thornton, Bobby Tilley, Peter Veiga, Ashtin Verderosa, Geoffrey Weselmann, Jay; Whaling, Carmen Wilcox, Wendy Dorochoff, Ruth Frazier, 
Denise Gomez, Cindy Swacina, Linda; Tierney, Terry; Iglesias, Margaret; Carson, Darren 
Subject:	 Field Operations DACA SOP and training materials 
Date:	 Monday, November 05, 2012 12:59:42 
DACA POCS and Field Leadership 
The Field Operations DACA SOP and training presentation are now available 

When you click this link you will see the DACA SOP and training presentation links the right hand side the page. 
The entire DACA process captured this SOP; however, Chapter (Page 19) begins the summary the process flow for the DACA Filings. page (Step 10) there explanation the responsibilities the field offices this process.  Once field offices receive the files they will manually schedule the cases for interview within week their arrival for days out. RFE needs issued, then the officer will following established RFE procedures.  DACA requests will adjudicated within ICMS. 
Chapter (beginning Page 44) discusses the adjudication DACA request including evaluating the evidence determine the guidelines have been met, RFE and NOID procedures, what A-file unobtainable, mandatory system searches, well adjudicating the DACA request light criminal, fraud and TECS issues. 
Chapter (beginning Page 96) highlights the steps followed when issuing RFE, NOID, approvals and denials including when access and update ICMS.  Please pay close attention page 100 and review those DACA denials that require supervisory review (i.e. for criminal issues, trips out the that were not brief and casual, and the requestor did not meet the educational requirement). supervisory hold must placed ICMS these cases prior giving the case supervisor for review. 
Chapter (Page 105) discusses the post denial process and how field office should hold case for days prior sending the file the NRC case the requestor asks for review the decision through the SRMT process (discussed Chapter 13, beginning page 116). 

Chapter (beginning Page 107) discusses the adjudication the I-765 employment authorization form. the DACA request approved then the EAD should issued C33 and the valid from date the date approval and the valid to date years minus one day from the date approval the end date the deferred removal date under DACA, whichever earlier. 
Chapter (beginning Page 127) discusses the process for terminating DACA request and Chapter (beginning Page 130) discusses the adjudication the I-131 advance parole request. the SER Adjudications POC for DACA issues.  Please contact you have any questions. Thank you. 
Keri Yeager-Bowser Regional Immigration Services Officer 390 Orange Avenue 
(b) (6) Orlando, 32801 

(b) (6) 
From: Harrison, Julia Sent: Monday, November 05, 2012 11:30 To: Goodwin, Shelley Garman, Gary Gallagher, Kevin Tierney, Terry; Woo, Ellen Upchurch, Evelyn Cc: Renaud, Tracy Muzyka, Carolyn Redman, Kathy Quarantillo, Andrea Robinson, Terri Cowan, Robert Tauchen, Robert Campagnolo, Donna Monica, Donald Subject: DACA material 
Good morning everyone.  The DACA SOP training presentation are now available Connect. 
Julia Harrison Chief, Operations Division Field Operations Directorate 111 Massachusetts Ave. 

From:  Brvce. Bunnie  
To:  Campagnolo. Donna  
Cc:  Benavides. Jaime  
Subject:  FW: DACA Policy Memo Draft  
Date:  Monday, July 30, 2012 1:14:30  
Attachm ents:  DACA Memo AFM Draft 7-27-12 (CLEAN).docx  

Dolllla and Jaime, 

Thank you, 

!lJwutie !JJ'qp~ [.,rpU~te !i)epaldmettt at.7tomettuui Secwtitv'llnikd Stak4 ~/Upami .1~s~ 
ykfd ~p~!i)Vtect~Ptate 
$Jtaad !i)ekctioJt c:f .Naiimtal Secwtitv-~P~ 
Ill .Ata4dcu:liu.deit4 tlu.em.u!.~ .N.w. 
Wa4fiingtmt~ !i).e 2tJ529 

5'depltmte (b) (6) D.Mail (b) (6) This communication, along with any attachments, covered byfederal and state law governing electronic communications and may contain confidential and legally privileged information. Ifthe reader ofthis message not the intended recipient, the reader hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution, use copying ofthis message strictly prohibited. Ifyou have received this transmittal error, please reply immediately the sender and delete this message. Thank you. 
(__/) '.'=) 
('')_ (") 
From: Benavides, Jaime Sent: Monday, July 30, 2012 9:06 To: Benton, Shelia Bryce, Bunnie Cc: Benavides, Jaime Harrison, Julia Campagnolo, Donna Subject: FW: DACA Policy Memo Draft 
Sheila, Bunnie, 
Please review the attached DACA AFM draft memo (b) (5) 

Please send your comments back Donna NLT 2pm. Thanks. 


From: Campagnolo, Donna Sent: Monday, July 30, 2012 8:46 To: Benavides, Jaime Cc: Harrison, Julia Subject: DACA Policy Memo Draft 
Jaime: discussed, attached the DACA draft memo. Ifyou could have some folks take look and let know today ifwe have any concems. 
{5)J;mza ?fk"F?nolo. 
Deputy Associate Director, Field Operations Citzenship and Immigration Services Department Homeland Security 

From: Muzyka, Carolyn To: Corsano, Anne Arries; Looney, Robert Jordan, Mari Pierre, Paul Kramar, John; Gulick, David Cc: Woo, Ellen Valeika, Richard Rust, Maureen Subject: FW: SOP Date: Friday, September 07, 2012 1:00:39 Attachments: DACA SOP 8-30-2012 1149am.pdf Team, had chance meet with Rosemary and the CSC staff yesterday chat about DACA.  They are the process training their staff the new SOP and are continuing work their existing workload pending the arrival the DACA cases which can start appear soon September 
20. Ten thousand have been uploaded into SNAP which 5830 are scheduled for ASC appointments for September 17. 
Here are some additional tidbits info: asked Rosemary she member her staff would like join conference call with all you.  She has assigned one her staff participate the weekly Adjudications call available answer questions. 
Jerry Rigdon, SCOPS, was kind enough forward the draft DACA SOP was provided those attending the "train the trainer" workshop last week. cautioned that  tweaks and minor edits for clarity are being made result questions/concerns they are encountering they train officers the four Service Centers this week and next. also had chance chat with Terri Robinson from the NBC today.  She shared the following info: can discuss all this little more Tuesdays call. 
From: Rigdon, Jerry Sent: Wednesday, September 05, 2012 6:09 To: Muzyka, Carolyn Cc: Melville, Rosemary; Velarde, Barbara Subject: Fw: SOP 
Hello Carolyn: was nice meeting you this afternoon. you review the document, please don't hesitate let know you have any questions.
From: Roman-Riefkohl, Guillermo Sent: Wednesday, September 05, 2012 02:06 To: Rigdon, Jerry Subject: RE: SOP 
Ive attached the SOP from last Friday.  Let know you need anything else. 
Thank you. 

Guillermo Roman-Riefkohl Adjudications Officer Family and Status Branch SCOPS/USCIS/DHS Massachusetts Avenue Washington, 20529 

From: Rigdon, Jerry Sent: Wednesday, September 05, 2012 2:04 To: Roman-Riefkohl, Guillermo Subject: SOP 
Will you please e-mail the version the SOP from last Friday? 

From:  Douglas, David  
To:  Coates, Timothy Dooley, Sharon Moyer, Chester Perry, Michelle Pratt, Caroline Webb, Russell  
Cc:  Webb, Russell Connor, William; Pratt, Charles  
Subject:  Deferred Action QA  
Date:  Monday, June 18, 2012 4:23:41  
Attachments:  Deferred Action QA.pdf  

 Please let know you have fielded questions your information rooms about this new process.
The region conducting call tomorrow morning discuss.  Apparently, some the districts
 closer the U.S. Mexico border have been inundated.
 Please take look these you have not already seen them.

From: Egli, Nathan To: Balcom, Sherrie Subject: FW: !!!IMPORTANT DACA MESSAGE!!! Date: Wednesday, November 14, 2012 12:03:41 Importance: High 
Nathan Egli Immigration Services Officer 
DHS USCIS Saint Paul Field Office 2901 Metro Drive, Bloomington, 55425  

From: Dooley, Sharon Sent: Friday, November 09, 2012 12:07 To: SPM Field Office Subject: FW: !!!IMPORTANT DACA MESSAGE!!! Importance: High 
Sharon Dooley 
Sharon Dooley Field Office Director 
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Saint Paul Office: BB: