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Judicial Watch • 2015 Islamist terrorists crossing border report at TX

2015 Islamist terrorists crossing border report at TX

2015 Islamist terrorists crossing border report at TX

Page 1: 2015 Islamist terrorists crossing border report at TX

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Date Created:February 27, 2015

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 27, 2015

Tags:radical Islam, Islamic terrorists, U.S.-Mexico border

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D2/24/2D15 14:52 Houston Ehrnnlrzle
Executive Summary
(U) This report submitted response June 18, 2014, directive the Speaker the House
Representatives, Lieutenant Governor, and Governor submit full report Operation Strong Safety
the 84th Texas Legislature and the Office the Governor detailing its costs and effectiveness, and
make recommendations regarding the cost continuing expanding border security operations.
provide thorough accounting the operation and update the current situation, this report
contains enforcement sensitive information. unclassi version this report will produced
for public dissemination later date.
(U) Additioi-tal classi information received from the U.S. Intelligence Community related the
effectiveness Operation Strong Safety could not included this repon; however. have received
authorizatioh brief members the Texas Legislature and state leadership, and are prepared brief
members iheir earliest convenience.
(U) There ample and compelling evidence that the Texas Mexioc border not secure. and this lack
security undermines public safety and homeland security every region the state. Crime has become
increasingly transitory, transnational, organized, and discreet, and terrorism has become more
disaggregated. unsecure border with Mexico the states most signi cant vulnerability provides
criminals and would-be terrorists from around the world reliable means enter Texas and the nation
undetected especially concerning today, light the recent terrorist attacks and schemes around
the world.
(U) Seven dfthe eight major Mexican cartels operate throughout Texas, and they have enlisted
transnational and statewide gangs support their drug and human smuggling and trafficking operations both sidei ofthe border. These gangs are responsible for disproportionate amount crime. and they
threaten the safety and security communities across the state.
(U) The ascension the Mexican cartels the state and nations most significant organized crime
threat and Mexicos most significant domestic security threat directly attributable porous U.S.-
Mexico border and unending demand the U.S. for illegal drugs, forced labor, and commercial sex.
The availability Mexican cartel heroin, methamphetamine, and marijuana has increased throughout the
state, while the costs these drugs have decreased. Human trafficking highly profitable and the
fastest growing organized crime business Texas. Its vilest form the sex tra ieking children and
young womdn. many whom are smuggled into Texas from Mexico and Central America.
(U) percentage ofthc illegal aliens (IA) smuggled into Texas are committing crimes throughout the
state, includi homicide, robbery, burglary, kidnapping, and sex trafficking. Deported criminal aliens too
often exploit the porous border and return Texas commit additional crimes. Two IAs, who have been
deported tiple times, have been charged the recent murder ofa Border Patrol agent Willacy
County. other case, who was deported multiple times has been charged the sexual assault 9-year-old Parker County Violent transnational gangs such MS-l3 now have stronghold
Texas and gage variety crimes, and they have direct links gang leadership Central America.
The porous order provides dependable means for increasing the number MS-13 gang members
Texas and ewhere. MS-13 was recently linked two separate murders school-age children the
Houston are one which was ordered from Salvador. Nearly all the subjects had illegally
crossed into United States the Texas border.
(FA>()7l3 382 3580 025/ D34
organized cliques with known centralized hierarchy. U.S.-based MS-l3 cliqucs exhibit varying
degrees loyalty the central leaders Salvador, who typically make decisions strategic matters.
Several U.S. cities have large concentrations MS-l3 members, including Los Angeles. Charlotte
(North Carolina), New York, Houston, and the Washington, D.C. area.
(U//LES) December 2013, the National Gang Intelligence Center assessed that MS-13 has been
expanding result oftravcl and from the United States and Central America, and that the gang will
continue expand and strengthen its presence and transnational connectivity. MS-13 members the
U.S. and Central America engage international and interstate travel deliberately spread the MS-13
brand, support fellow cliques, enforce gang rules and enhance the gang reputation through violent
criminal activity. The number MS-13 members encountered USBP the RSV has been trending
upward since 2011. This increase coincides with MS-13s expansion the United States.
(U//LES) Top Gangs Encountered USBP RGV
1011 2012 ZOI3 ZUI4
ilsthstreettsang :M5-13 iteswalsanns Sure -Vallucos
(U//LES) Since the number MS-13 members encountered USBP the ROV sector has
increased each year, accelerating 2014. This coincides with increased illegal migration from Central
America during the same time period. FY2014, MS-l3 represented percent all gang encounters
within the RGV sector, and approximately percent MS-13 members encountered were juveniles.
(U//LES) Quarterly USBP Encounters with MS-13 RGV _._......i _,f
I-n-Mir Aer-Jun 1--SIP On-Dec Jan-Mar Aer-Jun Jul-sep 0:t~oec llvl-Mlr Aphlun Jul-sup Oct-Dec Jan-Mar Apr-Jun
zou zen 201: 2011 2012 2011 2012 mi: :01: 1013 20:: .1014 min
14:54 Haustnn Chronicle (FAX)7l3 362 3530 53.011/034
(U//LES) are concerned about the criminal threat from MS-13, which known for highly violent
crimes, including brutal murders and dismemberments. Several recent crimes Texas illustrate the
criminal threat associated with MS-13 members, including some who were illegal aliens who had recently
crossed the border illegally.
(U) September 15, 2014, the mutilated body ofa 14-year-old middle school student was
discovered the woods near Houston was murdered with machete. Initial information
from the investigation indicates the victim was U.S. citizen and MS-13 member who was
murdered after refusing murder his own cousin and for becoming practicing Christian and
trying leave the gang. October 2014, l4-year-old and three adult males were arrested and
charged with murder this case. The adult males are Salvador, and least one the
US. illegally and documented MS-13 gang member, Among the group MS-13 members
connected this murder, least four individuals revealed that they entered the U.S. the border the past 3-8 months,
(U) mid-August 2014, 29-year-old 18th Street gang member was stabbed death
Houston 16-year-old Salvadoran member MS-13. The victim suffered multiple stab
wounds outside bar and was discovered few days later bayou. According
investigators. the juvenile suspect revealed illegally crossed into the U.S. March 2014.
(U) August 2014, 17-year-old MS-13 gang member was arrested and charged with
murder choking, beating, and stabbing 35-year-old male Houston motel room. The
two men allegedly got into ght, and according investigators, thejuvenile was also
committing this murder prove himself the MS-13 gang. The suspect also admitted
illegally crossing into the U.S. the recent months prior this homicide.
(U//LES) October 2013. Stafford, Texas officer was shot the face and chest during
traffic stop involving three suspects associated with MS-13 who had been planning commit
robberies before the officer approached their vehicle. The wounded cer then pursued the
suspects, who included two illegal aliens and one individual with unconfirmed immigration
status, all whom have criminal history Texas. One suspect from Salvador and was
deported 2005 and again 2009. The alleged primary shooter from Honduras with lengthy
criminal history Texas, including prior aggravated assault public servant 2007.
(U//LES) September 22, 2013, 16-year-old sophomore high school Houston was
killed three illegal-alien MS-13 gang members from Salvador. The suspects used machete
and bat kill the victim, whose body was discovered beaten and dismembered the Sam
Houston National Forest. The murder was ordered MS-13 leader Salvador because
the victim, who was also associated with the gang, had provided information Salvadoran
authorities that had resulted the arrest seven people. After the murder, one suspect sent
photos the victims body two people Virginia, which has strong MS-13 presence. One
suspect discussed the victim hit Facebaok before and after the murder conversation with unidenti able account.
2.3 Drug Smuggling
(U) The Mexican cartels dominate the lucrative U.S. drug and human smuggling markets and use the
resulting billions dollars pro battle each other and the government Mexico maintain
control expand their smuggling operations into the U.S. Mexican cartels directly supply illicit drugs
cities throughout the U.S., and rely the U.S.-based gangs further distribute drugs within the U.S.
15102 Houston Ehrmrl Die
(FAX)713 352 3580
(U) The Texas Mexico border area one the most active drug smuggling areas the United States.
There are land Ports Entry (POEs) spread along the border, including Paso, Del Rio, Eagle Pass,
Laredo, McAllen. Brownsville. and numerous small border towns. The five principal Texas corridors are
West Texas, Central Texas, Gulf Coast, Panhandle, and East Texas. These corridors coincide with
clusters POES along the border and major highways throughout the state. The Southwest Border
remains the primary gateway for moving illicit drugs into the United States, mostly through overland
(U) Mexico the dominant foreign producer heroin, marijuana, and methamphetamine for the U.S.
(U) West Texas: There are four land
POEs Pasc. interstate Highway
(lHl0) the main route into and out
the Paso region. 1Hl0 crosses the
country from California Florida,
sewing transcontinental smuggling
corridor. Once lHl0, traffickers can
travel San Antonio Houston,
Dallas-Fort Worth via ll-I20.
(U) Central Texas: The Central Texas
Corridor includes the Laredo area and
extends the Del Rio/Eagle Pass
region. There are three major highways:
U557, U590, and lH35. All three are
used regularly traffickers going
and from San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin. cmramsuurmlm
(U) GulfCoast: This corridor extends along the border from Brownsville the Rio Grande
Valley area, north Houston and San Antonio. This the most utilized cross-border smuggling
corridor. and includes highways US28l, US77. IH37, IHl0, and US59. These highways provide
direct routes and from Houston, San Antonio. and Dallas-Fort Worth, all which are major
consolidation points for drugs and currency.
(U) Panhandle: The main highway the panhandle corridor, IH40, main artery for drug
traflicking movement from Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Califomia other states.
(U) East Texas: IH20, lH30, and lH35 are the main highways the East Texas Corridor. 11-120
and lH30 leave the east side Dallas and connect with numerous other interstates and secondary
roadways, while lH35 provides access the north.
market, according the Worldwide Threat Assessment the U.S. lntelligence Community. Marijuana
availability appears growing due sustained high levels ofpruduction Mexico along with
domestic production, according the ice National Drug Control Policy. Marijuana the most
widely available illegal drug the United States due large-scale marijuana importation Mexico.
along with increasing domestic production. Heroin availability increasing throughout the U.S.
seizures the Southwest border are also rising Mexican cartels increase heroin production and
transportation. The availability Mexico-produced methamphetamine increasingly available the
U.S. due sustained production Mexico. Large shipments pounds more are regularly seized
the Southwest border. The majority cocaine available the U5. produced Colombia and
smuggled across the Southwest border. Despite the overall decrease its availability, cocaine remains
D2/24/2015 14154HE1uStDn Chronicle
(FAX)7l3 352 3550 O12/D34
available many U.S. markets. According historical data included the National Drug Control
Strategy Data Supplement, national street-level prices for marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamine have
decreased from 2008 20l2, while heroin prices displayed nearly unchanging trend. (U//LES) December 26, 20l4, CBP cers assigned the Brownsville port entry seized
852 pounds methamphetamine concealed within the fuel tank commercial vehicle the
Los Indies Cargo Bridge.
2.4 Human Smuggling
(U//LES) Wejudge that nearly all illegal aliens who have illegally entered the United States made use
alien smuggling organizations (ASOs), nearly all which are associated with Mexican cartels. These
criminal organizations guide groups illegal aliens across the border and, many cases, continue
move them through series stash houses the United States route destination beyond the
immediate border.
(U//LES) Human smuggling along the U.S.-Mexico border involves aliens voluntarily hiring ASOs
illegally transport them into through the United States. This includes bringing illegal aliens into the
country, well the unlawful transportation and harboring aliens already the U.S. Although
refer them ASOs, many transnational criminal organizations involved human smuggling also
engage other cross-border crimes, such the illicit smuggling drugs, weapons, and bulk cash,
well violent crimes.
(U//LES) Smuggling group illegal aliens across the border, ASOs often move them through
series ofhur-nun stash houses, which may occasionally abandoned houses, ranches. business locations.
storage sheds. warehouses, mobile homes, hotels, apartments. ASOs generally make use
multiple stash houses, moving illegal aliens from one another they transport them along route that
includes various cities and locations. The length stay stash house may range from few hours
several weeks. Some stash houses are used multiple smugglers ASOs. (U//LES) August 2014, USBP agents conducted traffic stop pickup outside India
Maverick County, Texas. The driver had been observed entering and leaving motel room
involved earlier apprehension eight illegal aliens and was suspected being alien
smuggler scout. notebook/ledger was located near the driver seat containing names and
dollar amounts. indicating cash was paid Mexico. Agents discovered two handguns located
underneath the seat. The agents also located rounds ammunition the center console. The
subject was arrested. (UIILES) July 2014, law enforcement officer responded motel room Roma, Texas,
and discovered illegal aliens inside. The illegal aliens were from Guatemala. Mexico,
Honduras, and Salvador. They revealed that they had been there for about two weeks and had
not been given food water for about five days. (U//LES) May 2014. two illegal aliens waved down deputy Hidalgo County, Texas, and
revealed that they were from Salvador. The female stated that they came across near Havana Joya and then were taken north truck carrying people, They were taken one house
for four days, and then another house for two clays. They were then taken brushy area and
without food water for three days.
(FA>Zetas, the Gulf Cartel, the Juarez
Cartel, and t.he Sinaloa Cartel command and control human smuggling operations employ cartel
operatives manage oversee human smuggling operations their territory along the U.S.-Mexico
border. some cases, cartel rrrembers andiassociates participate _in human smuggling
operations, possibly independently the orders oversight cartel leaders. Some cartel -ASO.
connections are indirect and are limited ASOs being required provide payment cartel for
operating its territory.
(U//LES) However, even with indirect relationship, the cartels facilitate bene them the ASOs
operations, and, most cases,tlie cartels set whether, how, where ASOs may operate;
assess that the cartels have pro ted from theinerease illegal crossings 2014,-with one intelligence
replort irzadicating that July 2014 the OulfCsrtel had made appro ately $38 million during the
(U//LES) assess with high con dence that nearly all ASOs operating alongthe U.S.eMCXiC0 border-
are connected Mexican cartels. judge that the GulfCartcl, I.ns Zetas, and the Juarez Cartol most
frequently exercise direct c_ontrolof human smuggling operations their territory along the border, while
thesinaloa Cartelfs involvement more often indirect and limited pro ting from the activity, based large body ofintelligcnce and law enforcement reponing.
(UIIFOUO) Approximate Areas Cartcl Operations ..(u//rcu_ -Approxlnrfat
ass etc: Vipef tlcns
Arellano Fellx Organlzstlon (AFO)
Slnaloa Cartel
Juarez CBHEI
Gulf Cartel
(U) Some female illegal aliens have been sexually assaulted threatened with sexual assault their
smugglers. some cases, ASOs are suspected forcing compelling women and girls work
prostitutes delivering smuggled women and girls sex traffickers. some rare cases. groups illegal
aliens have been kidnapped hijacked criminals from smugglers, subjecting them further
cxploitation. Mexico, the kidnapping hijacking immigrants bound for the United States