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Judicial Watch • 2016 Reid Letter to Comey

2016 Reid Letter to Comey

2016 Reid Letter to Comey

Page 1: 2016 Reid Letter to Comey


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Date Created:August 28, 2016

Date Uploaded to the Library:June 28, 2018

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WASHlNGTON, 205104012
August 27, 2016
The Honorable James Comey
Director the Federal Bureau Investigation
Federal Bureau oflnvestigation Headquarters
935 Pennsylvania Avenue,
Washington, DC. 20535-0001
Dear Director Conley: have recently become concerned that the threat oftlic Russian government tampering
our presidential election more extensive than widely known and may include the intent
falsify cial election results, The evidence (lfa direct connection between the Russian
government and Donald Trump presidential campaign continues mount and has led lt/hchael
Morrell. the former Aeting Central Intelligence Director, call Trump unwitting agent
Russia and the Kremlin. The prospect ofa hostile government actively seeking tuidennine our
free and fair elections represents one the gravest threats our democracy since the Cold War
and critical [or the Federal Bureau Investigation use every resource available
investigate this matter thoroughly and timely fashion The American people deserve have full understanding the facts from completed investigation before they vote this November. you knon, Russia intent uence the outcome our presidential election has
been ell-documented numerous news organizations. For example, has been reported that
your agency currently inves ing the cyber theft ofthousnnds documents from several
Democratic organizations, including, but not limited to. the Democratic National Committee
(DNC) and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). Already, consensus
oinationul security experts publicly concluded that actors oftlte Russian government carried out
thcsc cybcr attacks, ofvital public interest understand the chain custody these illegally obtained
documents from the time they were stolen the time public dissemination, including any
evidence ofcomplicit intermediancs betwcen the Russian government. those who leaked the
material and any United States citizen,
For example, has come attention that last week, tidec evidence came light individual with long ties Donald Trump and his top campaign aides claiming
communication with WikiLeaks, the organi7ati0n that posted online the 20,000 DNC documents
illegally obtained Russia The prospect individuals tied Trump, Wikileaks and the
Russian government coordinating uence our election raises concerns the utmost gravity
and merits full examination.
Funhcr, there have been senes disturbing rennrrs suggesting othei meibous Russia
using uence the rrump campaign and manipulate Vehicle for advancing the inlercsts
oiRussian Piesideni Vladimir Putin, For exumple, questions have been raised about whether
Trump advise: who has been highly critical otU.s_ and Europeuu economic sanctions Russia,
and who has cou icls interest due investments Russiun energy emiglnnierate Gazpmmg
:nei wiLh high-tanking sanctioned individuals while Moscow July well after Tiump
bee the prcsumptivc Republican nominee. (The time individual recently hrnke precedent
giving spccch critical US. policy while Moscow.) Any such meetings should
iniesiigated and made part nithe publie indee the reeern sial changes wiLhin the
Tiump campaign huve made clear that the Trump eamp has employed number
hidiiiduais wilh signi cant and disturbing ties Russia nnd the Kremlin,
The fmcgoing Lind more has led belie Lhal lhi: maticr should fully
invcsligaled and lhc investigation made publicv
Thank you for your prompt attention this matter. ARR ZFID
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