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N ORN 20291028 
JTF GTMO-CG October 2004 
MEMORANDUM FOR Commander, United States Southem Command, 3511 9lst Avenue,Miami, 33172. 
SUBJECT: AdministrativeReview Board Input for Guantanamo Detainee, ISN: US9AF000108DP
(S//NF)JTF GTMO recommendsto the Administrative Review Board (ARB) that this detaineebe transferred the control another country for continued detention (rRCD). 
(S//NF)Summary Most Recent JTF GTMO Assessment,signed on29 March 2004. 
(S/AfF) Most Recent JTF GTMO Recommendation:Transfer the Control Another Country for Continued Detention(TRCD). 
(S/ {F) Threat Level Most Recent JTF GTMO Assessment:Medium. 
(S/AID IntelligenceValue Most Recent JTF GTMO Assessment:Low. 
(S/A{F)Note: JTF GTMO's system identifying detaineesasHigh, Medium Low threathas evolved over time. Thethreatand intelligence valueslisted abovemay have been adjusted conform with the most recent standards. (S/A[f) Updated JTF GTMO Threat and Intelligence Value Since Most Recent Assessment. (S/AIF)UpdatedThreat Level. change. 
(1) (S/ {F) Detainee associated with several Taliban commanders and leaders Afghanistan(AF) including Mullah Agha Jon Akhund, Mullah Ubaidullah Akhund, and MuhammedA Fazl. (Analystnote: Muhammed Fazl JTF GTMO detainee USIAF000007DPand identffied the Chief Stafffor the Taliban, well military commander 
CLASSIFIED BY: Multiple Sources REASON: E.O. 12958 Section 1.5(C) DECLASSIFY ON: 20291026 20291026 //N 20291026 
JTF GTMO-CG SUBJECT: Administrative Review Board Input for Guantanamo Detainee,ISN: US9AF000108DP(u) 
for 2500 3000 Taliban soldiers. Detaineeaccurately identffiedMullah Ubaidullah Akhund the Taliban DefenseMinister and logistics supervisor. Detaineepersonctllyknew and accuratelyidentified Taliban Commander Mullah Agha Jon Akhund. Despite his claims being low-level Talibanfoot soldier andfood supplier, detaineemanaged become closely associatedwith several seniorlevel Taliban commandersand leaders.) 
(2) (S/NF) JTF GTMO detainee,US9AF-000914DP,identified detainee and US9AF-000579DPas two cell block leaders attempting instigate and influence the rest the cell blocksto disregard orders,make noise, refuse food, and commit suicide. (Analyst note: For simple Talibanfoot soldier and bread deliverer, detaineemanages exhibit leadershipqualities conducting speechesand instillingfear into those who cooperate with 
JTF GTMO personnel. US/AF-000914DP identified US9AF-000579DPas the one time Taliban Governor Herat, AF. US/AF-000579DP identified the detainee apossible military leader, military commander, possibly evenas mqyor Khost,AF. US9AF000579DPalso identifiedhim Afghanistanfighterin Thakhar who had been based the Quli Urdu Military base Herat.) 
(S/AfD Detaineeadmittedinvolvementin the productionand sales opium, well association with criminal elementswithin the Taliban and the Northern Alliance. (Analystnote: Detainee has been uncooperativein terms discussing his complete involvementwith the Taliban and the opium trade. HelmandProvince responsiblefor most thepoppy cultivation and exportation Afghanistan under the direction offormer Taliban commanderAbdul'tlahid.) 

(S/AIF) Although cooperativewith his debriefers, detainee'saccountsremain vague and inconsistentwhenquestionedon high-level Talibanleadershipor topics sensitivenature.(Analystnote: Detaineeis substantially exploited but there are several intelligencegaps that remain his story, such his involvement and lcnowledge concerning Taliban communicationsoperations,associationswith other JTF GTMO detainees, ond his opium business. After serving three tours with Taliban, does not seem plausible that the detaineewas not promoted and given more important duty than mere bread deliverer. Whenaskedquestionsthat has been previously asked,or asked clarifu previous statements,the detainee saysit hisfile, complains maltreatment.These are common anti-interrogation techniquesusedby numerous JTF GTMO detainees,as well Al-

(5) (S/A{F) The name Mullah Abdul Rauf, detainee's referencenatne, was located list factions and leaderswithin the Taliban corps commanderin Herat, AF. (Analyst note; Several highJevel Taliban JTF GTMO detoinees also identffieddetainee Taliban troop commander. However,detaineedoes have similar physical characteristicsto US9AF
000007DP,which moy cause his misidentification.) i/N 20291026 //N 20291026 
JTF GTMO-CG SUBJECT:AdministrativeReview Board Input for Guantanamo ISN: US9AF
Detainee, 000r08DP(u) (S/AfF) UpdatedIntelligence Value. JTF GTMO has determined that the detainee mediumintelligencevalue. While detaineehas been generallycooperative,he has evaded answeringquestions regarding his role and leadership within the Taliban. Due recent findings that detaineemay have had more important role within the Taliban that previously thought, detainee's intelligencevaluehas been updated from low medium due his possible knowledge of: 

Taliban Commandand Control 

,/l( /AY HOOD 
Brigadier General, Army Commandins //N 20291026 20290329 
JTF-GTMO Assessment
 Afghanistan/Pakistan Detainees March 2004 
ISN: US9AF-000108DP 
Health Assessment: Hepatitis Otherwise, good health. 
Background and Capture Data: DetaineeclaimedthathewasconscriptedintoTaliban servicethree dierent times andthatheneverheld anypositionsofleadership orthatofacombatant. Duringhis last tour withtheTaliban,detaineeclaimsthathedeliveredbreadand teatovariousTalibanpostincluding the radio 
Risk Assessment: communications were housed. Prior being conscripted into Taliban service, detainee and his family have long been involved the cultivation, processing and sale opium poppies. Detainee surrendered forces loyal Northern Alliance Commander Dostum about December 2001 Konduz, AF. December 2001 Medium Detainee has been uncooperative terms discussing his completeinvolvement withtheTaliban andtheopium trade. Thedetaineeis assessed asnotbeing aTaliban leader member Al-Qaida other 
Intelligence Value: Low 
Exploitation Requirements: equipment and techniques used the Taliban unresolved, his past 
Recommendation: involvement the cultivation, processing and sale opium poppies. Detainee was aposition tohave extensive knowledge the opium trade Afghanistan and could identify the individuals inthe criminal organizations that were working withboththe Taliban, and the Northern Alliance the opium trade. Transfer the Control Another Country for Continued Detention. 
Date Capture: 

Risk Level: 
CLASSIFIED BY: Multiple Sources 
REASON: E.O. 12958 Section 1.5(C) 
DECLASSIFY ON: 20290403 20290329