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 APO 09360

JTF-GTMO-CDR September 2008 
MEMORANDUM FOR Commander, United States Southern Command, 3511 9lst Avenue, Miami, 33172   
SUBJECT: Recommendation for Continued Detention Under DoD Control (CD) for Guantanamo Detainee, ISN US9LY-010017DP (S)    

JTF-GTMO Detainee Assessment (S) Personal Information:   

JDIMS/NDRC Reference Name:  Abu al-Libi 

Current/True Name and Aliases:  Mustafa Faraj Muhammad Muhammad Masud al-Jadid al-Uzaybi, Abd al-Wakil, Abu Jayhoun, Abu al-Faraj, Abu Faraj al-Libi, Doctor, Irjaz, Mahfoz, Mansur Ahmad, Abdul al-Raqman Mohajer, Mhafiz, Tawfiq, Uthman, Wakil Khan 

Place Birth:  Tripoli, Libya (LY) 

Date Birth:  1970 

Citizenship:  Libya 

Internment Serial Number (ISN):  US9LY-010017DP 
(U//FOUO) Health: Detainee overall good health. 
(U) JTF-GTMO Assessment: 
(S) Recommendation: JTF-GTMO recommends this detainee for Continued Detention Under DoD Control (CD). JTF-GTMO previously assessed detainee December 2006. 
(S//NF) Executive Summary: Detainee was the operational chief al-Qaida and had long-term associations with Usama Bin Laden (UBL) and Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri.  Detainee managed al-Qaida operations, including al-Qaida operations Iraq, after Khalid Shaykh Muhammads, aka (KSM), aka (Mukhtar), US9KU-010024DP (KU-10024) capture.  

Detainee also directed al-Qaida operations against and Coalition forces within Afghanistan (AF). Detainee planned and executed operations against the and other nations, including alleged 2003 assassination attempt against President Musharraf Pakistan. Detainee provided safe havens for UBL and senior al-Qaida leader Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri 2001 and 2003. Detainee was instructor and administrator two al-Qaida training camps Afghanistan.  Detainee managed two al-Qaida guesthouses Kabul, and participated armed hostilities against and Coalition forces.  Detainee knowledgeable al-Qaida's strategies and was identified helping publish magazine supporting Islamic extremism and jihad.  [ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT THIS DETAINEE AVAILABLE SCI SUPPLEMENT.]  JTF-GTMO determined this detainee be: 
 HIGH risk, likely pose threat the US, its interests, and allies 

 HIGH threat from detention perspective 

 HIGH intelligence value (S//NF) Summary Changes:  The following outlines changes detainees assessment since the last JTF-GTMO assessment.  (Changes this assessment will annotated  next the footnote.) 
Revised detainees account events 

Incorporated reporting detainees activities (U) Detainees Account Events:   
The following section based, unless otherwise indicated, detainees own account.  These statements are included without consideration veracity, accuracy, reliability. 
(S//NF) Prior History: Detainee graduated 1989 from Shuhada al-Wajib High School Libya. The first time detainee left Libya was for travel Tunis, Tunisia (TS) late 1988 early 1989 with his father, who wished exchange Libyan currency for Tunisian currency.1 
(S//NF) Recruitment and Travel: 1989, detainee learned about extremism through the media and cassette tapes that solicited volunteers travel Afghanistan.2 individual TD-314/12435-06, TD-314/46042-05 Analyst Note: IIR 034 0164 05, Awad Khalifa Muhammad Abu Bakr Abu Uwayshah, ISN US9LY000695DP (LY-695), contradicted detainee, stating  detainee participated the Afghan-Soviet Jihad, which took place between 1979 and 1989.  LY-695 added detainee came Afghanistan the late 1980's.  LY-695 claimed detainee originally trained Tajikistan, further contradicting detainee's reporting. TD-314/21038-03, Ali 

named Jafar, who lived detainee's neighborhood and returned from participating extremist activities Afghanistan, was recruiting volunteers Afghanistan.  Detainee, along with Jafar and three others, departed Libya 1989 and traveled Cairo, Egypt (EG) obtain visas for Pakistan (PK). Libya was not issuing Pakistani visas the time for fear that people would travel Afghanistan for extremist activities.  After multiple failures for obtaining Pakistani visas Egypt, Jafar attempted take all the passports Saudi Arabia (SA) obtain visas. However, was arrested upon arrival and sent back Cairo with the passports. Jafar led the authorities the house Cairo where detainee and the others were staying, resulting the collective arrest everyone present that location.  The group was deported Tunisia, where detainee and the others again tried acquire Pakistani visas.  They were subsequently arrested Tunisian authorities.  When the group was released the end 1989 around the beginning 1990, Jafar organized flight Algeria (AG) for detainee and his Libyan companions, and finally acquired Pakistani visas.  Detainee and several others traveled Islamabad, early 1990 and upon arrival spoke with one Jafar's contacts the phone.  This contact provided directions the al-Ansar Guesthouse Peshawar, which housed mainly new Arab recruits and injured fighters returning from the front lines.3 (S//NF) Training and Activities:  Approximately two days later, detainee and some Libyan recruits traveled Miram Shah, guesthouse before continuing al-Qaida's Jawar Camp Khowst, for basic military training.4 Detainee was taught basic weapons handling, physical fitness, and Islamic law over period two months.  Upon completion the course, the emir the camp took detainee and some other recruits who were considered dedicated and trustworthy meeting.  The emir offered those present the meeting the opportunity become members al-Qaida.  Detainee was presented paper contract that outlined the details becoming member al-Qaida and commitment spend number months fighting the front lines Afghanistan prove his dedication. that time, al-Qaida had only existed for about three years.  Detainee could not give bayat (oath allegiance) the time UBL because UBL was Saudi Arabia.5 
(S//NF) From 1990 through the middle 1992, detainee split his time between fighting the front lines Afghanistan and working the Khallad and Jihad Wahl Training Camps 
Pakistan. 1991, detainee saw UBL for the first time when UBL came the Jihad Wahl Camp and gave speech, which detainee heard UBL hint large attacks against the the future. mid-1992 1993, al-Qaida sent detainee and approximately others study Islamic Law University Peshawar.  After approximately three months study Pakistan, all fled because the situation Pakistan changed.6  Detainee returned the Jihad Wahl Camp train new recruits arriving from Tajikistan.7 Detainee next worked the al-Faruq Training Camp from 1993 until 1998 both administrator and instructor.8 administrator, detainee was responsible for overseeing the finances, logistics, library, and basic storage needs the camp. instructor, the detainee taught classes topography, basic enemy targeting, and entry-level weapons courses.  Sometime between 1995 and 1996, detainee had problems with his eyesight and skin that precluded him from teaching the advanced weapons course became administrator the camp.9 
(S//NF) 1997, when UBL arrived from Sudan (SU), detainee met him face-to-face for the first time Jalalabad, AF.  UBL called meeting senior al-Qaida members and detainee traveled the meeting from Khowst.  During the meeting, UBL gave speech fighting Americans and freeing the holy sites.10 
(S//NF) Approximately month after the 1998 al-Qaida attacks the Embassies Kenya and Tanzania, forces attacked numerous al-Qaida camps including Jihad Wahl, al-Faruq, Sadiq, and some Pakistani camps.  Detainee visited Jihad Wahl few days after the attack and decided close it.  Approximately three weeks later, received letter from Abu Hafs, aka (Muhammad Atif), aka (Abu Hafs al-Masri) with order from al-Qaida senior leaders move the Jihad Wahl and al-Faruq Camps Kabul.  The camps were combined into single camp called al-Faruq that remained Kabul for only two months.  UBL ordered the al-Faruq Training Camp moved from Kabul Kandahar, around the end 1999. Abu Muhammad al-Masri was then put charge the camp due detainee's preparations for his own wedding. early 2000, detainee was appointed and operated the two guesthouses Kabul, until the fall Kabul late 2001. September 2001, Abu Hafs called and told detainee come his house.  While Abu Hafs house, detainee saw the World Trade Center burning.  Abu Hafs told detainee that there would probably strong reaction from the and they needed make preparations leave Kabul find safe haven. Detainee stayed Kabul until the city fell and Coalition 
forces November 2001.  This was detainees last face face meeting with UBL where UBL discussed the logistical details moving fighters out Kabul safe haven.  Detainee fled Kandahar late December 2001 and met his wife who was residing there.  Detainee traveled Gardez, assist between 100 and 200 fighters move from Gardez Kandahar. spent the next nine ten months hiding with his family Pakistan.11 
(S//NF) October 2002, Nashwan Abd al-Razzaq Abd al-Baqi, aka (Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi), ISN US9IZ-010026DP (IZ-10026), contacted and asked detainee work with him Peshawar. Detainee accepted the offer and spent the next five six months working under IZ-10026 organizing the purchase supplies for fighters including medicine, lights, batteries, food, and clothing. July 2003, detainee received letter from UBLs designated courier, Maulawi Abd al-Khaliq Jan, requesting detainee take the responsibility collecting donations, organizing travel, and distributing funds families Pakistan.  UBL stated detainee would the official messenger between UBL and others Pakistan.12 mid-2003, detainee moved his family Abbottabad, and worked between Abbottabad and Peshawar.13 
(S//NF) Between August 2003 and February 2004, detainee traveled Shkai, three occasions. While Shkai, detainee met with al-Qaidas Sharia Council, delivered funds fighters, met with Hamza Rabia, and visited IZ-10026. mid 2004, detainee moved his family from Abbottabad Bajaur, PK.  During October 2004, detainee received letter from UBL asking about the [financial] situations Pakistan and Waziristan. addition the letter, there was video tape UBL speeches. December 2004, detainee met with Shawqi Marzuq Abd al-Alam Dabbas, aka (Khalid Habib), Bajaur.  They discussed possible future operations against interests Poland.14 mid-March 2005, Abu Ubaydah al-Masri15 instructed detainee meet with Abd al-Khaliq Jan Mardan, PK.  The meeting did not take place.16 (U) Capture Information: TD-314/12435-06, TD-314/46042-05 TD-314/12435-06, TD-314/46042-05, TD-314/40102-05, Analyst Note: TD-314/37025-05, detainee stated early May 2005, was responsible for facilitation within the settled areas Pakistan, communication with UBL and external links. was responsible for communicating with al-Qaida members abroad and obtaining funds and personnel from those al-Qaida members. TD-314/54704-04, TD-314/54644-04, detainee met with Taliban Defense Minister Mullah Obaidallah establish formal chain for passing financial support the Taliban. TD-314/12435-06, TD-314/46042-05 TD-314/12435-06, TD-314/46042-05, Analyst Note: TD-314/42659-05, detainee provides information the Shura Council. Analyst Note: TD-314/76046-06, Abu Ubaydah al-Masri reported the former al-Qaida emir Konar Province who now appears have greater responsibility for operational planning abroad. TD-314/44727-05 (S//NF) Detainee tried meet with Abd al-Khaliq again mid-April and again early May. mid-April 2005, detainee began arranging for store front used meeting place and drop point for messages wanted exchange with Abd al-Khaliq. May 2005, while was waiting meet with Abd al-Khaliq Mardan, Pakistani Special Forces arrested detainee.17  Reporting identified detainee al-Qaida senior commander operations Pakistan who maintained communication with senior al-Qaida leadership including UBL and who most closely associated with significant network operatives IZ10026 and now-deceased Ali Ammar Ashur al-Raqiai, aka (Abu Layth al-Libi).18  Pakistan's foreign office confirmed that the detainee was transferred custody June 2005.19 
(S) Property Held: 

 Computer and computer media20 (Not held JTF-GTMO) 
(S) Transferred JTF-GTMO: September 2006 
(S//NF) Reasons for Transfer JTF-GTMO: provide information the 

 Detainee designated HIGH VALUE DETAINEE (HVD) and was specifically transferred JTF-GTMO face prosecution for terrorist activities against the 
(S//NF) Evaluation Detainees Account:  Detainee has provided detailed account his activities and associations, and admitted acting position authority and responsibility for UBL and al-Qaida.  However, certain details are possibly omissions the entire story, such operational knowledge al-Qaida plans leading the Embassy bombings Africa and September 2001 attacks.  Details detainees account are corroborated other JTF-GTMO detainees who would have similar placement and access. 
(U) Detainee Threat: (S) Assessment: Detainee assessed HIGH risk, likely pose threat the US, its interests, and allies. TD-314/44727-05, TD-314/46810-05, IIR 243 0010 06, Analyst Note:  There are 119 pages scanned information recovered from the detainee's computer pertaining circuitry. IIR 243 0010 06, Analyst Note:  Abu Layth al-Libi was killed January 2008 his house Pakistan. 010017 Abu Faraj al-Libi 01-DEC-2005, 010017 Captured al-Qaeda Kingpin case Mistaken Identity 08May-2005 TD-314/47553-05 (S//NF) Reasons for Continued Detention: Detainee senior al-Qaida member who managed al-Qaida operations, include al-Qaida operations Iraq, once KU-10024 was captured, and had control over al-Qaida operations against and Coalition forces within Afghanistan. Detainee planned and executed operations against the and other nations, including alleged 2003 assassination attempt against President Musharraf Pakistan.21 Detainee also provided safe havens for UBL and senior al-Qaida leader Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri 2001 and 2003. Detainee served instructor and administrator two al-Qaida training camps Afghanistan where also received formal militant training.  Detainee further managed two al-Qaida guesthouses and fought the Afghan front lines support the Taliban. Detainee knowledgeable al-Qaida's strategic doctrine and was identified having helped publish jihadist magazine. 
 (S//NF) Detainee senior al-Qaida member who managed al-Qaida external operations, include al-Qaida operations Iraq, once KU-10024 was captured, and had control over al-Qaida operations within Afghanistan against and Coalition forces. 

Detainee admitted joining al-Qaida the early 1990s and was reported among UBLs cadre.22  Detainees name appears list al-Qaida members recovered and Coalition forces from the residence Abu Hafs Kandahar about December 2001.23 

IZ-10026 said believed detainee suitable choice replace KU10024 after KU-10024s capture. IZ-10026 reported that 2003, Hamza Rabia moved the role key al-Qaida external operations planner under detainees overall management.  Al-Qaida members discussed the fact that big attack had not occurred since KU-10024s capture.  IZ-10026 reported detainee stated operation should happen soon.24 

According IZ-10026, detainee managed al-Qaidas "Iraq File," making him responsible senior al-Qaida leaders for Iraq.25 

Ahmad Khaflan Ghailani, ISN US9TZ-010012DP (TZ-10012), reported detainee was his emir (leader) while Mir Ali, PK.26 TZ-10012 stated UBL would notified any planned attack and UBL deemed attack was too small unfeasible, UBL would cancel it. TZ-10012 stated Muhammad Atif would also notified, but since Atifs death 2004, detainee would possibly notified, but not any other persons.27 TD-314/12435-06, TD-314/51970-02, TD-314/49699-04, TD-314/30445-05 TD-314/46042-05,TD-314/49699-04 YIIR 739 3031 YTD-314/82496-06 YAntiterroism Force Protection Iinformation Roundup-Serial 2048 YIIR 201 1693 YTD-314/10556-05 

KU-10024 stated detainee and IZ-10026, who were the emirs al-Qaida operations inside Afghanistan, planned use suicide operatives and car bombs attack and Afghan military convoys Afghanistan.28 

Detained al-Qaida Iraq senior facilitator, Layth Ibrahim Abd al-Fatah al-Farha, aka (Abu Jafar al-Iraqi), stated during mid-2004 meeting, detainee requested al-Zarqawi provide Chinese anti-aircraft missiles for al-Qaida's use against helicopters and other military aircraft Afghanistan.29 

Al-Qaida facilitator Faysalallah Baluch Abbas Baluchistan, aka (Yaqub), identified detainee the head the Egyptian Group."  Yaqub reported the group consisted detainee; Muhammad Umar Abd al-Rahman, aka (Assadallah); Shaykh Mustafa Abu al-Yazid, aka (Shaykh Said al-Masri); Muhammad Shawqi al-Islambuli, aka (Khalid al-Masri); Hamza Rabia; and Saadi al-Masri.30 

Detainee married one Abadallah Abd al-Qadir Tabaraks, ISN US9MO-000056DP (MO-056, transferred) daughters.  MO-056 was reportedly head UBLs bodyguards while Kandahar 2001.31 

(C//REL US, GCTF) Abd al-Razzaq Abdallah Ibrahim al-Sharikh, ISN US9SA000067DP (SA-067, transferred) stated detainee was leader his own group and member al-Qaida.  Detainee was famous because appeared al-Jazeera mentioning operations and bragged killed approximately 100 Americans Afghanistan 2003.32 
 (S//NF) Detainee planned and executed operations directed against the and other nations, including 2003 assassination attempt against President Musharraf Pakistan.33 Detainee also provided safe havens for UBL and senior al-Qaida leader Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri 2001 and 2003. 

(S//NF)  Detainee headed operation build remote detonators and conceal them children's video game cartridges.34 
 (S//NF) During raids conducted between and September 2002 Karachi, PK, over radio-type detonating devices were discovered the Tariq Road Safe House, which was one the other residences raided the same day. TD-314/13719-03 TD-314/78147-05 TD-314/44865-02, Analyst Note:  IZ-10026 reported Shaykh Mustafa Abu al-Yazid took over detainees responsibilities Afghanistan and Pakistan after detainees capture.  Shaykh al-Yazid was killed August 2008 Afghanistan. YTD-314/37810-03, TD-314/54050-04, TD-314/58576-04 YIIR 034 0085 TD-314/12435-06, TD-314/51970-02, TD-314/49699-04, TD-314/30445-05 TD-314/19805-03 
The devices were built inside black Sega videogame cartridges and were designed for remote activation through use cell phone.35 
 (S//NF) TZ-10012 reported seeing detainee safe house Karachi early 2002.36 

Detainee organized network suicide bombers and facilitators allegedly behind the December 2003 assassination attempt Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf and the July 2004 attempt Prime Minister Designate Shuakat Aziz.37 

 (S//NF) IZ-10026 reported detainee, 2004, wanted organize group carry out operations Pakistan, specifically against President Musharraf. Detainee considered killing President Musharraf al-Qaidas main focus Pakistan.38 

Walid Muhammad Salih Bin Attash, aka (Khallad), ISN US9YM010014DP (YM-10014) stated asked detainee for suicide operatives for operations Karachi, planned himself and Ammar al-Baluchi, ISN US9PK-010018DP (PK10018). YM-10014 stated detainee informed him that had about operatives that would willing carry out operations.  YM-10014 did not tell detainee the nature the operations, but only have the operatives ready when either PK-10018 asked for them.39 

Detainee has knowledge al-Qaida possibly possessing nuclear bomb.  Al-Qaida associate Sharif al-Masri stated June July 2004, upon encountering difficulties moving the nuclear bomb, detainee commented al-Qaida was able move the bomb, al-Qaida would find operatives use it.  However, detainee told Sharif al-Masri that al-Qaida currently had operatives the US.  The operatives would Europeans Arab Asian descent.  The device was reportedly located Europe.40  Sharif al-Masri reported detainee would know about the bomb and its exact location.41  Sharif al-Masri believes UBL were captured killed, the bomb would detonated the US, detainee would one those able give the order.42 YTD-314/37098-02, TD-314/40307-02, Analyst Note:  Involved the remote detonators plot, IIR 034 0310 03, Musab Omar Ali al-Mudwani, ISN US9YM-000839DP (YM-839), reported received his passport from Abu al-Faraj, who was possibly from Morocco Libya, possibly detainee. IIR 201 0145 08, GZ-10016 reported detainee Birmal, along with KU-10024 who was smuggling out his own group fighters. YTD-314/17080-05 IIR 873 0010 06, para number 5A4, TD-314/02429-05, IIR 102 0423 05, 010017 Abu Faraj al-Libbi 27-Oct2006, 010017 Abu Faraj al-Libbi 01-Dec-2005, TD-314/49706-05 YTD-314/82222-06 TD-314/31935-03 YTD-314/09972-05, TD-314/51288-04 YTD-314/11016-05 YTD-314/69521-04 
 (S//NF) Detainee also met with Hamza Rabia Shkai circa November 2003 and discussed the issue buried uranium Kandahar.43  IZ-10026 claimed that Hamza Rabia along with two other al-Qaida operatives, were killed attack December 2005.44 

Detainee met with senior al-Qaida external operations chief Hamza Rabia Shkai September 2003 pass verbal message from al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri concerning al-Zawahiri's request that Hamza Rabia conduct attacks India, Israel, and Egypt.  Detainee agreed help Hamza Rabia reconstitute the external operations program al-Qaida. support this, detainee admitted recruiting terrorist operatives who could travel the Europe.45 

IZ-10026 stated that after the capture KU-10024 March 2003, Ayman al-Zawahiri fled the house which was located and moved Shkai, South Waziristan, PK, with the assistance detainee. 

 (S//NF) IZ-10026 said Zawahiri fled the house which was located late February 2003, after KU-10024s, arrest March 2003. Zawahiri left alone and sought out Afghan named Farid al-Afghani. Farid delivered Zawahiri detainee, who then coordinated Zawahiri's relocation Shkai within few weeks KU-10024s arrest. After the capture detainee May 2005, Zawahiris residence was changed good place owned simple, old man. 

Zayn al-Abidin Muhammad Husayn, aka (Abu Zubaydah), ISN US9GZ010016DP (GZ-10016) recalled that detainee was charge secret guesthouse Kabul which UBL and Zawahiri stayed October 2001.48 

(S//NF) Detainee admitted had considered using India platform send operatives the because the large Muslim population there and the low level scrutiny given travelers Indian nationality.49 

(S//NF) IZ-10026 reported requesting detainee acquire altimeter watches.  IZ-10026 considered using the altimeter watches operate trigger for explosive possibly used against Indian airliner.  Detainee did not find the watches.50 

(S//NF) Detainee stated visited Hamza Rabia his newly procured training site safe house Shkai circa November 2003.  Detainee was aware Hamza Rabia and his assistant, Abu Bakr al-Suri, planned use the house staging point for external operations and that Rabia needed facility for research TD-314/42005-05 TD-314/85366-06 TD-314/42005-05, TD-314/40277-05 YTD-314/21484-07 YTD-314/21484-07 TD-314/24083-04 TD-314/57269-05 YTD-314/01018-07 
and training. Detainee speculated that explosives training with gasoline bombs, remote detonation devices, and security training would take place the house.51 Hamza Rabia wanted strongly attack passenger trains the following the March 2004 bombing commuter trains Madrid, Spain.52 
 (S//NF) TZ-10012, while Shkai mid 2003, heard reporting detainee communicating with operatives the UK.53 

(S//NF)  GZ-10016 reported detainee, March 2002, was hiding with IZ10026 and other senior al-Qaida officials the Shawal area Birmal, near Waziristan, PK.54  GZ-10016 stated separate debriefing that Jamaican who was previously located with the detainee and IZ-10026 wanted his help facilitating travel the US, UK, Morocco order conduct terrorist attacks.55 

(U)  Open source reporting identified detainee the main contact between UBL and Islamic extremist operating inside Pakistan.  Detainee communicated with al-Qaida operatives outside Pakistan, particularly the UK.56 

Detainee provided funding and direction for disruption campaign headed Sharif al-Masri expel the and its allies from Afghanistan.57 

IZ-10026 reported after the Madrid, Spain train bombing March 2004, IZ-10026 and other al-Qaida members agreed they needed operation against interests Italy. IZ-10026 had not made specific plans for the operation, but had passed his ideas detainee.58 

Between late 2002 and early 2003, IZ-10026 sent detainee letter detailing idea attack oil tankers they passed through the Straits Hormuz the Persian Gulf.59 

(S//NF) March 2005, detainee was communication with the late Abu Musab al-Zarqawi regarding moving al-Qaida operative Iraq.60 

Detainee admittedly attempted bring group Somalis led Salah al-Din under al-Qaida support attack against the US.61  Detainee met al-Qaida courier Abdirashid Aidid Samatar Islamabad, Abdallahi Sudi Arales, ISN DJ9SO-010027DP (SO-10027), house May 2004.62  Samatar received detainees TD-314/47291-05 TD-314/37967-05 YTD-314/48232-06 TD-314/03233-03, Analyst Note:  See also TD-314/24083-04 for GZ-10016 comments about detainee. TD-314/03484-03 010017 Pakistan and the al-Qaida Man 04-May-2005 TD-314/10807-03, Analyst Note:  Detained al-Qaida associate Sharif al-Masri Egyptian extremist and al-Qaida operative Muhammad Salah al-Din Abd al-Halim Zaydans, aka  (Sayf al-Adl), brother-in-law. YTD-314/79233-06 YTD-314/79427-06 TD-314/42005-05 TD-314/36650-05, TD-314/26731-05 YTD-314/52551-06, TD-314/56522-06 
permission travel Pakistan meet with al-Qaida members discuss cooperation.63 
 (S//NF) Detainee received militant training, fought the front lines Afghanistan, and later became instructor and administrator for two different al-Qaida training camps.  (Analyst Note: Detainee's admission administering al-Qaida militant training camps corroborates reporting from others detained JTF-GTMO.64) 

Detainee was trainer Jihad Wahl, and later became trainer and administrator the al-Faruq Training Camp Khowst from 1993 1998.65 

Detainee stated while administering al-Qaida training camps and combat units Afghanistan during the 1990's, his contacts were mostly members Pakistani militant groups including Harakat ul-Ansar (HUA),66 Harakat ul-Mujahideen (HUM), Harakat ul-Jihad ul-Islami (HUJI), and Jaysh-e-Muhammad (JEM).67 

Detainee managed two al-Qaida affiliated guesthouses Kabul.  Sharqawi Abdu Ali al-Hajj aka (Riyadh the Facilitator), ISN PK9YM-001457DP (YM-1457), photo-identified detainee Abu Faraj al-Libi.  YM-1457 said detainee managed two guesthouses Kabul.  One was the Ghulan Faheem, aka (Khat), aka (Number Nine), Guesthouse the Karti Barwan District and the other was the former Saudi Arabian Ambassador's residence, aka (Azzam Guesthouse).68 

GZ-10016 commented detainee was the radio communicator for Kabul.  Detainee worked out Madafa Sita (six) Tesa (nine) and communicated mostly with Northern Afghanistan and Kandahar.69 IZ-10026 referred detainees position the communications gatekeeper for UBL and al-Zawahiri.70 (Analyst Note: Tesa assessed one al-Qaida guesthouses detainee operated.) YTD-314/37096-06, Analyst Note: TD-314/63664-04, Abdirashid Aidid Samatar, aka (Abdirashid Aidid Ahmad), stated Somalis living the were attractive al-Qaida because they could easily travel Pakistan meet with al-Qaida members and easily carry messages al-Qaida members worldwide given their travel documents. IIR 034 0745 03, TD-314/36891-03 TD-314/12435-06, TD-314/46021-05, TD-314/57072-04, IIR 034 0088 05, IIR 034 0745 03, 000695 SIR 10DEC-2004 TD-314/38500-05, Analyst Note:  According the report titled Islamic Militant Groups  Harakat ul-Mujahidin (HUM), HUA was declared foreign terrorist organization 1997, and attempt circumvent the declaration was renamed Harakat ul-Mujahideen (HUM) 1998. TD-314/38500-05, Analyst Note:  HUM, HUJI, and JEM are NIPF Priority targets. Priority targets are issues, opportunities, threats that rise to, are expected rise to, the level interest the Combatant Commanders DNI EXCOM Principals, not already identified Priority This includes terrorist groups, especially those with state support, countries that sponsor terrorism countries that have state organizations involved terrorism that have demonstrated both intention and capability attack persons interests. IIR 034 0088 05, Analyste Note: IIR 034 0324 03, Abd al-Zahir, ISN US9AF-000753DP (AF-753), reported detainee operated the Ashawara Guesthouse Kabul. TD-314/17671-03 YTD-314/86763-06 
 (C//REL US, GCTF) Tariq Mahmud Ahmad al-Sawah, ISN US9EG000535DP (EG-535), met detainee once the August 2001 detainees guesthouse Kabul. Detainee maintained communications equipment that kept contact with the commander the fighters Tora Bora, Ali Muhammad Abd al-Aziz al-Fakhri, ISN US9LY-000212DP (LY-212).71 

(S//NF)  Detainee participated armed hostilities against and Coalition forces. Detainee fought along with other al-Qaida operatives under the command IZ-10026 the mountainous area Afghanistan between Kabul and Khowst following the initiation the bombing campaign October 2001.72 
 (S//NF) Detainees long term association with al-Qaida provided him understanding al-Qaida strategy and doctrine. 

Detainee stated al-Qaida's strategy was first strike deep inside the US, then hit interests peripheral countries worldwide, followed attacks against Coalition partners. Detainee added the Iraqi battlefield was even more important and effective for al-Qaida than Pakistan because with Iraq operating environment, al-Qaida's chances executing successful attack against the were 80-90 percent, whereas Pakistan al-Qaida only had percent chance success.73 

SA-067 reported detainee along with UBL, Ayman al-Zawahiri, IZ10026, Mullah Muhammad Omar, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, Jalaluddin Haqqani, Abu Layth al-Libi, and Muhammad Rahim published magazine the Peshawar and Islamabad areas Pakistan, which covered all the killings Americans, the extremist fighters work against the Northern Alliance, the weapons used the fighters, how they fed the poor, the number fighters who died, and the faces the real leaders.74

Detainee said prior September 2001, al-Qaida gained its knowledge guerrilla warfare tactics from reading translated military manuals stored what described the group's vast Afghanistan-based library.75 

Al-Qaida members read translations Mao Zedongs works guerrilla warfare and Mao's works were used extensively al-Qaida training camps Afghanistan during the 1990s.  Detainee said that some al-Qaida members even took excerpts from these works and widely distributed them small pamphlets titled, "The War the Weak."76 ;IIR 034 0195 TD-314/03141-03 TD-314/36650-05, Analyst Note:  See TD-314/55608-06, for more information detainee's feelings Iraq was the best battlefield against the US. 000067 SIR 02-SEP-2006 TD-314/47412-05 TD-314/47412-05 

(S//NF)  Detainee reported al-Qaidas methods for choosing and employing couriers, well preferred communication means.77 

(C//REL GCTF) Detainee appeared video speech given UBL the Tarnak Farm Training Camp, believed have occurred January 2000.78 (S//NF) Detainees Conduct: Detainee assessed HIGH threat from detention perspective. His overall behavior has been moderately compliant. currently has reports disciplinary infraction listed DIMS with the most recent occurring June 2008 when damaged government property writing the wall.  Other incidents for which has been disciplined include occasionally becoming physically combative (i.e. spitting) the guard force and staff. Detainee was also found possession dangerous contraband (plastic shank). (U) Detainee Intelligence Value Assessment: 
(S) Assessment:  Detainee assessed HIGH intelligence value.  Detainee has not been interrogated the JTF-GTMO Interrogation Control Element. 
(S//NF) Placement and Access: Detainee has served senior al-Qaida leader, replacing KU-10024 upon his capture.  Detainees position the communications gateway UBL provided him with knowledge operations and associations not normally within detainees area operations. Detainee has traveled with and facilitated other senior al-Qaida members travel.  Detainee further planned and participated several terrorist operations.  Detainee was trainer al-Qaidas al-Faruq Militant Training Camp and operated two al-Qaida guesthouses. Detainee reportedly has knowledge al-Qaida nuclear device, which detainee currently has neither confirmed nor denied. 
(S//NF) Intelligence Assessment:   Detainees long term associations with al-Qaida and other extremist groups, well extensive connections during his work facilitator personnel and financing, has provided detainee with extensive knowledge the operations and key figures al-Qaidas terrorist network. (S//NF) Areas Potential Exploitation:   
 Al-Qaida leadership, facilitators, and operatives include:  UBL, Zawahiri, Sayf al-Adl, Abu Hafs al-Mauritani, SO-10027, IZ-10026, KU-10024, PK-10018, GZ-10016, YM-10014, TZ-10012, YM-1457, LY-212, Sharif al-Masri, Shaykh Mustafa Abu al-Yazid, Shaykh Marzuq Abd al-Salam Dabbas, aka (Khalid Habib), Abu Layth al-Libi, YTD-314/41075-05, TD-314/ 42370-05 YIIR 034 1160 
Layth Ibrahim Abd al-Fatah al-Farha, aka (Abu Jafar al-Iraqi), Abdirashid Aidid Samatar, Muhammad Umar Abd al-Rahman, aka (Assadallah), Muhammad Shawqi al-Islambuli, aka (Khalid al-Masri), Hamza Rabia, Saadi al-Masri, and UBL's bodyguards and security detail 
Al-Qaida plots: Plots directed KU-10024 inside the US, attacks and Coalition forces Afghanistan and using suicide bombers Pakistan, 1998 Embassy Bombings Africa, September 2001 attacks, plots against interests the UK, Iraq, India, Morocco, maritime plots, and possible nuclear weapon attack 
Al-Qaida communications 
Al-Qaida Media Center and propaganda campaign 
Al-Qaida recruiting techniques 
Al-Qaida training camps 
Al-Qaida guesthouses and safe houses 
Other extremist persons include: Mullah Muhammad Omar, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, Jalaluddin Haqqani 
Other extremist groups include: Taliban, HUA, HUM, HUJI, JEM and detainee's "Egyptian Group" 

Rear Admiral, Navy Commanding 
Definitions for intelligence terms used the assessment can found the Joint Military Intelligence College October 2001 guide Intelligence Warning Terminology. NOFORN 120330910 
Muhammad Abd al-Aziz al-Fakhri, aka (Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi), ISN US9LY-000212DP (LY-212) also stated detainee participated the Afghan-Russian Jihad. TD-314/12435-06, TD-314/46042-05 Analyst Note: TD-314/57072-04, Sharif al-Masri (detained 2004) claimed detainee told him detainee traveled Afghanistan when was very young and was with al-Qaida since his early days Afghanistan. TD314/75453-05, detainee reported al-Faruq Training Camp used called Jawar Training Camp.  Variants for Jihad Wahl include Jihad Wael and Jihad One. variant Jawar Zhawar.  The Zhawar Killi Camp complex consisted several training camps, including Jihad Wahl and Khalid Ibn al-Walid, aka (Khallad) Training Camps. TD-314/12435-06, TD-314/46042-05 TD-314/12435-06, TD-314/46042-05, TD-314/46021-05 TD-314/46021-05 Analyst Note: TD-314/46021-05, detainee reported was instructor Jihad Wahl from 1994 1996. TD-314/12435-06, TD-314/46042-05, TD-314/46021-05, Analyst Note:  Senior al-Qaida members talk about detainee's skin condition: see TD-314/20785-04 and IIR 034 1524 03. reported IIR 034 0164 detainee appears have Vitiligo, also called White Spot Disease Lukoderma, disease which patches skin become discolored from loss pigmentation. TD-314/12435-06, TD-314/46042-05