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Judicial Watch • Andrew Hanen Scott – 2004

Andrew Hanen Scott – 2004

Andrew Hanen Scott – 2004

Page 1: Andrew Hanen Scott – 2004

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:9

Date Created:November 21, 2005

Date Uploaded to the Library:October 28, 2014

Tags:Hanen, Andrew Scott Hanen, oppenheimer, Northwestern, andrew, municipal, bonds, partial, money, texas, Fidelity, Growth, mutual, 2004, Market, INVESTMENTS, TRUSTS, report, Federal Judge, income, Judge

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sedion. (dollar amount not required except for bonoraria) NONE (No repatable noo-mvestment incane.} 
D.te. aflk;icwt 
Andrew Soou Hanen 
May 10, 2005 
VII. Page INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS --income, value, transactions (Includes those spouse anddependent children. See pp. 34-57 ofInstructions.) 
IRA Accounl #I Treasury 
IRA  Accounl 
Alliance Growth 
-AlliWloe Premier 
-Janus Small Cap 
-Oppenheimer App. 
-Oppenbeuner App. 
-Oppenheimer App. 
-Oakmtlrk PUnd 
-Del. Group 
-Fidelity Adv. Div. 
ViClOI) Dlvenificd 
-Horlford Growth 11110 Dividend 
Partial Sale 4114 
Partial Sale 9129 
Partial ale 10/13 
NMlC PetSoo lkportins 
Andrew Scott Hanen 
May 10, 2005 
VD. Page INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS --income, value, transactions 
(includes those 
spo11.1e and dpendtnt children. pp. 34-57 lnttrnct1.on.1.) 
-Hartford Growth Buy 
-IRA Acct. Dividend 
Alliance Gro1,1,1h 
-Alliance Premier Sale 
-Janus Small Cap -Nations Marsico 
-Oppenheimer App. Buy 2/10 
-Oppenheimer App. Partial Sale 
-Oppenheimer App. Partial Sale 7/14 
-Oppenheimer App. Partial Sale 
-Oppenheimer App. Partial Sale 10/13 
Oakmark Fund -Del. Group -Fidelity Adv. Div. -victory Diversified -Hartford Growtb 2110 
Dat. ilPX 
Andrew Saxt Hanen 
May IO, 2005 
--income, value, transactions 11n.i..u.1ho,.of 
l(>OwuaNI J.,.oulmt dti/Jnn. Pf J4-S7 NONE 
-Hanford Growth 
Retirement Acct. Dividend 
-Fidelity Rel. Gov. 
Retirement Acct. Interest -Guardian MPS Gov. 
Brokerage Acct. No. 
-Texas Pub. Fin. Auth. Municipal 
-Travis Cooniy Municipal Bood 
-Haustoo ISO Municipal Boods 
-Pearland ISO Municipal Bonds -Killeen Tex. Municipal Bends 
-Katy Tex. ISD Municipal Bends -Lubbock Tx. Tax Wtrworks -Univ. Tex. Rew. Fin. Mun cipal Interest -Southlake Tex !Jr Water Boods -Georgetown !SD Municipal Bood 
VIl. Page INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS --income, value, transactions 1po111 and d8(J81tdent children. See pp. J4S7 /rntnlctio,u.) 
-Fl. Worth Tex !SD Municipal 
Bonds -ur Dev. Municipal Bonds 
Richardson Texas Municipal 
-Allen Texas Rfdg. Municipal -Plano !SD Municipal Bonds 
-Tax Free Money Market Brokerage Acct 
-Del Valle !SD Municipal Bonds 
-DeSoto Tex !SD Municipal -Aldine Tex !SD Municipal Bonds 
-HouslOJl Tex Water icipal 
-Brownsville Tex Municipal 
-Lower Col. Riv. Auth. Municipal 
-Arlington Texas !SD Municipal -Harris County Municipal Bonds 
-Canadian Riv. Mun. Municipal 
Inte est 
Nwnc Pra.on Rcp0rting 
DmeofRcport drew Scon 
May 2005 
VII. Page INVESTltIENTS and TRUSTS- income, value, transactions 
spous11 and thpendent childnrn. See pp. JJ-57 Jnstrucnqru,) 
NONE (lorepoiubleincome, 
assets. ltatlsactions) 
-University Tex Municipal 
-Ald.ine Tex !SD Zero Coupo Interest 
-Tex. AM rev. Zero Coupo Interest 
-Gal. Texas Pub. Zero Coupon 
-Houston Tex !SD Coupon -Houst Tex lSD Zero Coupon Bonds -Sbaryla !SD icipal Bon -CMA Tax Exempt Market 
-Bank Money Market Texas State Bank Garage -SPlTex. Prop. Rent Div. Northwestern Mutual EOL Life Div. 
Northwestern Mutual Whole Life Div. Northwestern Mutual Whole Life Div. Northwestern Mutual Whole Life #811 Div. 
Name, Pctsoa Rcpccling 
Andrew Scott Hanen 
May 10, 2005 
VII. Page INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS income, value, transactions (Tncludesrh.,,.f 
tpouse mid del!Mdtmt children. See pp. 34-57of lnstruction1.) 
NOTES INVESTMENTS AND TRUSTS: The HJS Partnership interes1 found part VTI, Line (and par! last years repor1 expired December 2003, was 
not included this years repor1. The Fidelity Adv. Div. !isled par1 Vll. line under IRA Acrount the same fund listed r.he 2003 report parl Vll. lines and 49. The Tax Free Money Markel contained part Vll, line this years report was not included last year because did not qualify. The CMA Tax Exemp1 fund found part VII, line was !isled separale account last year (part Vll, line 89). but more properly included, done herein, sub-accoun1 under Brokerage Account 
The Money Market accoun1 listed part VII, line was !isled last year !isled part VTI, line Municipal Money Markel. more accurately described Bank Money Markel. IL, 100, more properly listed parl the Brokerage Account instead being separate account. (See last years note number 3(e) which describes the sub-account stams brokerage account number 2.) 
The Texas State Bank listing part VTI, line was not included last years report did no1 qualify. 
IX. CERTIFICATION. certify tbal all information given above (including information pertaining spouse andminor dependent children, any) aocurate, true, and complete the best knowledge and belief, and that any informa1ion no1 reported was withheld because me1 applicable statutory proVisions perro!tting non-disclosure. further certify that earned income from outside employment and honoraria and the acceptance ofgifts whichhave been reported are