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Judicial Watch • Andrew Hanen Scott – 2009

Andrew Hanen Scott – 2009

Andrew Hanen Scott – 2009

Page 1: Andrew Hanen Scott – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:September 11, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:October 28, 2014

Tags:Loomis, aberdeen, Andrew Scott Hanen, Short, BLACKROCK, Global, municipal, Janus, bonds, Gross, 2009, assets, disclosure, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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Government Act 0/1978 
~e~. t/2om FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 app. ,~,~ mt-tt# Court Organizalioa Dale Re~flI. Person Reporting (last name. first, middle tnilia[) United Sta~es District Court -Texas 05110/2010llancn, Andre~ Title Anicle 111 judges i~dicate active senior status; So. Report Type ~chcck opprobrium lype) RepoSing Period Nominat io~, l)at 0110112009 
United Slates Dislricl Judge- Active Initial Ammal Final ,12/31/2009 
5b. Amended Rcpo~ Chambers Office Address the basis the information onlaln~d this Report and any modifications perlainlng therlo, is, opinion, compliance ~ilh applicable la~s and r~ulalions. 
Judge Andrew lanen 600 Eust lla~ison St., #301 l]rownsvdlc, Texas 78520 
Revie%inOfficer Date 
IMPOR TANT TES: Tl~e instructions accompanying this form must followeg Complete all parts, checking the NONE box fi)r each part where.rou have reportable information. Sign last page. POSITIONS. tR~,o,,;,,~ individual only; see pp. ~-13 fiting in.structions.) 
NON (No reportable positions.) 
II. AGREEMENTS. (Reporli,~individ,,alonl);s,gpl.14-16offilinginslrucfinn~.) NONE (No reportable agreements.) --~ 
[~l c,o 
Hanen, Andrew 
Ill. NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. (Rworang indlvidual and.,p .... see pp. T-24 filing insttuetions.) Filcrs Non-investment Income NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) DATE SOURCE AND TYPE INCOME (yours, not spouses} Spollses Non-IlivestmeiR lnconle -If you were married during any portion the reporting year, complete this section. ([)oJltJr ~rtlOt/~ll m;I required e~ctT~/.for ho~lot urhT.) ONE (No reportable non-investment income.) DATE SOURCE AND TyPE 200~ Self-employed~Attorney 
IV. REIMBURSEMENTS Ira~portallon. Iodgittg, fi,od, enterttai ..... NONE (No r~7:,ortable reimbwwements.) ~Ol IRCE ~TES State Bar 5.114 5il LOCATION Dallas PURPOSE CLE Program ITEMS PAID PROVIDED Airl~re, Ilolcl, Taxi, Parking FTS. tnctuae., those Wouse and dependent children; see pp. filing 
NONE (No reportable 
Vl. LIABILITIES. (Includes those spouxe and dependent children; see pp. 2-33 ,~filing i~truction~) NONE (No reportable liabilities.) 
CREDITOR DESCRIPTION VALUE COI)E INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS .......... transactions In,lude~ ,ho~, .~p,,use u,,d dependent uhildren; see pp. 34-60 ,~filing i~,lruction.~.) NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
Description As~~s Income during Gross value end Transactlo~s during reporlmg period 
(including trust assets} r~o~ing ~ri~ 
Place (X) aft ......l .....l exempt flora prior disclosure C~e div., rent. Code Mclhod buy. sell. mmiUyy[I (~e 2I, C{~IO buycr;sellet ini.) (J-P} 	(ilpriva:e rcdemp~ionl {JP) (A-It) 
~]:. Code(Q W)3 
......... ........ .... Account Interest 	 
-Treasury Strips 	 
-Chase Retiremen! Money Mkl. Resep.,es 	 
IRA Account Dividend 	 
-Aberdeen Developing (See Note Sold 011;20.09 	 
-Aberdeen Natural Sold 01120.09 	 
-Aberdeen Op! Sold 01/20,09 -Aberdeen Int Sold 01./20/09 	 
-Ivy Asset Sold 01/20/09 
-Cohen Steers Global Sold 01/20/09 -Januslnt Sold 01/20/09 
Sold 01/20/09 
Sold 01/20/09 
-Jzln~s Long,Shorl 
141 	-Janus F,,rty Sold 01120.09 
-Janu:, Global Sold 01/20/09 
-Thornburg Global 
Sold 01120,09 
17. 	-Blackro~:k (ilobal 
So!d 01/2009 
NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) Description Asset~ Income during [including t~st a~ets) repomng period Place (X~ after each as~cl Amount T~e ~exempt from prior disclosure , Ct~e v. rc:~t, (A-Ill mr) Gro~s value end o[repoaing peri~ Value Value MethodCode C~te IQ-WI g., buy. sell, redemption) Yran~ction~ duri~g repo~ieg Date Value Gain ,mm?L~, Ct~e C~e {J-P) [A-H} Identily buyer/seller (if private ransaction) 
18. -Blackrock lnt Sold 01/23/09 
19. -John Hancock Global Sold 01/20/09 
20. -Merrill Lynch Money Mkt Reserves 
21. -Ivy Ltd Term Bond Buy 01/20/09 
22. -Ivy LtdTcnn Bond Sold 08/04/09 
23. -JPMorgan flighbridgc Buy 01/20109 
24. PMorgan Highbridg Sold 08104109 
25. -Managers AMG FQGIobal Buy 01/20,09 
26. -ManagersAMG FQGIobal Sold 08,,04/09 
27. -Loomis Sayles Invt. Grade Buy 01]20,[)9 
28. -Loomis Saylcs Inst. Grade Sold 08/04109 
29. -Goldman Sachs Short Dur. Buy 01t20/09 
30. -Goldman Sachs Short Dar. Snld 08104/09 -DWS Short Term Buy 01/20/09 
32. 33. -DWS Short Term -I)WS Short Tcnn Sold (part) Sold 08/04/09 11t19/09 
34. -Aberdeen Equily Buy 08/IM/09 ..... R~po,tin~ 
H,,nen, Andrew 	05/10/2010 NVESTM TRUSTS i,~ ......t,,. ..... ti,~, (InUlUd$ tho, ,~p ......d dependent children: see NONE (No r~Tortab[e income, assets, transactions.) ....B. 
I~cript~on Assels tnco~e during Grus~ vatue e~d Traa~ctions during repoamg perk~ 
(including l~st asset~) r~ni~g period rc~ing peti~t 
Place (X) after each asset Amotmt Type (e.g.. Value Value T~e (eg., Date Value Gain ldenti~ exempt IT~m prior disclosure C~e : div., re~t, Code Mclhod buy, ~ell. ~mm,d~~y Code Code buyer]~ller (A-H) (J-P) Code redempnon~ (J-P) (A-II) (ifprt~at~ 
-Aberdeen Equity Sold 11/19/09 
-Putnam Diversified 	Buy 0g/04/09 
-Aberdeen Developing 	Buy 08/04!09 
-Janus Forty 	Buy 08/~09 
-Janus Forty Sold 11/19.09 
-Aberdeen Natural 	Buy 08,04/09 
-Aberdeen Natural 	Sold 11il9z09 
-Ivy Asset Slrategi 	Buy 08104109 
-John Hancock Global 	Buy 08i04/09 
-Johrl lancl~ck Global 	Buy 11/19/09 
-Lord Abbct~ Bond 	Buy 08104/09 
-Lord Abbott Bond ~ld 11119.09 
-Calamos Convertible Bond 	Buy 08:04/09 
-]ZlilU$ Overseas 	Buy 08/~/09 
-Janus O~lsca~ 	Buy 1/19109 
-Loomis Saylcs Slratcgic 	Buy 08/(Mi09 
-Loomis S:ty~es Strategic Sold 11/19/09 
~,,.cofP .... aepor,l.g O,,,otRr~or, Page ~an~n, 0,,,dry,* 0~/~0/~0 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -i,,- ........ ,t,,.., ...... -,ion, (In,tudes those ......d d,p#naentthildren; see pp. 34-60 filing i~,ruction~.) reportable income, assets, transactions.)NONE Description Assets h~come during (including t~st assetsl repoaing ~ri~ Gross value end rep~ning ~riod T~ansactio~s during reposing ~riod 
52. Place (X) after each assel exempt from prior disclosure ........... -Blackrock Int. OFp. Amotm~ Code ,[ (A-H) (c.g. div., rent, i~t.) Value Code J-P) Valu~ Method Code (Q-W) T~e ~.g.. b~y. scH. redemption) Buy [)al~ Valu~ m~td~yv Code O-P) 08/04109] Gain Code (A-H) Id~n~ily buy~r,sdler [if private tran~ction) 
53. -Blackrock Int, Opp. Sold 11!19/~ 
54. -Blackrock Global Buy 08!04/09 
55. -Blackrock Global Sold 11!19/09 
,56. -Jennison Nat. Buy 11/19t09 
57. -RS Emerging Mkts Buy 1!19!09 
58. -Putnam Voyager Buy 11/19i09 
59. IRA Account Dividend 
60. -Aberdeen Developing (See Nole Sold 01/20/09 
61. -Aberdeen Nalural Sold 01/20/09 
62. -Aberdeeo Opt Sold 01/20/09 
63. -Aberdeen Sold 01/20i09 
64. -Ivy As~el Sold 01/20/09 
65. -Cohen Steers Global Sold 0i,~0/09 
66. -Jt.tnu:~ lnl Sold 111/20,09 
67. -Janus Advisor Sold 01/20/09 
68. -Janus [.ong/Sh()rl Sold 01!20!(~9 
NONE (No reportable income, t~ssets, trattsactio~s.) 
~scription A.ssels (including t~st assc~s~ Plac~ (XY al~cr,each assel exempt from prior disch~sure Income during reposing period Amounl T)~e re.g,Code div,. rcnl, (A-}II int.) Gross value end reposing perR~ Value Value (ode Melhod (J-P) Code T)pe ( buy, sell, redemption) Tr~sactions during reporting ~r~ Date Value Gain ~mmdgy) Code Crude (J-P) (A-I!) Identiwof buyer/seller 0fprivate 
69. -Janus Forty Sold 0[,20/09 
70. -Janos Global S~)Id 01/20,09 
71. -Thornburg Global Sold :01/20,.09 
72. -Blackrock Global Sold 01/20/09 
73. -Hlackrock lnt Sold 01/20,09 
74. -Jolltl Hancock Global Sold 01/20/09 
75. -McrrilI Lynch Moncy Mkt Reserves 
76. -Ivy Lid Term [lond guy 01/20i09 
77. -Ivy Lid Term Bond Sold 08,04109 
78. -DWS Short Tcnn [:lond Buy 01i20109 
79. 80. -DWS Short Term Fhmd -DWS Shortrenn Bond Sold (part) t~uy 08/04/09 10/o7/o9 -DWS Sho~t Term [Iond Sold 11,q9/09 
82. -JPMorgan Ilighbrldge Bu.~ I,2(I,09 
83. -JPMurgan lighbridge Sold 08.O409 
84. -M:magt:rs AMG pQGIobal Buy 01;20/09 
85. -Managers ,,MG PQGIobat Sold 08iPrl,09 INVESTMENTS and RUSTS ............ z,~. ,ra,,,actk, rt~ (In, ludes tho,e ........... dependent dffldren; xee pp. 34-60 filing NONE (,Vo inconw, assets, transaction.5.) B.. 
Dcscripmm A~els Income during Gross vah~c end Transactions duong reporting peri~M (including t~st a~ts} rc~rting period rcpm fit~g 
Place (X) al)cr each assel ~Amouvt fy~(eg., Valoe Value T~c{eg, Date Value Gain Idenfityof exempt from prior dt~clusure Code div.. tent. Ct,dc Mcth(~ buy, sell, m~da~  CMe Code buycr/s~lle~ IA-tl) int.I (J-P) Code. r~empfion) (J-l) (A-II) (if private 
-Loomis Saylcs Ivl. Grade 	Buy 01/20.~09 
-Loomis Sayles Ivt. Grade 	Sold 08/04Z09 
-Goldman Sacks Short Dur. 	13uy 01!20/09 
-Goldman Sacks Short Dur. 	Sold )8/04/09 
-Aberdeen Equity 	Buy 08/04/09 
-Aberdeen Equity 	Buy 10/07/09 
-Aberdeen Equity Sold 11/19/09 
-Aberdeen Developing 	Buy 08/04/09 
-Aberdeen Developing Sold 10/07/09 
-Aberdeen Developing Sold 11119/09! 
-Putnam I)ivcrsilied 	Buy 08i04/09 
-Pumam Db..ersilicd 	Sold 1(I/07/09 
-Putnam Diversili~.d 	[~;uy 1/19/09 
-Janus Fort) 	Buy 08/04/09 
-Janus Forty 	Buy 10/07/09 
-Janus Iorty Sold 11/19/09 
-Aberdeen Natural 	13uy 08/04/09 .... ..... Reporting Dale Repor! INVEST NTS STS -i.,.o~.,.. ~..,, ....... .,i,,., (ln,ludes ,ho,e of~p ...... dep, ndent thildren; ,ee pp. 34-60 o]filing imttuctio~,.) 
NONE (i~) reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
~scriplion Assets (ia~lutli~g t~st assets) Place (X) after each asset exempt frum ~rior disclozure Income during Gross value end reposing period reposing peri~ -~. -(2) ~1) (~) Amount  T)~e (e.g.. Value Value Code div., rent, Ct~e Method (A.II} t,r ira.} (J-P~ Code (Q-W) type (e.g., buy. sell, redemption) Transactions during repomng ~ri~ (2~ 13) (4) Da~c Value lmmd~Syy C~e Code (J-P) (A-It) (5) Identi~ buyer/seller 0fpfiva~e transaction) 
103, -Aberdeen Nalural Sold 11!19!09 
104. -Ivy Asset .Strategic Buy 08/04!09 
105. -Ivy Assct Stracgic Buy t0..07/09 
106. 107. -Ivy Assc~ Strategic -John Ilancock Global Sold (pan) Bt~y 11/19/09 08/04/09 
108. -John Hancock Global Sold t0/07/091 
109. -John Ihmcock Globa! Buy 11/19/09 
110. -Lord Abbet! Bond Buy 08/04/09 112. -Lord Abbott Bond -Calamt)~; Convertible ~,311tl Sold Ipart) Buy 11/19/09 08,T Code Code {J-P} (A-H) ldenti~yof buyer/seller {if private 
120. -Blackrock Int 121. -Blackrock Global Sold {paa} Buy 11/19/09 08i~/09 
122. -Blackrock Global Sold 11119/09 
123. -Janus Overseas Buy 11/19/09 
124. -Jennison Nat. Buy 1/19/09 
125. -P,.S Emerging Mkt Buy 11/19/09 
126. -Pulnam Voyager Buy 11/19/09 
127. Retirement Accotmt ttl Int.Div. 
128. -Fidelity Short Term Bond Fund 
129. -Marshall Bond Fund 
130. -Pax [~alanced Fund Sold 02/10/09 
131. -Citizens Bank Flint Mich Redeemed 02/09/09 
132. -Stralegic Cap Redeemed 07/09/09 
133. -Catapillar Bonds Buy 02/15/09 
134. -Duke Uni. Bonds Buy 02/15109 
135. -Dartmouth College Bonds Buy 07/21/09 
136. -Fidelity Castt Rcser,es 
Name Person Reporting 	Date Repor~ 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS-i ......... t~