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Judicial Watch • Andrew J Kleinfeld Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Andrew J Kleinfeld Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Andrew J Kleinfeld Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: Andrew J Kleinfeld Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:9

Date Created:November 7, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:kleinfeld, Andrew J Kleinfeld, andrew, Insurance, TRUSTEE, State, trust, 2009, investment, TRUSTS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, income, Judge

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Government Act o/'1978 FOR CALEDAR YEAR 2009 USC. opp. J.'i I()/-! 11) the b:rtsi!1 the inform"lion ront;1ined this Report 11nd :my mot..lifications pertaining thereto. is. opinion. ompliancc 
with applicable laws and rcguJations. 
lilf PORTAIVT /VOTES: The insrrucriom accompanying thisfimn must befolitlwed. Comp/Ne all 110rts, checking the NONE box for each purl where you !rave 110 repvrtable i1ijormation. Sign last page. POSIT NS. (lle.portinr.: int!ivid1wl only; '1-13 'if filing inwrut'lirms.) NONE (No reportable positions) 
Kleinfeld, Andrew JI. N-INV ESTJ1ENT 11 !-IE. (Repnrthrg it1dfrid1111/ and sp"u"" .4) ';i)w.:: {ales !See 1lunns :md D.l!  r=S:".ll,O(l) -SIOO,!HHJ .tlo11._,r SUJJll. $SOU_110ll 025.0lH),0(1 -SSO,U00,000  c.i .-s1oc.nn1 -Sl.1 $J 5,0UJ -S50.00!J t..l "'S)OU,lJOI ,(l{llJ.Uilil  Ill -s1 .11nO.tJOl -'55.000,000 "'55tl.OOI S!Oli,i/OU l'I -SlJJOOJJ()l -S5.fllltl.UOO P-' th;m )51l,0L!l),liUU -;fate S5.(l!J0,0GO ='S wo,:rn1 -S:ZS0,1Ylli .:S),liOO,IHJ -SlS.000.01)(1  
(.,) (h1uh. V.ilu.: -C1 tRe;i! bi.tic Only) Oih.:r -A:.::.e:i.mcm -f:,ti11i.nei.l  

Kleinfeld, Andrew 
VII. VESrfl1EN'"JS and TRUSTS -income, rtilue, lrtW.'Ut:fi(m.'i (lnd111Jes tlwse ll.JWllJe and dq1eTJde11{ t.:hildreJ1; .H't! l'P 3..J.-60 'jjilirrx iu.-;rructions.) NONE (No reportable income. assets, transactions)  IJ.  
Di.::-:;t'rlplion Ass.:.ts ni;.01:i.: during  Crn::s "ou...e "ml Jqn11dcnrcf1i/tln11; {('pp. J./-f;i! oj)ilin;; instruction.-;.) NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 

h:!cinfcld, Andrew 
'll. INlES1'l1 EN'fS and USTS imonre, vu''" 1ra11sat1ions r1nc1ui1,. 1hose tlspuu.e and ,1ependenr 1.:hih/re11; ,.,pp. 1.160 rf.ti1t11g im.-rructions..J NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 

Date Rc-port 
Kleinfeld ... ndrew .I. 
Various stocks (including Qwest, American Electric. ATT, 1orthrup Grnmman. Fnirpoin!, and Verizon) accrue additional shares through dividend reinvestment 
Judge Kleinfeld (Pcrsvn Reporting) is" (>Trustee trust (Trust ,,OJ). Northern Trust flank Florida 
the Co-Trustee. Judge Kleinfeld receives income and has the power invade princip"I subject standard. The bendiciaries are members Judge Klein frId's The descriptions the assets controlled the trust are listed Part ill lhe disclosure report. and are followed (Trnst