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Judicial Watch • Archer Jr Glenn L – 2003

Archer Jr Glenn L – 2003

Archer Jr Glenn L – 2003

Page 1: Archer Jr Glenn L – 2003

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:9

Date Created:September 6, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:January 15, 2015

Tags:charitable, archer, direct, glenn, Harris, Energy, Foundation, TRUSTEE, money, funds, trust, Washington, 2003, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, financial, Judge

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Court t)rg:uuzation 
 DaieomU Per-On Repo-ning {Lusi naine, First ru.J.rtlc. Middl::: initial) Appeals Federal Circuit Glenn 
Title {/utick:.ilf lutlg.:s i1:dicatc ox::>.ivc senior stttus; :nagis.tate judges lnd!::etnents.) 
C-c!} ;.:;: r:::;: ;::i :::.: /r,{ 
:;::-,,. .i:::; f;] r?r 
Trustee fee -Braes.tine Mattbevs Trust (charitable educational} 6103 Trustee fee_ Char! Williams four.dl}tion{-charitabfe educational) monthly Alaska retirement annuity 
fT,. REDlBURSElvIENTS trnnspoitr:tion, lodging., foocL cntertninrm,;mt. 
FINANCIAL DISCLOSt:RE REPORT l. GIFTS. i,lncluctcs those tt1 sptuse and dcp;;ndcnt children. Sc.-cpp. 28-3 ofhtstrrn.:ttonsJ UniversityCiub. Washington.DC Honorary Membership Sl,500 U...BILITIF..S. (ln-:!udes those spouS: end dependent children. Sc;: pp. 32-34 lno;irucdons.) 
 NONE {Ne reportahle lfobiliiics..} 
])escrip1loo A;;sels (iri-..:!olcling rrw:t a,;cT::) 
!l11c;: ;xi afler0ech as51:tex0m.;1lfwm prior d1clotm0 
:-;ONE (N( r.:portnbltr inome, nsse.S. transactions) 
Colchester Corp. com 
Glctlmar Farms lnc. corn 
lRA ..Harris Direct 
14. _Microsoft com 
_Lucent oom - j?. l6. _Avaya com. Cisoo rom -_Agere Sys Inc i8. _Money Market Funds !RA#2 Harris Direct 
11. _Cisco com -Intel com 
N:::r.;e o:f1:;-:i11 R;,101ifng Ar-cher, Jr., Glenn 
lncome tlu:inu Grnss nibc en:i TI.prntug. p::rivd rc;;orfr:ig per+xl 
.!,,muunt Type (e.g. V2lue VaL!c Code djv. rett! CoJc:.2 111.:dxJ (AH) .ot.) OPJ (n.;J 
None None lntDiv Int Div 
TJ.h: (t.g. buy.irelL merger,rodcmptif1H) 
FINANCIAL DlSCLOSURE REPORT Nnrr.i.:: Rcpnnlng Page Archer, Jr., Glenn ln::omedir;ing Gross v,1lue tiJ cm.: Tr.l.nctkH durin;-n:pottiug period Descri!MiOO A1;octs rcporli11g permd rcpnrting .;:n:;i:mpt !f,)1:1 (,5) Jdcmily G;iJeVrl.lue,.sdl. Ccdi.l Typo (e.g.diY. renL Yalu ?bee i_X) after 4-nci1 @:le! i;e;npt frum prior dlsdosnre Vr!ue 
;lomhDay i-Jc1:10d b,:ic;.;dkrC:1J22 Code Codi: Cn4e:. mcri;er, ti: ;1;:wn:c (Ml) irnr1sac:iPnJ {AH) i11t} (J..Pi re SIOLl.OUj.q .OCJD.OOD  --;., 1,5,(XHi r. :et. flANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT :...:umc Person epor;i11g Archer. Jr., Glenn Page Il. (:. !). Ln.oomc durintt (ir0fi vrluo uJld!-SiO:IJl00 SHYUJli-S:.ODDJJOD !.OCl:::.::1;.000 
F1NA:;TL4.L DISCLOSURE REPORT N:1mc Pc:scn Rcpor.:ing Page Archer, Jr., Glenn 
Ty;i e.g. 
n.t1e Vh; 
mm. during Grvss vnfoe :< tt1;i 1r::-:1c1 cltirin.t; nrwriing pcqndA, r,;:pcrting p.:ri-1ri rero:riirig: pc:fr,d fls.:riplio A