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Bates 001146 001157 Released

Bates 001146 001157 Released

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ABLE DANGER September 2005 

Purpose the Brief 

 provide information concerning the ABLE DANGER project and the Department Defense efforts determine facts related recent public statements concerning ABLE DANGER. 

This briefmg will address the following questions:	What was ABLE DANGER? 
-Did ABLE DANGER produce chart that depicted /11 hijacker Mohammed Atta? so, was that information passed any other USG organization?	What were the legal authorities applicable ABLE DANGER?	Was DoD responsive the 9/11 Commission's request for data? 


Able Danger 

 October 1999, the Chairman the Joint Chiefs Staff (CJCS) tasked Commander, U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOJ1) develop campaign plan directed against transnational terrorism with initial focus Qaida. 

ABLE DANGER was the unclassified name for this effort. 
ABLE DANGER was planning effort with tasks that included: 
Use nodal analysis 

Determination exploitable vulnerabilities 

Establishment Information Operations (IO) objectives 

ABLE DANGER was not: military unit military operation deception program targeting effort 

Able Danger (cont'd) 

 support ABLE DANGER, the Commander, USSOCOM established internal cross-disciplinary working group, the Operational Concepts Working Group (OCWG), develop the plan. 
-The OCWG consisted approximately persons attached 

ABLE DANGER planning was conducted Oct 1999 -Jan 2001 
 	Various activities and facilities supported USSOCOM during the ABLE DANGER effort	Joint Warfare Analysis Center GWAC), Dahlgren, Virginia	Land Information Warfare Activity (LIWA), Fort Belvoir, Virginia 
Functions now performed the Information Dominance Center (IDC) USSOCOM contractor supported facility Garland,Texas 

Able Danger (cont'd) 

 	USSOCOM provided draft Operations Plan the Joint Staff January 2001. The draft plan: 
-Included five phases based upon adaptive planning maintain agility respond non-conventional threat wide ranging complex environment	Contemplated working coordination with other USG 
1nteragency orgaruzatlons	The USSOCOM draft plan was not finalized 
 2001, the military was continuing develop the Infmite Resolve contingency plans, strike options and development other concepts including offensive information operations. 

Chronology Significant Events Oct 
Oct/ NovOO 
Jan Nov01 Oct Jul 
PLAN ORD directed CDR USSOCOM counter trans-national terrorism, with initial 

terrorist network 

USSOCOM and Joint Warfare Analysis Center GWAC) collaboration began 
USSOCOM and Land Information Warfare Activity's (LIW Information Dominance Center (IDC) collaboration began 

Collaboration Center 
ceased work produce Draft OPLAN delivered Joint Staff SOJICC becomes fully operational 
Mr. Tony Shaffer met with 9/11 Commission staff Afghanistan CDR Scott Phillpott met with 9/11 Commission staff Washington reference ABLE DANGER and "the Chart" believes saw mJan/Feb 

The ''Chart'' and DoD's Response 

effort, proof concept chart was produced 
with ties Qaida, and included 
hijacker Mohammed Atta linked 
 res2onse recent public statements concerning ABLE DANGER, DoD has: 
-Interviewed over 
statements, key 

contract analysts. 
-Performed extensive search records, files and electronic data locate additional ABLE DANGER materials, particularly "the Chart" data that would have produced the chart. 

The Results 

DoD did not discover such chart when first responding the 9-11 Commission Nov /Dec 2003 

DoD has not discovered such chart the current search 

-DoD has not discovered the data that would have enabled creation such chart during ABLE DANGER 

 	DoD has discovered additional ABLE DANGER related documentation not previously identified 

The do_cupie:q.tation w9uld have been generally responsive 9/11 Commission mformation requests. 
However, the documents not shed any new light this issue. 

The files did include nodal analysis charts. 
One the charts, produced 1999 names and photos members the Cell." 
The chart not labeled ABLE DANGER 

The chart does not include the name photo Mohammed Atta. 

Sharing Information 

 	DoD has the authorities necessary share information interest with respect collection, retention and dissemination intelligence with other U.S. government organizations and agencies.These authorities have remained unchanged since 1998. 
-Since 9/11 the policy implementation information sharing has been focused more sharing and less restrictions information characterization the originator 
 routine for attorneys review projects like ABLE DANGER. Attorneys from DoD General Counsel, Joint Staff, USSOCOM and the Army provided advice/ support during the ABLE DANGER project. 
-The legal focus was ensure compliance with existing authorities, e.g., 12333 DoD Directive 5240.1-R, and specifically, collection, retention and dissemination intelligence U.S. persons. 

Interaction with 9/11 Commission 

 	While temporary active duty, Mr. Shaffer discussed ABLE DANGER with the /11 Commission staff Afghanistan October 2003. two 9/11 Commission requests for ABLE documents (Nov/Dec 2003). 
-The Department provided documents response these requests 
DoD facilitated July 2004 meeting between the /11 
Commission staff and CDR Phillpott after desire speak with the Commission concerning and "the Chart". 
 ABLE DANGER documentation information was deliberately withheld from the /11 Commission DoD. 


What was ABLE DANGER? 

ABLE DANGER was USSOCOM planning effort develop campaign plan against transnational terrorism, starting with AQ. was not military unit operation. 
 	Did ABLE DANGER produce chart containing photo /11 hijacker Mohammed Atta? so, was that information passed any other USG organization? 
DoD has been unable locate any ABLE DANGER chart that includes 
Mohammed Atta any data that would have produced such chart 
during ABLE DANGER. date, DoD has not found any administrative impediment that prevented the sharing information. 
 Was DoD responsive the /11 Commission's request for data? 
DoD was responsive the /11 Commission's request for information ABLE DANGER.