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Date Created:June 2, 2014

Date Uploaded to the Library:June 04, 2014

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June 2014 
The Honorable Barack Obama 
President the United States 
The White House 
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. 
Washington, D.C. 20500 

Dear Mr. President: write regarding media reports that the United States Department Homeland Security (DHS) transporting hundreds, and potentially thousands, illegal aliens from the south Texas border and releasing them bus stations Tucson and Phoenix. Governor Arizona, deeply concerned about this troubling policy and the adverse impact the illegal aliens, well Arizona. especially disconcerting that DHS instituted this operation without any notification office, the Arizona Department Public Safety the Arizona Department Homeland Security. instead learned this action from the news media. 
Our nation and the State Arizona face significant challenges stemming from your administration's refusal carry out its responsibility secure our country's southern border. State and local governments, law enforcement agencies, health care providers and nonprofit organizations are all stretched the breaking point attempting manage the enormity these challenges. systematically transporting and releasing more illegal aliens into Arizona, your administration will exacerbate this problem. 
This unwarranted operation another disturbing example deliberate failure enforce border security policies and repair broken immigration system. Media reports indicate that many the illegal aliens that DHS releasing into Arizona from Texas are women, children, and unaccompanied juveniles. The reports also indicate that DHS has abandoned these individuals the bus stations without any food, water basic necessities. remind you that the daytime temperatures Arizona during this time year are regularly more than 100 degrees. Consequently, this federal operation seems place expediency over basic humanitarian concerns. The federal government should not shirk its lawful responsibility care for and properly process these individuals. 
1700 WEST WASHINGTON STREET, PHOENIX, ARIZONA 85007 602-542-4331  FAX 602-542-7602 
The Honorable Barack Obama June 2014 that the citizens our country may fully understand the scope and goal this operation, ask that your administration provide answers regarding the following questions: 	
Who authorized this policy, and why has the federal government selected Arizona the target? 	
When was the policy initiated, and how much longer the operation expected proceed? 	
How many aliens have been transported from other states Arizona and released through this operation? 	
How many aliens have designated Arizona their ultimate destination? 	
How many aliens are designated "family unit," and how many have been designated "unaccompanied juveniles?" 	
What does the federal government know about the backgrounds and histories the aliens being transported and released Arizona? 	
What proactive steps DHS any other federal agency undertaking establish emergency housing/detention space properly process those aliens? 	
What has caused this massive influx illegal aliens such that federal operations Texas are unable handle the processing these individuals? 	
What being done secure the border Texas prevent the continued illegal crossings that have "forced" the federal government transport illegal aliens from Texas and release them Arizona? closing, urge you end this dangerous and unconscionable policy immediately, and instead take actions fulfill the federal government's fundamental responsibility protecting our homeland securing our nation's borders. 

cc: The Honorable Rick Peny, Governor Texas 
The Honorable John Boehner, U.S. Speaker the House 
House Committee Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul House Judiciary Committee Chairman Robert Goodlatte 
Arizona Congressional Delegation