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Judicial Watch • Callie V Granade Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Callie V Granade Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Callie V Granade Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: Callie V Granade Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:15

Date Created:November 7, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Callie, Granade, Callie V Granade, Gross, 2009, INVESTMENTS, transactions, TRUSTS, dividend, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, income, Judge

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AOIO Government Act of1978 
Rev. 112010 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 u.s.c. app.  101-lll) ra... (last oamc, first, middle ioitial) Granade, Callie  2.c..rtor U.S. District Court Southern District Alabama Date Report 6/30f2010  
"-111Se (Article judges indicalc active Ol" senior s=is; magistrale judges indicale full. part-time) Active U.S. District Judge Type (cbctl appropriate type) Nominatioa, Dale lllitial Ill Annual Fmal Reporti-: PerW 01/01/2009 12131/2009  
Sb. Ameodod Report Cltuoben ... Office Address John Campbell United Stales Courthouse 113 Joseph Street Mobile. Alabama 36602 Oii Ille basil doe lafenilatlea cmdaiJlcd Rq>t alld llllY meclllkatiMI pmahdJtg dlerdn, Is,"' cipaloa, mmpllaKe 11'itll mpplbble laws .... replaliem. Rnlewing 00'.ia:r Dale  

IMPORT ANT NOTES: 77re instnu:tiom  tIUsfonn llUISI befollmt>al. all parts, NONE !Nufornicltpmtwluttyo lune-nportU/e btfDnlUdio. SiplHI 1-tpage. POSIT! NS. (ll.qNNtbtg bu/lvl//""1 o,,Jy; -pp. 9-JJ of/Wtw lmtn:dolu.) NONE (No reportable posiLions.) Trutee Trut#l 
Name Penoo Repor1ia:
Granade, Callie Filer's Non-Investment Income 
[ZJ NONE (No rqJortable non-investment income.) 

(yours, not spouse's) Spouse's Non-Investment Income  Ifyo11 wnt! 1lf'portion f tJourJltting """'' c:mrrpUU tJoiismk11t. (Dollar amount not required except for honoraria) NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) 2009 Southwest Bancshares, Inc. (Director's fees) 
2.2009 Stone, Granade Crosby, P.C. (law firm income) 

IV. REIMBURSEMENTS -trtzmport#ltion., m1n1. (Includes thnlMnt cJii14ren; Upp. U-60 fUU.x lnstraions.)  NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.)  
Description Assets (including trust assds)  Income during reporting period  Gross value end reporting period  Transactions during reporting period  

(I) (2) (I) 

(2) (4) (5) 
Value Value Type(e. 

Place "(X)" afta c:acb asset 

div rent, 
Code2 Methodexempt from prioc c!Uclosurc buy, sell. 


(J-P) C.odc3 redemption) 

(Q-W) Income GainCodcs:  A-$1,000 less $1.001  $2,500 -S2.SOI -SS,000  o-ss.001 -su,ooo -Sl.OOl -S.511,000  
(So:ColummDI -104) SS0.001 -SI 00.000 -$100,001 -Sl.000,000  111,,ooo  112 -Muro -ss.000.000 ValueCodcs  1-su.000..-i...  I:. -SIS,001  SS0,000 -S50.001 -$100.000 .o$100,001-S2SO,OOO  
(Sec Columm and DJ) -SZS0.001 -SS00.000  O-SOOl -$1,000.000 -ss.000.001  szs.000.000  
l'3 -szs.000.001-SS0.000,000  r4-Mm:1bao SS0.000.000 Valuo Mdh.rt

Granade, Callie 	6130/2010 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -mco-. wdu, triUISl>Cllolt3 (111d111/u tJIQu SJ'C tutJ Mpauklft cli11; pp. 6(1,,f jiJUrg lllS/nldJoM.) NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
Income during 

Gross value end.
Descriptioo Assets 
Transactioiu during reporting period 

(mcluding trust assets)  (I) 
Place "(X)" UU. eacll asset ext from prior dis::losurc  (I) (2)Type {e.g., div, rent,orinl) (A-H)  {I) Value Codc2 (J-P)  (2) Value Method Codc3 (Q-W)  Type (e.g.,buy, sell, redemption)  (2) Imm/  (3) (4) Value GainCode 21Code (J-P) {A-H)  (5)ldeltiry buyer/seller(ifpri'Val