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Judicial Watch • Carol Bagley Amon Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Carol Bagley Amon Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Carol Bagley Amon Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: Carol Bagley Amon Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:8

Date Created:November 5, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Creek, DividenJ, Concepts, Carol Bagley Amon, Carol, Rental, Gross, court, 2009, Market, TRUSTS, dividend, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, income, Judge

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Rwort Reo111red the Ethics 
AOJO Gover;1mf!nl ic: 1978 
Rnt income.) 

N:lme Person Reporting Dale Rtport 
Amon, Carol 13. 05/15/2010 

t. JFT {/ncfude those spu1o;e und dependent .:hi!dren; see pp. 2-13 offiling instrnctions.J 

lJ. LJ.A.B JES. (Include thou tJ/spuuse and dependent chi!Jren; Ut! pp. 32-JJ ofjihng instructivns.J NONE (/Vo reporrah/e liabilities.) tONE (No reportable income. assets, 1ransac1ions.) 
De:;cr.pnon As.sers Jncom during Gross :i.luc l":1d T:-ar.sac:tons durrn.1,? rq::unint p:oJ .ncuding rrur e1ssetsl ting period reponing pe:iod 
11) (cl (!'1 (:/ 11) Pl.ict: "(X/' after :!ch :lssct i)tl1;t Tn;c(eg Vall.le Vuh ipecg, Jdcnt1ry :i;crnp! lrvm pnor J1s-:losur.: di., ;cnr. Cu0(! Mer hoc! buy, sell. mm:"ddYY Code c.1d:; buycr/sdlcr inl rd..:;npl .nJ 
(A-fl: (J-!'l C0dt.: 
JR_. Accts Citibank. Oklyn,:'iY Dividend ide l:tyAd.Oyna1nicCap1talAppFud 
Law Partnersh tp.Cap.Acct 	No:1e Tlll.)mas Amon Pt!nsion Plan lr.terest 	Tho1YJas Amon PrfShrPIJn !r.tcrest 
Citibank 'I.A . {oney Market lr.tercst 

FidelityControFunJ Dividend 
Fidelity lnCependenceFund Dividend 
Aim Dynamics l'D Clas; ('iame change Dividend 
!r,'sco!Aim Fidity td Eauny Growth DividenJ 
!ll Fide:iry Ad. Tech Fund Dividend 	Legg Mason P:irtr.ers Fin:rnci:il Sen-ices 01-.1iJrnd 
Fund 	Leg tvbson P:irtne!""S Large CapV:iiue fmd DividenJ 	II.I F'S :-..!oder Jle :l [o(afwn Div1Jrnd 
l'llJ:ie Sc::!e::t Chcktng 
lr.ten.:sl 	Four Wrnds Inv. LLC "Y) 
Ln1ph,d. Inc. (Y) 

BioJeisc:-1 .mr!ca. Inc. (Y) lllL.Ur.c 1M1n Lvuc:. a(. vlunm Jr;d D4) ".iolucCJJc:. (Sec Culu;1111s Jnd 9J) .1lur .d"hld (,1Jo ,)'!ITI('.! =E.rnni;.IC'd 
______. ... SS,O(J! 515,JuO -=S: S.Clil  5SO,GOOH2 eo,!oJr: !h::tr. 55,0C'..:,000 "'SliJlJ.CC! -$250,000P2 =SS,C:JO.OIJt. 1Q1J,OOO 

Dae Hrport 
N2me Person Reportinf! 
Amon. Carol 
'II. INVEST!VIENTS and TRUSTS --incvme. '"''" 1ransacriom rrnc1ud" rhose vfspou" and Jpendnt c1i1""n; '"PP J4-6o 011;1;,,c in11rucrmns.1 
 NOl'e VIII)  None  
Rental Prooerty Newport. it. (Sec Vil!)  None 25. Cranston II. LLC 1.sce VII  Nor.e  
Accele,,1ed Ruil,ling Concepts Corp (Sec  
V111) (Y) - L!FP. Inc (Y) 
29. Su111cfoun1:iins In;.: 
311 C1t1H:rnk 
Interest r?. 
Paws Pl1rs, Inc. (See 'Ill) 
None Buy 09/I 5109 34. Tho1npmn Creek kt.1is 
Eluy 06/22109 :S: ,000 lsi. "'s 1.oJ0; .scio "'s.2.01 -S5.Ul)IJ =S5,tl01  Sl.uoo ='.:il5 u:;r -S5oorn1  
(S..:c(uiu1nn:.Ol .11h!!)) .:.SO t..HJl  IJ0.000 --SllJOf'IOl -)1.JlltHOG =-)1,00CJ)OI -SS.000.000  H:? cat;.ore !hln $5,00C,00f1 ValueC.J,lc'.'. )15:)00 !e'S =-5!5,0U!  S0.000 =S5ll,i101  SIOO.OO =SIOO,OUl -25U.LJ-'.J0  
1.:'.llun1nCl Jnd LU1 -:!SO.lJUI  SW