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Judicial Watch • Carolyn D King Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Carolyn D King Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Carolyn D King Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Page 1: Carolyn D King Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:8

Date Created:November 28, 2004

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Taxis, Carolyn D King, carolyn, airfare, American, lodging, DOJ, 2003, INVESTMENTS, TRUSTS, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, Judge

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lleport Required the Ethics Government Act of1978 
Rev. 112004 Calendar Year 2003 :.S.C. app.  101-111) Person Repor::i:>g [Lt name, Firsr nar.1c, f-.iiddlc initial) KING, CAROLYN our, Organizatkm :;.s. COURT APPEALS 5TH CIR DnteofReport lit:e (ArliC Judges in '"":il 

ill. NON-11' "VESNT INCOME. (Report:ng indiv:duat a.nd spouse; see pp, 17-24 nl:ng instructions) Filer's-NonInvestment Inco:m NONE -(Nu re;iort:ubh: non-illvestrnent income.)  (yolfS, ;ro1 spr:l!Se's) Spouse1S: Non vestment com -(!f you were marrieO during any portion the reporting ycur, plc..iSe complete: this. section. (dollar ar:i.ounl not required .'tcept for honoraria} 
:__; NONE No reportable non-;nvestme:l income.) REilvIBLTR.SEMENTS --transponation. loJ.ging, rood. entertuinn1enc 
(lnciudes those spouse and dco:::ndent children. ,'le: pp. 2527 instructions.) 
NONE -(No such ::-eportable rein1bursernerits. Federal Bar Association Meeti ng; Reimbursement Airfare, Lodging,. Taxis; September 15, 2003 Plano, Texas American Law tnst1tute Ccmncil Meeting; Reimburse:mer.t Airfare, Lodging, M:!als, Taxis; October 2224. 2003; New York, New York 
Name Person Reporting
Date Report 
7127/2CG4 GIFTS. (!nC-ludcs those spouse and depenCent children. See pp. 283 ins.lructiorrs_) _y:; NONE (No.uch repo:tab!e gifts.) 
LIABILIT1ES. 	(Im::ludc nfspouse !0i) p,; ""/a,:_i,; hietl:.vd :::octe1 "".-' .:-Cost fRea: E:;;;:a!;;e O:i]); ISe;:; -01umr C2: -3ook Va;:.:: "Ome-: