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Date Created:April 10, 2014

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1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, 
Washington, 20229 

U.S. Customs and 
Border Protection 

APR 2014 
The Honorable Charles Grassley United States Senate 
Committee the Judiciary 
Washington, 20510 
Dear Senator Grassley: 
Thank you for your recent letter Secretary Johnson requesting information about documents you provided that redacted internal Department Homeland Security (DHS) e-mails regarding specific individual. pleased provide general information regarding 
U.S. Customs and Border Protection's (CBP) screening individuals seeking entry the United States, however, absent f-urther information regarding the case mentioned the document, unable provide specific information. 
DHS's mission includes the border enforcement the customs, immigration, and agriculture laws and regulations the United States and the enforcement hundreds laws behalf numerous federal agencies. CBP has the dual missions securing the Nation's borders while also facilitating lawful travel and trade. order balance its dual missions effectively, CBP uses its data rich capabilities, include both information and processes, help inform decisions regarding which travelers, conveyances and goods require additional scrutiny and examination. Using risk-based approach, CBP better able determine which individuals require more attention and may pose threat. 
Apart from very narrow exceptions, all individuals, including anyone who has filed lawsuit against DI-IS, are subject complete inspection ensure that they may permitted lawf-ully enter the United States. Additional time may required determine individual's admissibility the port entry during secondary inspection. Determinations whether secondary inspection appropriate are made the port entry based all the information available CBP that time. traveler's ability enter admitted the United States may determined without necessitating secondary inspection because information available CBP has been reviewed and examined numerous prior occasions, including any appropriate interagency coordination. important understand that CBP does not have the authority ignore information that renders individual alien inadmissible because CBP does not have the discretionary authority admit inadmissible alien. Accordingly, CBP does not maintain any list other mechanism which would render individual free the grounds inadmissibility from any other inspection requirement, including secondary inspections. 
Additionally, CBP developed processes resolve situations where travelers are repeatedly stopped CBP because their biographical information (name, date birth, document 
The Honorable Charles Grassley Page 
number) similar identical lookout record(s) CBP's TECS database, but the traveler not the actual subject the record. The process used only situations where CBP has determined through thorough inspection the person that they are not the subject the TECS record. not used for any other purpose and never cases when the traveler the focus the record. 
The Terrorist Watchlist maintained the Terrorist Screening Center, which was created the Attorney General and administered the Federal Bureau Investigation. All questions related the watchlist should therefore referred the Department Justice for response. appreciate the opportunity describe DHS processes for identifying ties terrorism among individuals attempting enter the United States, and would happy provide more detailed briefing the particular case cited your letter, the appropriate setting. 
Thank you again for your letter. appreciate your interest this matter and look forward working with you future homeland security issues. may offer further assistance, please contact Mr. Michael Yeager, Assistant Commissioner, Office Congressional Affairs 
(202) 344-1760. 
Sincerely, Gil Kerlikowske Commissioner