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Judicial Watch • CFPB 2012 010 Final Cvr Ltr

CFPB 2012 010 Final Cvr Ltr

CFPB 2012 010 Final Cvr Ltr

Page 1: CFPB 2012 010 Final Cvr Ltr


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Date Created:April 23, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 20, 2014

Tags:informmation, foiaa, ffoia, Novembeer, Exxemption, Washinggton, Randall, cfpb, appeal, release, Attorney, request, records, office, ICE, CIA

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RE: FOIA Request #CFFPB-2012-0010 
Februaryy 17, 2012 
Lisette GGarcia, J.D. Senior Innvestigator Judicial WWatch 425 Thirdd Street SW, Suite 800 Washinggton,  200024 
Dear Ms. Garcia: 
This letteer final response your Freedoom Informmation Act (FFOIA) requeest dated Octtober 19, 2011. Your requuest sought all communiccations and rrecords coommunicatioons and frrom Carter Doougherty, Shhahien Nasirripour, Bradyy Dennis, MMaya Jacksonn Randall, annd Mark Calabria.. statedd our interrim responsee, search off the Office oof Media Reelations and Office Records, Privacy FFOIA was coonducted usiing the parammeters descrribed the rrequest. Novembeer 17, 2011, you were coontacted MMr. Williamm Holzerlandd update yyou the staatus your request and innform you oof the voluminous page ccount associaated with yoour request. During thhat discussioon, was setttled upon too exclude Maaya Jackson Randall andd Mark Calaabria from the request wwell extracct all CFPB--issued presss releases thaat did not coontain subseqquent commentts from CFP personnell after the iniitial release. for presss releases thhat containedd subsequeent commentts, the press release and tthe commennts were incluuded but dupplicate copiees the identiical press relleases were extracted.  
Attachedd this letter, please findd our final reesponse yyour request,, which conssists 265 ppages granted part. Thesse responsive pages are tthe result redefining tthe search paarameters detailed oon Novembeer 17, 2011 aas well measures ddetailed thhe above parragraph. Portions these recoords are redaacted pursuaant U.S.CC.  552(b)((5) and (b)(66). 
FOIA Exxemption protects fromm disclosuree those inter-- intra-ageency documments that aree normallyy privileged iin the civil ddiscovery conntext. The tthree most frrequently invvoked privileeges are the deeliberative pprocess privi lege, the attoorney work-pproduct privvilege, and thhe attorney-cclient privilege. After careefully reviewwing the respponsive docuuments, determineed that portioons the ressponsive doccuments quaalify for proteection underr the Deliberrative Proceess and Attorneyy-Client Priivileges. Thee deliberativee process priivilege proteects the integgrity the deliberat ive decisiion-making pprocesses wiithin the ageency exemmpting from mandatory disclosurre opinions, cconclusions,, and recommmendations iincluded witthin inter-aggency intraaagency mmemoranda oor letters. Thhe release off this internaal informatioon would disscourage the expressioon candid opinions annd inhibit thee free and fraank exchangge informaation amongg agency ppersonnel. Thhe attorney-cclient privileege protects cconfidentiall communicaations between attorney and their cli ent relating legal maatter for whiich the clientt has soughtt professionaal advice. applies facts divulgged client his attoorney, and enncompasses any opinionns given attorney his clientt based uponn, and thus reeflecting, thoose facts, well communications betwween attorneeys that refleect client-suppplied informmation. Thee attorney-cliient privilege not limiteed the conntext litigaation. 
FOIA Exxemption exempts froom disclosur personnel medical ffiles and simmilar files thee release which wouuld cause cclearly unwaarranted invaasion personal privacyy. This requires balancingg the publlics right disclosure aagainst the inndividuals rright privaacy. The typpes informmation that wwe have withhheld consistt telephonne numbers, ppersonal emmail addresse and/or innformation elonging third partyy that are connsidered perssonal. The pprivacy interrests the inddividuals tthe records yyou have reqquested outwweigh any mminimal publiic interest inn disclosurre the infoormation. Anny private innterest you mmay have that informaation does noot factor intto the aforemmentioned baalancing testt. 
You mayy appeal any the respoonses deciisions the interim respponse set forth above. you chooose file ann appeal, youu must within caalendar dayss from the daate this leetter.  Your apppeal must writing, ssigned yoou your reepresentativee, and shouldd contain thee rationale for the appeeal. You maay send yourr appeal via tthe mail (adddress below)), email (CFPB_FFOIA@cfpb .gov) fax (1-855-FAXX-FOIA (3299-3642)). 
Your apppeal should bbe addressedd to: 
Chief FOIA Officcer 
Freedom Informationn Appeal 
Connsumer Finaancial Protecttion Bureau 
1500 Pennsyylvania Avenue, N.W. (AAttn: 1801 Street) 
Washinggton, D.C.  20220 

For inquiiries concernning your reqquest, pleasee contact Mss. Dominiquee Banks pphone 2022435-73599 and referennce the FOIAA request nuumber above you are unable reeach Ms. Maagere, please feel free conntact CFPBs FOIA Servvice Center email CFPB_FOIAA@cfpb.govv telephhone 1-8555-444-FOIAA (3642). 

Martin MMichalosky FOIA Maanager Office off Records, Prrivacy FOOIA