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Judicial Watch • China Meeting Summary – December 10, 2013

China Meeting Summary – December 10, 2013

China Meeting Summary – December 10, 2013

Page 1: China Meeting Summary – December 10, 2013

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Date Created:June 27, 2014

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Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton, and fundraising staff member, Chenelyn Barker, met with the Chinese delegation its headquarters Washington, DC, December 10, 2013. 
Mr. Fitton discussed Judicial Watchs structure non-profit, non-partisan organization that supported largely the donations individual American citizens who believe its mission promote ethics and transparency government. receives monetary support from individuals, well foundations, response Judicial Watchs efforts inform and educate the public through various venues, including monthly newsletters, weekly Internet updates, educational panels, press releases, and major media and radio coverage.   
President Fitton then provided the delegates with overview Judicial Watchs investigations and research, legal, and media departments that work unison bring the results its investigative work into the public domain. such, the visitors were introduced the federal Freedom Information Act (FOIA)the primary tool used Judicial Watch uncover government corruption. Working closely with research and investigative staff, Mr. Fitton told the visitors that the legal team serves enforcement mechanism, filing lawsuits against those agencies that refuse fail respond its information requests within the statutory deadline provided FOIA law. This what sets Judicial Watch apart from other public interest organizations the nations capital. Not only does educate the public, but uses the rule law uphold the publics right know about the inner workings their government and their elected officials.  Finally, Mr. Fitton said, JWs media department interacts with major news sources, who publicize its findings through print and on-line media and through radio and interviews.   
The Freedom Information Act was signed into law 1966, less than years ago.  Judicial Watch has date been practitioner FOIA law for yearssince the time its incorporation 1994. The president then told the guests that anyone, including foreign citizen can file request for federal agency records. However, takes organization with the determination and the ability stay the course, coupled with smart investigative and legal staffand hundreds thousands  supporters across the countryto become force reckoned with carries out its mission promote transparency and openness government.