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Date Created:July 27, 2018

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Executive Office the President
September 12,2017
Avram Chomsky
Department: Linguistics 0431
Current Status: Active
The following appointment(s) with the University Arizona has/have been approved. This Notice Appointment
incorporates any authorized agreements letters offer you have signed with either your department college that
contain specific conditions related your employment with the University Arizona.
Professor, Linguistics (Multi-Year from 2017 2020)in Linguistics, effective from September 05, 2017 through
May 20, 2018 0.250 PTE, with annualized academic base salary $250,000.00. This appointment
subject and incorporates the provisions Arizona Board Regents (ABOR)Policy Manual, Policy 6-201,
Conditions ofFaculty Sei^vice, and Chapter the University Handbookfor Appointed Personnel(UHAP).
During this appointment period your current classification exempt employee, your rate pay, and your time keeping
responsibilities may directly impacted regulations issued the Department Labor under the Fair Labor Standards
Act(FLSA). the event your employment must reclassified non-exempt per the FLSA regulations, your annualized
salary will converted hourly rate, and you will receive amended notice appointment reappointment,
appropriate, for the remainder your existing appointment period that complies with the FLSA and its regulations. Faculty
members whose primary duties consist teaching are anticipated retain their exempt status.
Salaries the University may funded from variety sources, including state appropriations, and other non-state
appropriated sources, such retained tuition dollars, grants, contracts, clinical revenue, other funds earned the
institution. Your salary funded non-state appropriated sources. the event these non-state appropriated funds are
longer available, your FTE and/or salary could reduced, your appointment could terminated you are not
tenured continuing,status appointment. your appointment(s)is not intended extend beyond six months you have adjunct faculty appointment(s), you will
not entitled notice non-renewal review with respect the short-term adjunct appointment(s) listed this
document. you perform professional clinical practice activities through B-UMG and that relationship ceases, your University
appointment and employment will terminate unless otherwise specifically determined the University (in which case your
compensation and benefit arrangements will adjusted accordingly). the past, the University has implemented furlough plan cost-saving measure, directed ABOR.Should
additional furloughs approved, you will notified accordance with duly adopted furlough plan guidelines, and will required comply with any such measures during the course your employment. Iffurloughs are implemented,
applicable information will made available the Division Human Resources.
Sincerely yours.
Robert Robbins,President accepting this appointment under the conditions stated above, agree that subject ABOR Conditions Service
The University Arizona Division Human Resources
Rev 06/13/2017
and coiresponding provisions ofthe UHAP,as referenced above. understand that employment status changes such leaves absence and PTE modifications that occur during the Fiscal
Year will reflected Personnel Action Fomi (PAF), and will available through departments business office
and UAccess.
During this appointment period, also understand that current classification exempt employee, rate pay, and time keeping responsibilities may directly impacted regulations issued the Deparmient Labor under the
FLSA and that employment and this Notice Appointment/Reappointment may amended reflect
classification non-exempt employee under the FLSA. agree comply with the rules, regulations, and policies the University Arizona and the Arizona Board Regents
related appointment, including, but not limited to, the intellectual property policies from time time amended and
the standards professional conduct referenced policies the University. hereby assign the Arizona Board Regents all right, title and interest intellectual property created invented which the Arizona Board Regents claims ownership interest under its Intellectual Property Policy (the ABOR Policy). agree promptly disclose such intellectual property required the ABOR Policy, and sign all
documents and all things necessary and proper effect this assignment ofrights. have not agreed (and will not agree) consulting other agreements grant intellectual property rights any other person entity that would conflict with
this assignment wi)h the Arizona Board Regents ownership interests under the ABOR Policy.
Please accept this appointment within days(for fiscal appointees) days(for academic appointees).
The University Arizona Division Human Resources
Rev 06/13/2017