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Date Created:July 27, 2018

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Form #106 04/15/02
Revised: 7-29-16
(hereinafter referred University)
(hereinafter referre(Mo Consultant)
University desires retain Consultant, and Consultant v^dlling provide services
University Consultants capacity independent contractor, upon the terras and
conditions set forth this Agreement.
Consultant shall provide those services set forth Exhibit attached this Agreement
and doing agrees exercise Consultants best efforts completion the described
The total cost, including allowable expenses, University for the performance tlie
services shall not exceed:
dollars (a5,000 >00 Consultant shall reimbursed for allowable expenses
upon provision oforiginal receipts. Allowable expenses are those ordinary and necessary
expenses related tlie performance oftlie conhact such transportation,lodging, and meal
expenses. Personal expenses such diy cleanuig, personal telephone calls, entertainment,
alcoholic beverages,and other expenses not related the performance ofthe contract shall
not considered allowable expenses. Payment shall made University check to:
Name ofindividual Consultant firm:
Social Security Number Federal Tax I.D. Number:
Zol?- MdvcA ZPi
Either party temiinate this Agreement giving seven(7)days written notice the
other party. this Agreement terminated prior completion. Consultant shall paid for
services rendered and allowable expenses inciured tlie date oftermination. Consultant
shall provide University, all repoils, drawings, and other work products produced
Consultant part this Agreement the time oftenninalion.
For all purposes under the terms this Agreement Consultant shall independent
contractor, and not officer employee University. Nothing herein shall deemed
constitute create relationship ofagency,joint venture partnership among the parties
and party hereto shall have any power authority act for bind the other party.
University shall provide employee benefits, including but not limited workers
compensation coverage, regularly afforded staff, faculty, and administrative and
professional employees. Consultant shall provide whatever tools, equipment, vehicles, and
supplies Consultant may delemiine necessary for the performaiice ofthe services
hereunder, and shall responsible for all expenses its operation, including expenses
incurred hiring employees and assistants Consultant.
The conduct and control work under this Agreement lies solely with Consultant, and
University interested the satisfactory progress and the successful completion the
services described Exhibit University shall permitted retain other consultants
performing the same similar tasks, and Consultant shall permitted provide services other parties, consistent with Consultants obligation utilize best eftbils the
completion services undertaken pursuant the terms this Agreement.
Consultant shall provide such interim written reports concerning the performance services
under this Agreement University may request writing and, upon expiration other
termination the Agreement shall provide written report University setting forth the
results ofthe tasks performed hereunder.
)iiiUM(J_;ijiiudiin^ C(himiIIiImI, iIi [iiii (ifllic
services rendered under thirAgr^j S5i]T^eprovided and the sole property
University. Consultanksbafhiorrelease such woiTpmdTtet-^;:^^ information obtained,
produced pLn;yjant1olhis Agreement without the prior written consent University.
The parlies shall comply with all applicable state and federal statutes and regulations
governing Equal Employment Opportunity, Non-Discrimination, and Immigration.
The parties agree that should dispute arise between them concerning this Agreement and party seeks affinnalive relief other than money damages the amount Fifty Thousand
Dollars ($50,000)or less, exclusive interest, costs and attorneys fees, the parties shall
-subjuil the mnlterlo arbitrntion pursuant the Rcvi.scd Uniform Arbitration Act, A.R.S 12-
3001 seq. (the Act), whose rules shall govern the interpretation, enforcement, and
proceedings pursuant this section. Except otherwise provided the Act, the decision the arbitrator(s) siial! final and binding upon the parlies.
The pnilics recognize thai the perfonnimce the Arizona Board Regents for and
behalf ofThe University Arizona may dependent upon the appropriation offunds
the State Legislature Arizona the availability offunding from other sources. Should the
Legislature fail appropriate the necessaiy funds, the Universitys appropriation
reduced during the fiscal year funding becomes olhei-wise not legally available, the Board Regents may reduce the scope the agreement appropriate cancel the agreement.
The Board agrees notify Consultant soon reasonably possible afterthe unavailability said funds comes the Boards attention. the event that the Board Regents reduces
the scope ofor cancels this Agreement pursuant this Section 11, Consultant shall paid
for services rendered and allowable expenses incurred the date ofsuch reduction
This Agreement subject the provisions Arizona Revised Statute 38-511 regarding
Conflict Interest.
Contractor shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the fullest extent allowed
law, the State Arizona, the Arizona Board Regents and the University, its officers,
agents, and employees (Indemnitees) from any and all claims, demands, suits, actions,
proceedings, loss, cost, and damages every kind and description, including attorneys
fees and/or litigation expenses, which may brought made against incurred
account breach, loss damage any properly, for injuries death any
person, financial loss incurred Indemnitees, caused by, arising out of, contributed
to, whole part, reasons any act, omission, professional error, fault, mistake, negligence Contractor, its employees, agents, representatives, subcontractors, their
employees, agents, representatives connection with incident the performance
the Agreement, arising out Workers Compensation claims, Unemployment Compensation
claims, Unemployment Disability Compensation claims employees Contractor and/or
its subcontractors claims under similar such laws and obligations. Contractors obligation
under this provision shall not extend any liability caused the sole negligence the
State Arizona, Arizona Board Regents, University its officers, agents, and employees.
Such indemnification shall specifically include infringement claims made against any and all
intellectual property supplied Contractor and third party infringement under the Agreement.
Consultant shall submit monthly billings connection with the sei-vices performed under
this Agreement. Billings must specify the name the individual performing the services,
the type services being performed, the amount time spent the effort, and the hourly
rale charged for the services. These billings shall sent to:
However, vinder circumstances shall Consultant reimbursed for amount which
proportionately greater than the portion the job which has been completed. The
University shall pay such invoices within days receipt ofsuch invoices from Consultant.
Co^ultant verifies that Consultant any employee Consultant(check one)is i^^^n^
Plan employee University.
Consultant shall flirnish the following ceitificates insurance:
^Commercial General Liability, Minimum $2,000,000 Combined Single Limit (CSL)
each occmience.
Commercial Automobile Liability, Minimum $1,000,000 Combined Single Limit
(CSL) each occurrence.
Professional Liability, Minimum $1,000,000 Combined Single Limit (CSL) each
occurrence. Workers Compensation, Statutory Requirement
Employers Liability, $100,000 Minimum
shall named additional insured Commercial General Liability and
Commercial Automobile Liability insurance certificates. The underlined wording
must appear the certificates (commercial general liability and commercial
automobile liability) and all insurance certificates must submitted with this
agreement. The Office Risk Management shall detennine the amount insurance
required and the acceptability insurance certificates submitted.
The Consultant agrees keep all books, accounts, reports, files and other records relating
this Contract for five (5) years after completion the Contract. addition, the Consultant
agrees that such books, accounts, reports, files and other records shall subject audit
pursuant A.R.S. 35-214.
This Agreement made under and shall interpreted according Arizona law. required ARS 35-393 35-393.01, Entity certifies not currently engaged boycott Israel and will not engage boycott Israel during the term this
Contract. WITNESS WHEREOF,the parties hereto have executed this Agreement the dates designated
Authorized Signature
Aull]orized Sigpature
Printed Name
Printed Name
The University Arizona (UA) College Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS) have invited Dr.
Noam Chomsky participate guest speaker from January March 2017. The
compensation will $65,000; payable March 2017. This payment meant cover all
expenses related his participation. The will also provide hours/week administrative
assistance help Dr. Chomsky manage his schedule and logistics.
For purposes copyright, this contract shall not considered work-for-hire agreement. Any
materials prepared, presented, delivered, produced Dr. Chomsky during the term this
agreement remain fully his own and reserves all rights them, including all applicable
copyrights. The terms for use any recordings, transcripts, images, other materials created
during the term this agreement are subject separate written agreement. For the
avoidance any doubt, this provision shall have full force and effect and supersede Clause
the Consultant Agreement (Formttl06] between The Arizona Board Regents behalf The
University Arizona and Noam Chomsky.
The deliverables required the Independent Contractors Agreement with Dr. Chomsky
Guest Speaker for What Politics?
The course examines industrial state capitalism the dominant organizing principle our
economy. Throughout the course, students will interrogate the consequences this
orientation, including threats the human species such climate change, potential nuclear
terrorism, and the expansion militarism and warfare. These consequences also encompass
the less spectacular, but nevertheless devastating, effects globalization and unfettered
capitalism social inequality. the heart the class, students will explore possible
responses and resistances these phenomena and will investigate the achievements and
difficulties Involved with agitating for progressive change.
The class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays, but are only requesting Dr. Chomskys
participation guest speaker Thursdays.
5:00-6:4Spm, ENR2 building, room N120
Dr. Chomsky invited lecture for 45-60 minutes, and for the remainder class time
guest faculty member will moderate QA. Students will include 400 undergraduate
students (including Honors College students} and 175 non-degree seeking students
enrolled Humanities Seminar Program.
7:00-8:00pm, ENR2 building, room SIO
Dr. Chomsky invited host discussion with undergraduate students enrolled the
Honors College.
Since this 7.5 week session,the class will meet the following Thursdays with Dr.
Week January
Week February
Week February
January 31, 2016
Week February
Week February
Week March
Public and Other Events
Free public lecture and conversation with College Education faculty education the
United States. Organized the Confluence Center for Creative Inquiry, Graduate and
Professional Student Council, and the College Education
Contact: Javier Duran, Director the Confluence Center
Tentative: February 20, 6:00pm, Student Union (capacity 600)
One-hour video discussion consciousness with Stuart Hameroff
The video will used international conference consciousness later next year
Shanghai. Contact: Stuart Hameroff, Professor the College Medicine and founder
the Consciousness Center
Date, Time, Location TBD private early-evening reception weekend brunch. Dr. Chomsky invited speak for
15-20 minutes followed hour informal conversation with guests.
Date, Time, Location TBD
January 31, 2016