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Clinton Presidential Library documents

Clinton Presidential Library documents

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Date Created:October 22, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 06, 2013

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I20UPres1den! Clinton Avenue
Lillie Rock, 72201
October 17, 2013
Christopher Farrell
Judicial Watch. Inc.
425 Third St. Suite 800
Washington, DC. 20024 FOIA Case: 2006-0885-F (seg
Dear Mr. Fan ell:
This letter further response your Freedom Information Act (FOIA) request dated April 2006
for access Clinton Presidential records pertaining any and all records the ask Force
National Health Care Reform. OIA requests for Clinton Presidential records are pr: _sed and
reviewed for access under provisions the Freedom Information Act U.S.C. 552). 
completed proc ssing. according the provisions ofFOIA. the approximately 57,2 pages Clinton
Presidential records responsive segment your FOIA request 2006-0885-F. Please keep mind
that the page total estimate and that all pages processed might not applicable your speci
topic. these 57,234 pages Clinton Presidential records, 106 pages have been restricted whole part compliance with the restrictions the FOIA and that specify what material can released the
public. list applicable FOIA exemption categories and copy the nding aid that hes the
processed material attached. Further, the number pages restricted from access, whole part, listed along with the restriction categories below. Some pages may restricted under more than
Restriction Number Paves
FOIA b(6) pages Page
FOIA b(7)(e) page
FOIA b(7)( page
PRM (personal record mis appeal rights) pages this ime, you have the right file administrative appeal any Clinton Presidential records
respon your FOIA request that have been withheld under exemption cat (b). appeal any FOIA exemption, the appeal must submitted ting the attention the Deputy Archivist the United States, the William 1200 President Clinton
Avenue, Little Roc Arkansas 72201, email Clinton.library@nara. gov. You should also
include copy original request and this letter Both your appeal letter and the envelope entail
subject line should clearly marked FOIA Appeal. have calendar days from the receipt date this letter your appeal. The Library will coor nate your appeal with the appropriate author
NAR.-1 web site /mps
Since these are Presidential records adn tered accordance with U.S.C 2201-2207 and
Executive Order 13489, NARA must notify the former and incumbent Presidents prior the release
any information response these appeals. Once appeal determination made and the provisions B0. 13489 have been met. will contact
The remaining pages are open for research. you may aware historical records NARA are not
governed the FOIA fee and fee waiver provisions section (a)(4)(_A)(vi). Accordingly. the
Clinton Library does not provide fee waivers for copying. NARA arges standard reproduction fees
for copying historical records accordance with our statutoii based fee schedule. codified 21l6(c). will happy provide you with copies the open and partially open records
(inclut ing the FOIAn1arkers, document withdrawal sheets, and administrative markers) upon receipt
the reproduction fee $.80 per page. accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Expre and
checks payable the National Archives Trust Fund You ntav View the documents our
room the Clinton Library where self-service pier available for the price $.25 page. hope you this information helpful. will take further action regarding this request until hear from you. you wish order copies need any further assistance, please write call our
staff (501) 244-2877 Your case log number 2006-0885-F Lscg 4).
Please have this number accessible for reference during any future contact conoeming this case.
Sinc ely,
mom Mmawc Simmons
Supervisory Arch
William Clinton Pres ential Library
NAR4 web rim 111117 www chz ve.r gov
PRA Restrictions and FOIA Exemptions Code
Presidential Records Act [44 U.S.C. 2Z04(a)] Nat rial Security Classi Information [(a)(l) the PRA] Relating the appointment Federal [(a)(Z) the PRA] Release would violate Federal statute [(a)(3) the PRA] Release would disclose trade secrets orcon dential commercial nancialinformation [(a)(4) the
PRA] Release would disclose con dential advice between the President and his advisors, between such
advisers [a)(5) the PRA] Release would constitute clearly unwarranted invasion personal privacy [(a)(6) the PRA]
Freedom Information Act U.S.C. SS2(b)] National security classi information [(b)(l) the FOIA]. 
b(2) Release would disclose internal personnel rules and practices agency [(b)(2) the FOIA]
b(3) Release would violate Federal statute [(b)(3) the FOIA]
b(4) Release would disclose trade secrets confidential nancial information [(b)(4) the FOIA]
b(6) Release would constitute clearly unwarranted invasion personal privacy [(b)(6) the-FOIA]
b(7) Release would disclose information compiled for law enforcement purposes [(b)(7) the FOIA]
proceedings [(b)(7a) the FOIA]
b(7b) Release information would deprive person right toa fair trial impartial
adjudication [(b)(7b) the FOIA]
b(7c) Release ofinforniation.could reasonably expected constitute unwarranted invasion personal privacy [(b)(7c) the OIA] 
b(7d) Release information could reasonably expected disclose theider itity coii dential
source, including State, local, foreign agency authority any private institution which
furnished inforrnation con dential basis, and, the case record information compiled -thacoua
conducting lawful national security intelligence investigation, iiifonnation furnished
con dential source [(b)(7d) the OIA]
b(7e) Release information would disclose techniques and procedures for law enforcement
investigations prosecutions, would disclose guidelines for law enforcement investigations
prosecutions such disclosure could reasonably expected risk circumvention the 15w
[(b)(7e) the FOIA]
b(7f) Release information could reasonably expected endanger the life physical safety individual [(b)(7f) the FOIA]
b(8) Release would disclose information concerning the regulation financial institutions [(b)(8) the
b(_9) Release would disclose geological geophysical information conoeming Wells [(b)(_ the FOIA]
1200 President nton Avenue
Little Rock, 7.7.201
Inventory for FOIA Request 2006A0885-F
Reco the Health Care Task Force
ncludes 711 electronic pages)
Collection open all researchers. Access Clinton Presidential Record governed the
Presidential Records Act (.PRA) (44 USC 2201) and the Freedom Information Act (FOIA USC amended) and therefore records may restricted whole part accordance with legal
Documents this collection that were prepared officials the United States govemment pan
their official dut the public domain. Researchers are advised consult the copyright law the
United States (17 SC, 101) which governs the making photocopies tlier reproductions
copyrighted material.
cial records William Jefferson Clinton presidency are housed the Clinton Presidential Library
and administered the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) under the provisions
the Presidential Records Act (PRA).
Processed 1lfA1Cl1 1st. 2013. Previously restricted materials are they released. Content materials FOIA 2006-0885-F are selective body ocuments responsive the topic the
FOIA, Addi onal material for this FOIA case has been segments 1-3. 2006-088 contains records regarding Presiden Clinton attempts put into effect total tlie health care system the United State First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton was
appointed the head the Health Care Task For 117). She expended tremendous amount
energy trying get health care reform through ongiess. She traveled across the mtry holding
numerous hearings, conferred with Senators and Representatives countless ns. and went
outside the government time and time again she valiantly attempted broker deal. However.
despite her best ef1 orts Clinton plan. known the Health Security Act, didn even get introduced into
ists. pre rele ses, schedules. newspaper
large amount information related prospe peakers and like-
minded experts who ostensi might testify the ialnlity Clinton health care plan.
/11/J. /Vmvw. L1iI1luI1[tl7/ tlI. g(I_ 
Ignzenl leading mental health advocate Dr. Beniie Arons played key role the drive toward health care
refonn the Clinton Adininisti ion. Ile served mental health and substance abuse adviser Tipper
Gore and teamed with her co-chair the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Working Group for the
President Ta. orce National Health Reform. Moreover, Arons held high governmental pos ions
that permitted him shape mental health policy national level. These posts included Director
the Center for Mental Health rvices SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services
Admin tration) and Sen the National Institute Health 2009 was appointed the Director Medical Affairs Saint Elizab Hospita enabled Arons the supervisor all clinical programs the Hospital, including the psyc natiy
residency training program.
The Staff Office Files ofBernic ons are composed inarily drafts. bills. and brie papers.
For instance. there voluminous vpy the Health Security Act which contains all paits the bill
and could perhaps serve starting point for somebody interested Clinton health care brin plan. parently teamed with Larry Levitt health care matters, Gary Claxton worked the White
House the first part the Clinton Administration. The two men spent most their time dealing with
cost containinem. insurance refonn. nancing issues. and the various components the Health Security
Act. short, they were actively engaged the ongoing struggle for complete restriict:uring the
health care vstein the United States. From March 1997 through January 2001, Claxton held the
position Deputy Assistant Secretary Health Policy the Depaitment Health and Human
Ser ces. advised the Secretary any number health pol issues ranging from the nancing
prescription drugs the expansion ient rights. Claxtons cunent posts are that Vice
President. the Director the Health Care Marketplace Project and Co-Director the Program for the
Study Health Reform and Private Insurance the Henry Kaiser Family Foundation. oversees
cutting edge proposals designed stay ahead the curve the health care market and capitalize
provisions the Affordable Care Act.
The Staff and Files G211) Tlaxton sist menioranda, handwritten notes. reports,
publications, bills, and dra beusing legislation aimed totally overhauling the health care system
then use across the nation. addition, charts. graphs, and detailed statistical analyse crop
throughout records plans degrees ected exhaustive
iscussion. Lot ing too minute out the oidinary detailed inspection. For
example, there paper entitle ery Theoretical Insurance Reform Options that breaks down the
issue standardized bene package. small group reforms, and purchasing groups.
Larry Levitt served Senior Health Polic Advisor the Clinton White House and Department
Health and Human Ser ces. capacit helped the President the formulation the llealth
Security Act and other related activities. Gary Cla ton, Levitt presently employed the Kaiser
Family Foundation where hol ident for Special Initiatives Senior Advisor the President, and .o-Executive Director the Program for the Study Health Reform and Private
The Sta and Files Lairy Levitt consist ofa wide variety materials. These records compare
the Clinton Administiation proposal elated health inst anee plans and similar legislative efforts.
Levitt tiles also describe comparat nancial, and leg _lative analysis and models assorted health
plans. Seveial ll. diskettes were ated the Stall and Oitice Files Larry Levitt. These ettes les contain ling papers and tables. The reco from these kettes have been processed
electronically and are available foi esea that format.
J0t)6 086 /1/tr, www.uli/x/milibrzitrov
Gary Cohen has several boxes material associated with the Health Care Task Force. unclear
what his exact duties were but seems have been actively engaged from the White House
ananging for speakers appear various functions and meetings ai1 effort put the best face the
Administration refo the health care system the United States. Ii1 recent years, l1as held
several leadership positions the eld global real technology and become passionate advocate the tight improve the state health around the world. li1 addition, Cohen serves advisor
tl1e Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). Staff and Office Files Gary hen contain coiTespoi1dei1ce, mem rar1d es, ts, press
releases. schedules. newspaper articles. and business cards focusing or1 the lining experts who
could advance the cause Clinton health care Events are grouped together month and
sometimes have handwritten notes dir ting spe person after speci individual fulfill
speaking engagement. Additionally, tl1c Departnient lcalth ai1d Human Services (HHS) schedules
include lists ofpotential speakers and even note possible happenings that the administration declined
accept. Ir1 some instances, health care activities ended being organized state.
During the first term the Clinton Administration Christine Heenan worked the Domestic Policy
Council, and that capacity served Senior Health Policy Analyst. She advised the President oi1
health care issues, wrote speeches for him, Mrs. Clinton. and Vice President Gore. Subsequent
leaving politics. Heenan was the Director Comniuni Govcrnn1ei1t Relations Brown
University (1995-2000), tounded and then became Clarendon Group Inc. (2000-2008),
con1mui1ieations ai1d government relations consulting 111, ar1d concurrently held the position senior
advisor Public Strategies (2005-2008). national public affairs finn with offices several different
locations the United States the present time she holds the post President for Public Affairs
ar1d Communic ions Harvard University Her duties include overseeing con1n1uriications and
government cornmui1ity relations and acting senior advisor the president, provost. and governing
The Staff and Office Files Christine Heenan consist primarily booklets. pamphlets, and assorted
other publications that deal with health care legislation introduced members Congress. These bills
are compared unfavorably Clinton records tl1i segment
were actually processed segment 2006-0885 and can found there.
One the major movers and shakers the push for health care reform during the Clint
Adniinistration, Chris Jenning joined the Wl1itc House ir1 1994 and assumed the positior1 Special
Assistant the President for Health Polic that capacity played key role health insurance
reform. quality assurance. the formation the President Comn Quality and
Consumer Protection, and helping Hillary Clinton convey ngress the main components the
proposed complete revam the health care _stcm. Jennings served perhaps her closest advisor
and con dante. After the defeat Clinton an, remained the administration ai1d January
1997 became Deputy ant the President for Health Policy Development tl1c White House
Domestic Policy Council. Perhaps his most important accomplishments here concerned the sage
the State Children Health Insurance Program and the push for real and substantive Patients Bill
Rights. the years since leaving the White House, Jennings headed own health care and
lobbying that numbered labor unions, the AARP (American Association Retired Persons), and
iionprofit groups such Clinton Global Initiative tCGI) among its clients. During 2013, Jennings
2006-()885 /1117: www. rIir1/art/fl7rmi.g 
was hired the Ohama Administration the final implementation ofPresident Ohamas Patient
Protection and Affordable Care Act.
The Staff and Jennings consist principally material dealing with the various bills
devoted ret ming the health care system. These records take the form publications ich
booklets. pamphlets. reports, and other similar types things. One booklet entitled ongressional
Health Care Workshops, September 1993; port entitled Achievements the U.S. Senate Special
Committee Aging. Bills covered include those Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell,
Senators Robert Dole and Robert Packwood, and the admin tration-sponsored llealth Security Act
1993, the handiwork Bill and Hillary Clinton and les extent Senator Edward Kennedy. The
analys each respective piece legislation comes with all manner ofcharts and graphs and detailed
breakdowns outlining possible options and forth. Prob considerable value res irchers, there
are lists meetings Hillary Clinton had with members ongress try and sell health care reform
and prominent individuals business and other areas who might supportive Clii1ton initiative
bring universal coverage all Americans.
Closely asso iated with Bill and Hillary Clinton over the year Jennifer Klein served the Domestic
Policy Council Special Assistant the President from 1993-1999. She helped him signi cant
way his push for health care refonn. After leaving the administration. Klein eventually
the former First Lady Deputy the Office Global Wornen Issues the Department State.
Staving post for nearly four years (May 2009-March 2013), she cunently acts Consultant
the Office Hillary Clinton Washington, D.C.
Carolyn Gatz acted manager the writing process that produced Pre dent linton health care plan.
She worked the office Ira Magaziner and provided much the way ithy quotes the
newspapers and magazines the period. Her current position that Trustee the Board Norton
Healthcare, Inc. Louisville. Kentucky.
The Staff and Office Files Jennifer Klein and Jennifer Klein/Carolyri Gatz consist principally
handwritten notes, memoranda, correspondence, reports, papers, and publications. Perhaps the most
noteworthy ion their records would the responses individual states survey dealing with
health care brm and tax law limitations. Usually someone associated the attorney generafs
office each respective state drafted answers questions posed the survey. There are also notes, nes, Ize ir1 actua composition tic inton health care plan.
System Arrangement
Records that were responsive this FOIA request were found one C0llCCI1( area linton
Presidential Recor White House Staff and Office Files,
Staff and Office Files were maintained the folder level staff members within their indix dual
offices and document all levels administration aetiw
The following list documents and folders processed response 06-0885-F (segment 4):
Clinton Presidential Records: White House Staff and Files
Health Care Task Force
Arons. Bernie
[Health Reform Proposal Working Group Draft] [Binder [1] [OA/ID 3285]
[Health Refonn Proposal Working Group Draft] [Binder [2] [OA/ID 3285]
2!)/)6~l)8l ?5-F /it! ww.clm!rml1
[Health Reform Proposal Working Group Draft] [Binder [l] [OA/ID
[Health Ref Proposal Working Group Draft] [Binder [OA/II) 3.85]
Health Security Act [OA/ID 3285]
[Health Security Plan Brie Book] [Loose] [1] [OA/ID 3285]
[Health Security Plan Briefing Book] [Loose] [2] [OA/ID 85]
[Reviewed: Non-Responsive] [Loose] [OA/ID 3285]
Claxton, Gary
20(7() 088f5
Adm [Administrative] Costs [OA/ID 3708]
Associations/QAP [Quality nee Project]//Pool Size [OA/ID 3708] [Bob] Graham/State Care [OA/ID 3708]
Dingell Draft Bill [1] [OA/ID 3708]
Dingell Diatt Bill [2] [OA/ID 3708]
Dole [OA/ID 3708]
[Health Insur Reform and the Health Security Act] [1] [OA/ID 3708]
[Health Insurance Reform and the Health Security Act] [2] [OA/ID 3708]
[Health Insurance Reform and the Health Security Act] [3] [OA/ID 3708]
[Health Insurance Reform and the Health Security Act] [4] [OA/ID 3708]
[Health Insurance Reform and the Health Security Act] [5] [OA/ID 3708]
[Health Insurance Reform and the Health Security Act] [6] [OA/ID 3708]
High Cost [Health Plan] Assessment [OA/ID 3708]
House Education and Labor Committee Summary Amendments HARD 3600
[Binder] [OA/ID 3703]
House Proposal [1] [OA/ID 3708]
House Proposal [2] [OA/ID 3708] Proposal [3] 3708]
[Insurance Reform] [1] [OA/ID 3708]
Insurance Reforms [OA/ID 3708]
NGA [National Govern
Premiums Under Reform Adjustment [OA/ID 3708]
Rowland/Repub. [Republican] [OA/ID 3708]
Rump/Bre. [OA/ID 3708]
Senate Medi d/MOE [Maintenance Effort] [empty] [OA/ID 3708]
Senate Proposal [1] [OA/ID 3708]
Senate Proposal [2] [OA/ID 3708]
Senate Proposal [3] [OA/ID 3708] ate Proposal [4] [OA/ID 3708]
[Title Ilcalth Plans and Health Alliances Draft, July 1994 (6:00 p.m.)] [1]
[OA/ID 3708]
[Title Health Plans and _Healtl1 Alliances Draft, July 1994 (6:00 p.m.)] [2]
[III1. ,7wWW.L /iII!L7 ll! V.0 
200/ 0685-F
[OA/ID 3708]
Wrap lssu A/ID 3708]
Events (July) [1] [OA/]D 3634]
Events (July) [2] [OA/ID 3634]
Events (July) [3] [OA/ID 3634]
Events (July) [4] [OA/ll) 3634]
Events (July) [5] [OA/ID 3634]
Health Care Events (Invites) [1] [OA/ID 3634]
Health Events (Invites) [2]
Health Care Events Regrcttcd
Health Care Events Regretted [2] [OA/ID 3634]
Health Care Events (Releases) [OA/ 3634]
Health Care Invites [OA/ID 3634]
Health Human Services Schedules [1] [OA/ID 3634]
Health Human Services Schedules [2] [OA/ID
Health Human Set Schedules [3] [OA/ID 3634]
Health Human Servic chedules [4] [OA/ID 34]
Health Human Services Schedules [5] [OA/ID
HHS Schedules [1] [OA/ID 3634]
HHS Schedules [2] [OA/ID 3634]
HHS Schedules [3] [OA/ID 3634]
IIllS Schedules [4] [OA/ID 3634]
HHS Schedules [5] [()A/II) 3634]
HHS Schedules [6] [OA/ID 3634]
Health Security Express [OA/ID 3634]
July and August [Events] [1] [OA/ID 3634]
July and August [Events] [2] [OA/ID 3634]
July and August [Events] [3] [OA/ID 3634]
June Events [Folder [1] [OA/ID 3634]
June Events [Folder [2] [OA/ID 3634]
June Events [Folder [3] [OA/ID 3634]
June Events [Folder [4] [OA/ID 3634]
June Events [Folder [1] [OA/ID 3634]
June Events [Folder [2] [OA/ID 3634]
June Events [Folder [3] [OA/ID 3634]
Miscellaneous [Folder [l] [OA/ID 3634]
Miscellaneous [Folder [2] [OA/ID 3634]
Miscellaneous [Folder [3] [OA/ID 3634]
Newspaper Articles [OA/ID 3634]
Press Packets Health Care [1] [OA/ID 3634]
Min rlrr1I_o}_ 
Press Packets Health Care [2] [OA/ID 3634]
Schedules Health Care Events [1] [OA/ID 3634]
Schedules ofHealth Care Events [2] [OA/ID 3634]
Schedules Health Care Events [3] [OA/ID 3634]
Schedules Health Care Events [4] [OA/ID 3634]
September Events [1] [OA/ID 3634]
September Events [2] [OA/ID 3634]
September Events [3] [OA/ 3634]
September Events [4] [OA/ID 3634]
Heenan ristine
CMH [Christine Heenan] Abortion [OA/ID 3531]
CMH Academic Health Centers [OA/ID 31]
CMH AIDS Chronic Illne [OA/ID
CMH Administrative Simpli ication [OA/ 3531]
CMH Adolescents [OA/ID 3531]
CMH Ads [1] [OA/ID 3531]
CMH Ads [2] [OA/ID 3531]
CMH African Americans and [Health Care] Reform [OA/ID 3531]
CMH Alliances [OA/ID 3531]
CMH AAFP [American Academy Family Physicians] [OA/ID 3531]
CMH AARP [American Association Retired Persons] [OA/ID 3531]
CMH American Indians and Alaskan Natives [OA/ID 3531]
CMH Anti-Trust [OA/ID 353
CMH Bankruptcy [OA/ID 3531]
CMH Bioteclmolog [OA/ID 3531]
;,e [,A/ID .21]
CMII Bureaucracy [OA/ID 3531]
CMH nada [OA/ID 3531]
CMH Carol Campbell [OA/ID 3531]
CMH iarts [OA/ID 3531]
CMH Just CBO [Congressional Budget Office] [1] [OA/ID 3531]
CMH CBO [Congressional Budget fttce] [2] [OA/ID 3531]
CMH CBO [Congressional Budget Office] Senate Finance [OA/ID 3531]
CMH Cost Containment [OA/ID 3531]
CMH Cuomo [OA/ID 3531]
CMH Disabilities [OA/ID 3531]
CMH Discounts [OA/ID 3531]
CMH Doctors [OA/ID 3531]
I121 Irmlflira
2(}U6 fS5
CMH Eniergency Medicine 3531]
CMH FEHB [Federal Employee Health Bene ts] [OA/ID 3531]
AFSCME [American Federation State, County. and Municipal Employees] Study
[OA/ID 32]
[Anatomy Hospital Bill] [Loose VHS] [OA/ID 3532] [Catholic Health Association] Study [OA/ID 3532]
CMH Choice ofDoelor [OA/ID 3532]
CMH Coinpreliensive Bene [OA/ID 3532] Comparison Family Premium Payment Responsibilities Under Current Legislative
Proposals] [Loose] [OA/ID 3532]
Connecticut Event [OA/ID 3537]
EBRI [Employee Bene Research Institute] [Loose] [1] [OA/ID 3532]
EBRI [Employee Bene Research Institute] [Loose] [2] [OA/ID 3532] From the Hill Correspondence] [Loose] [OA/ID 3532]
[Health Care Diskettes] [Loose] [OA/ID 3532]
Health Care ation [OA/ID 3532]
[Health Care Provider Availability] [Loose] [OA/ID 3532]
[Health Care Reform] [Loose VHS] [OA/ID 3532]
Health Reform Works [OA/ID 3532]
[Health Reform nts] [OA/ID 3532]
[Health Security Act Section-by-Section Anal is] [Loose] [OA/ID 3532]
[Meds ave Materials] [Loose] [OA/ID 3532]
[National Health Care Campaign] [Loose VHS] [OA/ID 3532]
National Health Care Expenditures [OA/ID 3532]
[Physician Income] [1] [OA/ID 3532]
[Physi Income] [2] [OA/ID 3532] Supply [OA/ID 3532] neering Healtheare Changes] [Loose VHS] [()A/ 3532]
[Real Thing] [Loose IS] [OA/ID 3532]
Recent Talking Point. OA/ID 3532]
[Skyroeketing Health on, 1980-1993-2000] [Loose] [OA/ID 3532]
State Level Reform Reports [Folder [OA/ID 3532]
State Level Reform Reports [Folder [OA/ID 32]
[Your Money Your Life] [Loose] [OA/ID 3532]
[HR. 1200 McDermott Health Care] [Loose] [OA/ID 3533]
[lI.R. )80 hel Health Care] [Loose] [OA/ID 3533]
[HR. Rowland Health Care] [Loose] [OA/ID 3533]
[Health Amendmeiits] [Loose] [l] [OA/ID 3533]
[Health Care Ainendinerits] [Loose] [2] [OA/ID
[Health Care Amendments] [Loose] [3] [OA/ID
[Health Care Ainendments] [Loose] [4] [OA/ID
_(lt)f) r, 5~F
(xegnienf 4,)
[Health Care Amendments] [Loose] [5] [OA/ID 3533]
[Health Care Amendments] [Loose] [6] [OA/ID 3533]
[S. 1473 Baueus Health are] [Loose] [OA/ID 3533]
[S. 1770 Chafee Health
[S. 1796 Gramm Health Care] [Loose] [OA/ID 3533]
[S. 1807 Gramm Health Care] [Loose] [OA/ID 3533]
[S. 2374 Health Care] [Loose] [OA/ID 3533]
[S. 3331 Jeffords llcalth Care] [Loose] [OA/ID 3533]
[S. 1779 Kennedy Health Care] [Loose] [OA/[D 3533]
[S. 1743 Nickles Health Care] [Loose] [OA/ID 3533]
[Amendment 2560 Calendar No. 539] [Loose] [OA/ID 3534]
[Annotated HR. 3080 Michel Health Care] [Loose] [OA/ll) 3534]
[H.R. 3080 Michel Health Care] [Loose] [OA/ID 34]
[H.R. 3955 Rowland Health Care] [Loose] [OA/ID 3534]
[HR. 3955 Rowland Health Care] [Loose] [OA/JD 3534]
[Health Care Search Query] [Loose] [OA/ID 3534]
[S. 1796 Gramm Health Care] [Loose] [OA/ID 3534]
[S. 2374 Dole/Paekwood Health Care] [Loose] [OA/ID 3534]
[Senate Amendment Submissions] [Loose] [OA/ID
[Women Appointees Project] [Loose] [OA/ID 3534] [Congresstona
Dodd Amendment [OA/1D 3535]
Dole Bill [OA/ID 3535]
sting Conditions [OA/ID 3535]
Impact [OA/ID 3535]
Gephardt Bill [OA/ID 3535]
Grannn/lxIeCain [OA/ID 3535]
Health Security Act [1] [OA/ID
Health Security Act [2] [OA/ID
[Health Security Summaries Reports] [Loose] [OA/1D 3535]
Heritage Foundation Proposal [OA/ID 3535]
Kassenbaum/Gliekman [OA/ID 3535]
Kennedy Mark OA/ID 3535] Account A/ID 3535]
Michel/Lott OA/ID 3535]
Mitchell Bill [1] [OA/ID 3535]
Mitchell Bill [2] [OA/ID 3535]
Moynihan Mark [OA/ID 3535]
Nickles Amendment [OA/ID 3535]
Phil Gramm [OA/ID 3535]
Packwood (Nixon) [1] [OA/ID 3535]
Packwond (Nixon) [2] [OA/ID 3535]
Roth [OA/ID 3535]
Rowland/Bilirakis [OA/ID 3535]
Rural Amendment [OA/ID 3535]
Senate Finance [OA/ID 3535]
Sunshine Amendment [OA/ID 3535]
[American College Health Association] [OA/ID 4626]
[Amer Heart Association] [OA/ID 4626]
[Coming Home Home Health Care Survey] [OA/ 4626]
[Government Product News] [OA/ID 4626]
[HealthCare USA] [OA/ID 4626]
[lieenan Envelope] [OA/ID 4626]
[The Care Patients Network] [OA/ID 4626]
[lvliseellanemls Photos] [OA/ID 462
Rome -Barcelo/Pucrto Rico [OA/ID 4626]
Unanswered Congressional Co1Tespondence(Ira) [()A/ID 4626]
The Cost Doing Nothing [OA/ID 9647]
[Health Industrv [OA/ID 9647]
Moynihan [OA/ID 9647] [Folder [OA/ID 9647] [Folder [1] [OA/ID 9647] [Folder [2] [OA/ID 9647]
Mcc ttald [Folder [3] [()A/ID 9647]
Medicare [OA/ID 9647]
Simplilication Event [OA/ID 9647]
State Health Care Reform [OA/ID 9647] September [empty] A/ID 9648]
.3299) 10/1/92 [OA/ID 9648]
[Catholic Health Association] [OA/ID 9648] [OA/ID 9648]
lee/Dole (S. 1936) 1/7/91 [OA/ID 9648] opractors w/Judy Feder Completed [empty] [OA/ll) 9648]
Community Rating [OA/ID 9648]
Cooper (HR. 936) [empty] [OA/ID 9648]
Costs [empty] A/ID 9648]
Dasehle (S. 251 4/2/92 [OA/ID 9648]
Democ 2000 Date Undecided [empty] [OA/ID 9648] bil 0A/ID 9648]
Glickman (HR. 834) 2/4/93 [empty] [OA/ID 9648]
Glickm-an/McCurdy [OA/ID 9648]
[OA/ID 9648]
[Health Care Articles and Press Releases] [OA/ID 9648]
[Health Care Reform Consumer Perspective and Memos [1] [OA/ID 9648]
[Health Care Ref Consumer Perspective and Memos] [2] [OA/ID 9648]
llollywood Group. tdiovascular Medical Group] [OA/ID 9648]
Hollywood Group: National Cardiovascular Network [OA/ID 9648]
Kasseubaum [empty] [OA/ID 9648]
Long Term Care [OA/ID 9648]
Managed Care [empty] [OA/ID 9648]
Medicare [empty] [OA/ID 9648]
[The Medi( ore Health Act] [OA/ID 9648]
Mental Health [empty [OA/ID 9648]
[National Governors Association]/Idalto [_OA/ID 9648]
[National Governors Association]/Idaho [empty] [OA/ID 9648]
[National Governor Association] Michigan [empty] [OA/ID 9648]
[National Govem
[Natio 1on] Virg [empty]8[O1l/[D
[National Governors Association]/W est rginia [empty] [OA/ID 48]
[National Governor Association]/Wisconsin [empty] [OA/ID 9648]
[National Governors Association] Wyoming [empty] [OA/ID 9648]
[National Italian American Foundation] Oct. 22-23 [empty] [OA/ll) 9648]
Nursing [empty] [OA/ID 9648]
Russo [empty] [OA/ID
Tran pts/TV [empty] [OA/ID 9648] League Event Completed [empty] [()A/ID 9648] [OA/ID 9676] A/ID 9676]
The ost Doing Nothing [OA/ID 9676]
Governors [OA/ID 9676]
[HR. 3707] [OA/ID 9676]
[Health Care otm Miscellaneous] [OA/ID 9676]
[Health Sector [OA/ID 9676]
Insurance Statistics [OA/ID 9676]
J0lI6 /NA
(sag ant
Intergovernmental [OA/ID 9676]
Legislative Moynihan [OA/ID 9676]
Managed Competition [OA/ll) 9676]
Med [Folder [OA/ID 9676] [Folder [OA/ID 9676] [1] [OA/ID 9676]
Medic [2] [OA/ID 9676]
Medicare [3] [OA/ID 9676]
Mo) ihan [OA/ID 9676]
[National Governors Association] 7/94 [OA/ID 9676]
[Opinion Editorials] [OA/ID 9676]
PeroUHealth Care [OA/ID 9676]
Republicans [OA/ID 9676]
State Health Care Reform [()A/ID 9676]
[s. 1579] [OA/ID 9676]
Simpli cation [OA/ 9676]
[Well-Healed Inside Lobbying Health Care Reform] [OA/ID 9676]
[Congressional Committees] [1] [Binder] [OA/ID 4621]
[Congressional Committees] [2] [Binder] [OA/ID 4621]
[Congressional Committees] [3] [Binder] [()A/ID 4621]
[Congressional Committees] [Binder]: Harkin [OA/ID 4621]
[Cong onal Spreadsheet (December 1993)] [Unfoldered] [OA/ID 4621]
[Health Reform Pro aosal Working Group Draft, 9/7/93 Binder OA/ID 4621
[Health Reform Proposal Working Group Draft. 9/7/93] [2] [Binder] [OA/ID 4621]
[Health Care Form Samples] [1] [OA/ID 4621]
[Health Care Form Samples] [2] [OA/ID 4621]
[Health Care Form Samples] [3] [OA/ID 4621]
[Veronic Plan] [Unfoldered] [OA/ID 4621]
[VVeekly Congressional Report 12/ 0/93] [Unfoldered] [OA/ID 4621]
[Weekly Congressional Report 12/20/93] [Unfoldcred] [OA/ 4621]
1992 Benefit Options [Booklet] [OA/ID 4622]
[Admi strative Simplification] [Loose] [OA/ID 4622]
 iation Annual Meeting 93] [Loose] [1] [OA/ID 4622] tion Annual Meeting 1993] [Loose] [2] [OA/ID 4622
[American Medical ASSO(.l:/ [Womeu, Infants, Children] [OA/ID 4619]
[Health Security Act] [Folder [Loose] [1] [OA/ID 4623]
[Health Security Act] [Folder [Loose] [2] [OA/ID 4623]
[llealtll Security Act] [Folder [Loose] [3] [OA/[D 4623]
[Health Security Act] [Folder [Loose] [4] [OA/ID 4623]
[Health Security Act] [Folder [Loose] [5] [OA/ID 4623]
[Health Security Act] [Folder [Loose] [6] [()A/ID 4623]
[Health Security Act] [Folder [Loose] [7] [OA/ID 4623]
[Health Security Act] [Folder [Loose] [3] [OA/ID 4623]
[Health Security Act] [Folder [Loose] [9] [OA/II) 4623]
[Health Security Act] [Folder [Loose] [1] [OA/ID 4623]
[Health Security Act] [Folder [Loose] [2] OA/ID 4523]
[Health Security Act] [Folde [Loose] [3] [()A/ll)
[Health Security-Act] [Folde [Loose] [4] [OA/ID 4623]
[Health Security Act] [Folder [Loose] [5] [OA/ID 4623]
[Health Security Act] [Folder [Loose] [6] [OA/ID 4623]
[Health Security Act] [Folder [Loose] [7] [OA/ID 4623]
[Health Security Act] [Folder [Loose] [8] [OA/[D 4623]
[Health Security Act] [Folder [Loose] [9] [OA/ID 4623]
[Administration] [Notebook] [Folder [Loose] [OA/ID 4624]
[Administration] [Notebook] [Folder [Loose] [OA/[D 4624]
[Controlling Health Car Costs/P11
[Controlling Health Care Costs/Ph
Conversations Health: The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation [OA/[D 4624]
Florida Health Care Reform Act 1993 [OAI 4624]
[Guardian Litem Program] [Loose] [OA/ID 4624]
[Health Care Considerations for American Samoa] [OA/ID 4624]
Health Security Act Section-b ection Analysis, December 1993 [Folder
[Publication] [OA/ID 4624]
Health Security Act Section-by-Section Dccelnber 1993 [Folder
[Publication] [OA/ID 4624]
Health Security Act Section ction Anal 1993 [Folder
[Publication] [OA/ID 4624]
[Medicaid/Medicare Note [Loose] [OA/ID 4624]
Medicare Clailns Proce lng [Report] [OA/ID 4624]
[Medical Economic Development] [OA/ID 4624]
[NAASP: National Association Secondary hool Principals] [Loose] [OA/ID 4624]
National Journal: March 1993/No. [Publication] [OA/ID 4624] May 15. 93/No. [Publication] [OA/ID 4624]
May 29, 1993/No. [Publication] [OA/ID 4624]
June 12, 1993/No. [Publication] [OA/ID 4624]
National Jounr June 26, 1993/No. [Publication] [OA/ID 4624]
National Journ. July 10, 199?/No [Publication] [OA/ID 46/24]
[Pltulucopy [OA/ID 4624]
Reducing the Def Spending and Revenue Options [Book] [OA/ID Review State and Inc Care Programs: 1992 [Publication] [OA/II)
State Alcoholism. Drug and Mental Health Report: 1992 Mental Healllr Laws
[Publication] [OA/ID 4624]
State Alcoholism. Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Report: 1992 State Substance Abuse
Laws [Publication] [OA/ID 4624] Summary HIV/AIDS Laws from the 1992 State Legislative Sess [Publication]
[OA/ID 4674] Time Study the U.S. Health Care System and Recommendations for
Change] [Binder] [OA/ID 4674]
[US Government Messenger Envelope] [Loose] [OA/ID 4624]
[Warehouse] [Notebook] [Loose] [OA/ID 4624]
AHCPR [Agency for Health Care Policy and Research]: rmpendium State Systems
for Res ution ofMedrcal Injrrry Claims [Publication] [OA/ID 4625]
National our
[Anti-Fraud and Abuse Provisions Health Care Reform] [Loose] [OA/ID
[Charles Lewis/The Center for Public Integrity and North American Free Trade
Agreement] [OA/[D 4625]
[Envelope] [empty] [Loose] [OA/ID 4625]
Germany [empty] [OA/ID 4625]
[Health Personnel the United States] [Report] [OA/ID 4625] Health Care Task Force Loose OA/ID 4625
[Master List orrgressronal Meetings for the [Loose] [OA/ID 4625]
[OA/ID 4625]
[Medicare] [Loose] [OA/ID 4625]
[Rcrnarks the President Memorial Mass for Robert Kennedy] [Loose]
[Small Business and Health Care Reform] [Loose] [OA/ID
[OA/ID 5047]
[Health Care Policy Correspondence December 1993 November 1994] [4]
[OA/ID 5047]
[Health Care Policy Correspondence December 1993 November 1994 [5]
[OA/ID 5047]
[Health Care Policy Correspondence September October 1994 [3] [OA/ID 5047]
[Health Care Policy Cor spondcnee September October 1994 [4] [OA/ID 5047]
Amendments [OA/ID 5048]
Congressional Health Care [OA/ID 5048]
Congressional Health Care orksho} September 1993 [Booklet] [OA/ID 5048]
Dale [OA/ID 5048]
Dole/Republicans [ONID 5048]
[Draft Bil] Title [1] [OA/ID 5048]
[Draft Bill Title [2] [OA/ID 5048]
[Draft 13111 Title 11] [1] [OA/ID 5048]
[Draft Bill Title II] [2] [OA/[D 5048]
[Education and Labor] [OA/ID 5048]
General [empty] [OA/ID 5048]
Gcphardt/House [OA/ID 5048]
Health Security Act Business Bene [OA/ID 5048]
Health Security Plan Briefing Book [1] [OA/ID 5048]
Health Security Plan Brie Book [2] [OA/ID 5048]
Health Security Plan Press Packet [OA/ID 5048]
Invitations [1] [OA/ID 5043]
Invitations [2] [OA/ID 48]
lnvitations (Regrets) [OA/ID 5048]
[Labor and Human Resources] [3] [OA/ID 5048]
[Senate Finance] [1] [OA/ID 5048]
[Senate Fiiimicej [2] [OA/ID 5048]
[Senate Finance] [3] [OA/ll.) 5048]
[Senate Finance] [4] [OA/ID 5048]
[Side Sides] [Ont Card] [OA/ID 5048]
Talking Points/Numbers [OA/ID 5048]
[Ways and Means] [1] [OA/ID 5048]
[Ways and Means] [2] [OA/ID S048] tcmber 1994] [2] [OA/ID 5049]
spondcnce cptember 1994] [3] [OA/ID 5049]
[Health Care Policy spondcnce September 1994] [4] [OA/ID 5049]
Mitchell (Bill) (1) [1] [OA/ID 5049]
Mitcl1ell(Bill)t1) [2] [OA/ID 5049]
Mitchell (Bill) 11) [3] [OA/ID 5049]
Mitchell Stuft (Bil1)(2) [1] [OA/ID 5049]
Mitchell Stuff(Bill) (2) [2] [OA/ID 3049]
Mitchell Stuff(Bi11) (2) [3] [OA/ID 5049]
Ivfit e-ll Stu.ff(Bill) (2) [4] [0/JID 5049]
Klein. Jennifer
Audit OA/ID S106]
Colnmunitarian Network/Etzioni [OA/ID 5106]
Disability [OA/ID S106]
Individuals [OA/ID 5106]
Information Systems and Administrative Simplification (To11gate [OA/ 5106]
National Health Board [OA/ID 51()6
Removing Barriers Innovation/Enllancing Consumer Protections [OA/ID 5106]
State Tax Issues Survey/Health Care Reform [1] [OA/ID 5106]
State Tax ues Survey/l~Icalt11 Care Reform [2] [OA/ID 5106]
State Tax Issues Survey/Health Care Reform [3] [OA/ID 5106]
Klein, Jennifer/Gatz, Carolyn
Boorstin [OA/ID 5107]
Farrell [empty] [OA/ID H07]
Overview lcalth Ret [OA/ID 5107]
Papers [OA/ID 5107]
Levitt. Larry
317060; rmerl/4)
Age Rating and [Community Rating] [OA/ID 3719]
Alliances [l] [OA/ID 3719]
Alliances [2] A/ID 3719]
Amendments HR. 3600 [1] [()A/ID 3719]
Amendments HR. 3600 [2] [OA/ID 3719]
Analy [1] [OA/ID 3719]
 Analysis [2] [OA/ID 3719]
Bene ts/Cost Sharing A/ID 3719]
Budget Numbers and Other Numbers [OA/ID 3719]
Cap Options [OA/ID 3719] [Congressional Budget lce] [OA/ID 3719]
CEO [Congressional Budget ce] HSA [Health Security Act] [OA/ID 3719]
Congress [OA/ID 3719]
Cooper al1d hafee [1] [OA/ID 3719]
hit l71[()VI[iI7Hl
Z006 5-F
Lvcgrm rzt
Cooper and Chafee [2] [OA/ID 3719]
Dole [OA/ID 3717] [Energy and Commerce] [OA/ID 3719]
Educ and Labor [1] [OA/ID 3717]
Education and Labor [2] [OA/ID 3717]
Education and Labor [3] [OA/ID 3717]
Employer/Employee Choice [OA/ID 3719]
External [OA/ID 3719]
FEIIBP [Federal Employees Health Bene Plan] Related [OA/ID 3719]
[Finance Committee Health Security Act 1994] [OA/ID 3718]
[Finance Mark] [1] [OA/ID 3718]
[Finance Mark] [2] [OA/[D 3718]
Finance Moderates/l/lainstream [1] [OA/ID 3717]
Finance Moderates/Mainstream [2] [OA/ID 717]
Financing Administration [OA/lD 3719]
General Health Care Numbers [OA/ID 3719]
Gephardt (1) [OA/ID 3717]
Gephardt (2) [1] [OA/ID 3717]
Gephardt (2) [2] [OA/ID 3717]
Global Budget/Cost Containment [OA/ID 3719]
Harkin Kids Bill [OA/ID 3717]
[Health Care Bill Staff Discuss Draft] [1] [OA/ID 3718]
[Health Care Refonn Chairman Mark] [1] [OA/ID 3718]
[Health Care Reform Chairman Mark] [2] [OA/ID 3718]
[llcalth Care Reform Committee Print] [1] [OA/ll) 3718]
Health University [OA/ID 3717]
Health cur Act A/ID 3719]
[Health CllIlI) Act Committee Print] [OA/ID 3718]
HIAA [Health Insurance Association ofAmerica] [OA/ID 3719]
House Substitutes [OA/ID 3717]
30064) 771677149
House Talking Points [OA/ID 3717]
[HR 3600 llcalth Security Act] [OA/ID 3718]
Insurance Reform [OA/ID 3719]
Labor [OA/ID 3719]
Levin din [()A/ID 3719]
Levnn-VH1 [OA/ID 3719]
is) A/[D 3717] [OA/ID 3719]
NGA [National Govern Association]/States and Locals [OA/ID 3717]
Other Plans [1] [0A/ 3719]
Other Plan [2] [OA/ID 3719]
Outsourcing [OA/ID 3719]
PHS [Public Health Setvice] Related
President/NEC [National Economic Cotu
Principles/General [OA/1D 3719]
[Report HR. Health Security Act] [OA/[D 3718]
Risk Adjustment Pools [OA/ID 3719]
[S. 1579 Ilcalth Reform] [OA/ID 3718]
[S. 1770 Health Care Reform] [OA/[D 3718]
[S. 2296 Health Care Reform] [OA/ID 3718]
[S. 2374 Health Care Bill] [OA/ID 3718]
Senate (1) [1] [OA/ID 3717]
Senate (1) [2] [OA/1D 3717]
Senate (1) [3] [OA/ID 3717]
Senate (2) [OA/ID 3717]
Senate (3) [1] [OA/ID 3717]
Senate (.3) [2] [OA/ID 3717]
Senate (3) [3] [OA/ID 3717]
Senate (4) [1] [OA/ID 3717]
Senate [2] [OA/ID 3717]
Senate NGA N-ational Governors Association] [OA/ID 3717]
Senate Amendments [OA/ID 3717] [()//ID 3717]
Short Term Controls [()A/ID 3719]
/1112; intrmlib
Small Business [OA/ID 3719]
Speeches [OA/ID 3719]
State Numbers [OA/ID 3719]
Subsidies/Premiums [OA/ID 3719]
Triggers [OA/ID 3719]
Ways and Means [OA/ID 3717]
[Larry Levitt Hard Disks] [OA/ID 3717]
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