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Judicial Watch • Cox Letter to Leighton – Feb 3

Cox Letter to Leighton – Feb 3

Cox Letter to Leighton – Feb 3

Page 1: Cox Letter to Leighton – Feb 3


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Date Created:March 13, 2014

Date Uploaded to the Library:April 14, 2014

Tags:legislators, valle, Whiting, claims, relevant, subpoena, Leighton, legislature, Atlanta, Communications, Constitution, amendment, arizona, Plaintiffs, letter, ACLU, records, ICE

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-_:_ n.,;,a5 
 1.."A:  - C.Ra 
February 2014 
Laura Leighton 3332 Pima St. Tucson, 85716 
RE: Subpoena Duces Tecum Served Valle de/ Sol Whiting, Case No. 
CV-10--1061-PHX-SRB (D. Arizona) 
Dear Ms. Leighon: receipt your ltter dated January 15, 2014 regarding subpoena Plaintiffssery. .you inthe above:-referenced matter. Although the letter was not dire.ctd me,  counsel record for Plaintiffs, wanted discuss the subpona with you, left you voicemail about January 2.3,)4. Since }la:-ve nqt heard back from you, write address few issuesyou ra,ised your letter arid express our willingness work with you ensure that COf.llplying with the subpoena more burdensome ..on you than neessary. 
A1a'threshold matter, you mentioned your January letter that you cqntacted your-attoi:ny and. that she recommended that you writ that letter. y.ou are represented attorney for the purposes ofresponding our subpoena, please. let kn9w soon possible can direct correspondence her (or, 
alternatively, please ask her contact me). 
Turning the specific concerns you raised your letter, allow provide some background. The case rich the subpoena relates, Valle de! Sol et. Whiting e(-al., concerns S.B. Q70, Arizona's comprehensiye immigration passed. 2010. The plaintiffs the case (whom and several other l.awyt!r.s represent) have several claims stUl pending the fed.era! district coon:,.: incucHqg: that 2(B) the law (which c.onunonly own as. the "show nie you!, ptpers". pr:ovision).is conflict with federal inimigration law and vioifits  the Fmrth Amendment the U.S. Constitution; that the provisions aiined. .at curbing day laborer soliitation violates the First Amendment the U.S. Constitution; and that S.B. 070 whole was motivated desire discriminate against Mexicans and Latinos and therefore violates the Equai' Protection Clause the Fourteenth Amendment the U.S. Constitution. All parties the ase are. now engaged discovery ga_
ther information facts 
relaed these claims. part discovery into these claims, have attempted gather communications and from Arizona legislators concerning, for example, why the Legislature decided enCJ:ct immigration-related legislation; what S.B. 070 was intended do; and what various ambiguous provisions the law actually 

ANRICAN CIVI LIBERTIES the ohone.about how conduct the search for records, or. ven .,..-. .....
coruluct the 


that mean you absolutely hann. 
burden you that complying with the subpoena would otherwise cause. Please AMERICAN CIVll LIBERTIES contact your earliest convenience discuss how inove forward. You UNION FOUNDATION can reach via telephone (404) 221-5854; via email; 

233 Peachtree Street NE, Suite 2150, Atlanta 30303. 
Justin Cox