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Judicial Watch • Daniel P. Jordan – 2009

Daniel P. Jordan – 2009

Daniel P. Jordan – 2009

Page 1: Daniel P. Jordan – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:6

Date Created:September 12, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 06, 2014

Tags:MPACT, reportahle, Daniel P Jordan, jordan, daniel, 2009, investment, disclosure, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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Ri!port Rel1uired the 1:;1hi,.r Government Act o(JY78 
Rev J:!O!fJ 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 USC. app. !Iii-/ Ptn.on RcpoTling (la!l narnl:. firsl. middh: ini1i:11) Court Oq.:anl1alion Dall Repur1 
J1)rdan. ()aniel Dtstricl (iurl, 05!15:2010 1 irlt (Ar1u.:li: ll! Jut..lgi.:: 1mht.ate ;1ltin: s..nior Sl. RcpnrtinJ,t Period rn;1g1s1rah: 1utlgo mtht.:alt full-or p;.in-11m1..t Nomi11Jl1on. Dille 1m1/2009 Artidc Ill (Active) Initial [Z] Annual 2131/2()()Q Sh. Anh.:mkd Rcporl the hais the information :onh1intd this Reporl and any 
nmdifictktions pcrtainin rhrrclU, m opinion, compliann 
with 11>fJli.l.11hlt-bw 1:1nd rr.gubtions:. 
245 Capi10J 
Sui1c JOO Jarbl>n. 39201 
Ut,il ing Offo.1...-_ POR1>lNT NOTES: The imtrulliom un-om11u11yi11g thi.> form mu.,t befi1//o,..eJ. Complete all port.,, checking tlre NONE buA fur eadr part you lwC reportable iuformatifui. Sig11 011 la.-.t pu;:e. 	POSI lIONS. (ReporfinJ: indfridua/ only: .ee pp. Y-13 tJjjilin imtruaion..) NONE (.Vo reportahle positions.) 
(/) -,. :::0 
C::) :-:; ::c 	u: 
........ :::::::;;: ...0 
111 GREEM NlS. (HepmfinJ.: indi,iJual m1/y; et pp. JJ-16 vffilinx in.nrui.:tion..) [{] NONE (No reportable agreements.) 
Jordan, Daniel 
111. N-1 ESTM ENT !Hep,>rtini: indhiduul -P pp. 7-24 uffilini: imtruu.w u1d JepettJtnt childr(u; .c:i pp. :!N-31 ojjilinK instr>4t.:tion .... 
NONE (Nu reportahle gi/is.) 
lJ ... LJA LJfl ES. (lndude., 1/w ... t>f...pou. und thpendent children; seP pp. 32-33 1{jiling inMruc1itJm.) 
[{] NONE (Nu reportahle liahi/ities) 
NONE fNo repor!ahle income. assets, transactions.) 
Name Ptrson Rt:portint.:, 
l>ate Ri:po.-r 
Jordan, Daniel 
VIII. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION EXPLANATIONS. (/ndhutepun fReport.) The value for thi..; MACS anJ MPACT accounl.i.. arc uggregah:d 
There i!-. conlol ovcr the allocalion the MPACT actounts anti lhc -1ACS accnunts arc aged basi..: