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Judicial Watch • Danny J. Boggs – 2003

Danny J. Boggs – 2003

Danny J. Boggs – 2003

Page 1: Danny J. Boggs – 2003

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:November 28, 2004

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Tags:Louisville, Danny J Boggs, EXECUTIVE, Student, Judges, conference, federal, texas, credit, meals, American, school, transportation, 2003, spouse, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, Judge

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Person Reporting (Last name. first, middle initial) Court Organization Dati! ofH.eport 
Boggs, Danny 	SLd:h Circuit Court Appeals 
5113/04 Title R.eportType (chet:k appropriate type) Reporting Period 
_:sorrrinat!on, Date 	Ol/01103  12/31/03 
Chief Judge {Active) Chantbers. Office Address 
220 U.S. Courthouse Bldg. Louisville, 40202 
Inltfa! ...x_ Annual the basis the tltis and any modifications theretoi is, myin compliance with laws and regulanons. POSITIONS. (Reporting individual 011/y; see pp. 9-13 Instructions.) POSITION NONE (No reportable positions NAJ!E Trustee Board Member Fou::tdation for Resea.TCThe Lexington School Economy Environment Executive CoULlli!tee Member 	American Bar Association, Appellate Judges Conference 
II. AGREEIVIENTS. (Rep-Orting lndividua! o.Uy; see pp. 14-16of Instnu:J.lons.) DATE NOE 0--lo reportahie agreements.) AND TERMS c:> (.,;(),--..,, C.) -;. 
ID. NON-INVEST11Elff INCOl1E. (Reporting tna1v1dua1 and spouse: see pp. 17.24of111struc11011S.J 
DATE SOURCE AND TYPE GROSS INCOME (yours, not spouses) NONE (No reportable nonnvesiment income.) 
2003 Administrative Review Board, United States Depllilment Labor 
Name Peruon 
FINANCL..L DISCLOSURE REPORT IV, REil1BURSEJ:IENTS --traosportation, lodging, food, entertainment 
(Include.s those spouse c.nd dependent children 
L_J ONE-(No such reportable reimbursements.) American Bar As.sociation, Conference 
Am:ericnn Bar Association, Appe!late Judges Conference 
American Bar Association 
1.;niversity Utah School Law 
Defense Research lnstitute 
American Academy Arts Sciences George Mason University School Law, Utw n.nd 
Economics Center 
Ohio Federal Bar Association 
Federal Bar Associ ation. Cleveland, Ohio 
Appel1ate Judges Education lnstitute, Dallas, Texas 
See pp, 25-17 .of !nstn1ctions.) 
1123-24 -a:>d meals for Executive Conunittee Dallas, Texas.. 216-8 -Transportation, lodging and meals for mid-year meeting ofAmerican Bar Association Seattle, Washing:on. 
3/14-l5 -Transportation, lol.!glng and meals for American Bar Association Environmental Law 
Section, Annual Environmcn!al Law Conference Keystone. Colorado. 
4/68 Transpor.a::io01, lcdgi;;g and meals fer self David Lewis Distinguished Jurist Residence Salt Lake City, U:ah. 
4130511 Transportation, lodgfrg and meals for setvice speaker Appellate Advocacy 
Sem:nar Chicago, Illinois. 
51! TRnsportation and meals speaker sessior. Corr.rnittee Congress, A 
Acaderr,y Arts Sciences Washin1rton, 
n1eals for Conference Th.ucydide:s Yale, New Haven, 
Federal Bar Associatior:s Ben:;hBnr Conference 
-Transportation, lodging ar.d meals spea.1:er the Appellate Practice ?rogra1n the Federal Bar Association Cleveland, O!iio. ln-9 -Transportation, lodging and meals eet:::.g Executive Committee Dallas, Texas. 	GIFTS.. (Includes those spouse and deptmdeni chfldren. See pp. 18-31 Instructions.) SOURCE DESCRIPTION VALUE 
NONE (No such reprtabI:: girts:J 
VI. LIABILITIES. (Jn.eludes tl:ase. spouse ar.d dependent children. See pp. 32-33 lnstru.:tions.) NONE (No reportable liabilities.) Washington Mutual Sallie Mae Loan Corp. Wilkes MBNA American Bank DESCRIPTO! Mortgage loan rental house Student Loans Loar. for Education Frrstar Home Mortgage OwenEboro Government Direct Lom 
Prngram Bank One Wilmington, American Express Optima Chicago, AES Student Loan Servicing Chase Wilmington, 
Student Loans Credit Card Loan Credit Card Loan for Educatioa Student Loan Credit Card Loan Credit Card Loan 
Name Qf?em.n Reporting Date Repmt Boggs, Danny 5113104 
VU. Page ThYESTIVIENTS and TRUSTS-income, value, transactions (Includes those 
spouse and dependent children. See pp. 34-57 lnsiruclions.) 
NONE (No reportal>le incoi;ne, 
sets, transac:nons.) interest rental house, i!l Bo!lil).g Green, Bank One, Louisville, 
(checking acoount) 	House Arlington, Carriage house 
property, Louisville, IRA Account Bank One, 
LouisviUe) Rent Int Rent Rent Int Ptrnon Key;;r:ing 
Boggs, Dam1y 
v1I. Page INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -income, value, transactions 
r1nc1uaes those 
spouse atJd dependent c}iildren. See pp. 34-57 oflnstrnciiQn:;.) 
IsraeJ Bons Prudential Sec. IRA .t...ccount Cfricinnati, Int 
Item VU, The appraisal tliis house Bowling Green, was done 2002. 
Item VU, The value this house Arlington, was bused bona fide offer made 2003. 
Item VII, Bank One IRA consists shares Standard Poor Deposit Receipts and money market funds. 
Item vu, Prudential IRA consists shares Standard Poor Deposit Receipts, Israel Bonds, and money market funds.