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Judicial Watch • David R. Herndon – 2009

David R. Herndon – 2009

David R. Herndon – 2009

Page 1: David R. Herndon – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:18

Date Created:September 11, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:October 29, 2014

Tags:Herndon, David R Herndon, Sector, Morgan, account, trust, 2009, assets, INVESTMENTS, TRUSTS, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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Report f!cquircJ th< t:rhics Governmt.lll rC/ 1978 FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 U.S upp.  IOI-/ Per.ion Reporting (last nJmc. fo:-.L miJJh; in1tiulJ lcrndon, llavid Court Organization U.S. District Court Southern District Illinois Oate Rport 05/14/2010 
.J.. Tille Anidc Ill judges mdic:.Hc activ( )i.;niH status: magiitrate judgn, indicillc full partlimc.) U.S. District Judge -Active Sa. Kipurt Type (died, upprnp1iatc ty;.n.:) Nomin;ition, Date.: J111ti.1I [ZJ Annual (). Reporting Period i2lX)9 2/3 f2()()rrue1ior1s.) 
NONE (No rcpvrrahlc positions.) 
Herndon, David 
Ill. 0N-INV EST11ENT ME. (Rfwrling indi>idunl nld scl ;mount  T}pc (e.g., Valut! Value cxernpl from ;irior disdourc div.. rent. Code Method 
(1H) mt.) (J.P) C0de (Q-W) 
IS. -(IRA) Fractional Kinder Morgan Mgmt Spino (from line 20) 08114/09 JiviJJ lractional 
19. -(IRA) Fractional Kinum1.1H 
l>=S5.lMll -SJ5.UOO s1-;,1x11. S50.{oo 112 =Mun: lh,rn 5.tK.llJlJll =)JOO OU! -)250,000 =5JX.IO.OO -.S::S,01kJ,OOJ 
VII. INVESTMENfS and rRUSfS --income, a1ue.1ranrnc1ions 11tic1w1 ... rhuu ofspuuse and dependent chitdrm; ,., pp. H-60 fiti11g inwructi 
NONE (No reportable income, asset.v, transactiom.) 
VII. INVESTNIENTS and TRUSTS income, m1ur. tran;actions 1111dudes those .1pousc a11d dependent chitdren: pp. J4.(,o in1k., -Sl.cK10 kiS lhl.001 -SZ.5(XI =S25111. i.()110 =S!ngcr LTD 
lt>ll. -Tra11>0ccan LTIJ 161. -Thermo lishcr Scientific Inc 162. -WisuumTrcc Trust DOO 163. TRUST lorl Brocrag< Accounl IM. -Orey fus Gcncrol Money Markel Acccunl 165. General MNY MKT Account lnt.!Div. Buy (ad Tru,1 IJnw foncs IJS Td0.0111. ss.000.(11.)IJ =-M,11c 1han S-i,CXI0,000 V.alLJl Culll!> )l.POllur k:i 15.001  S-50,000 ... _50,001 -SHXl.OOU ::llJIJ,IKll  2.50.000 
...:l: (.lldl11U .111.J f)l) .:.;11.001 .)51Ml,IJOO =-SOo,ooi. -$1,000.001 S5.00iJ.OOO $5.lXJ.OUI  115.0 NONE (No repurta/Jle income, assets, transactions.) 
Description Assets Income during Gross value end Tran::.accions during reporting period 
(including truI asscb) reporting period reporting period 
(2) (3) -1(1) (2) (5) 
Place (X) Jltcr each a>SCI Amuunl Typo (e.g.. Value Value V.ilue Gain Identity 
exempt froni prior d1sclosur.: Code 
div., rent, Code Method mm!ddiyy 
Code Codc buyer/seller 
(A-II) int.) (J-P) Code (0-W) redemption) (J-P) A-H) (if private 1ran.saction) 
205. -!shares Trusa MSC! Emerging Markets Index EEM 
-!shares Dow Jones Sci Div Index DVY 
-!shares FfSE Xinhua China Index FXI 
208. -Kayne Andoun INVT 
2lJl. -Standard loors Dcpo,iaory Rcce1pts SPDRSSPY 
210. lncnm.: G.iin {1n (Sec Column ;6n1I (J.I) Vdluc Co1ks. (Su: Column .inJ IH) V.11111: M..:!hl!d (Sn Column :cSl,110001 k:- -Cl.UOl SHKI lkl() 15,LIUOur lcs =-.litl.1101. Si00.000 
P. -Sl1100.t:iu App1.11 .... lfook V..ilul -Sl,lXll  S2:.5UO 1011.001. 1.000,000 15.tltll  SU.11011 =SSOIJ,001  $1,000,t)(X) c(uI (Re.ii h,1.i1t.:Only) .:.Olhlt =S2.5Ul  SS,UOO 51,000.00I -55,0UO.UOO sso.001 :$I ,OIXl,lXH  S5,UU0,000 -=More than S5U.OOO,OOO 
W:.f.:-.tima1t:J 15.001 -S15,()(J ,_$15,UOI -$50,000 
H::? =MOJc th11n $5.0UU,UOO I00.001  5250.000 =55,0,001 -$25,0UO.OOO 
Name Ptrson Repo11in 
Date Repor1 
Herndon, David 
U5il 4/2010